Podcast Episode 18 – Rock the Vote!

Alright, this week’s exciting because we’ve kicked off the voting for the Social Media Jersey, but don’t worry, there’s still time for you to donate!

Among other highlights of the show, I don’t edit out my rant about haircuts, Sarah explains how a Frenchman discovers women can ride bikes and I give really bad job and relationship advice. We also talk about l’Ardeche and Brain Wash before previewing the worlds TTT and ITT favourites.

This one’s pretty fast and sweet. (39.08 MIN / 37.57 MB)

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Things we talk about this week:

Stef Wyman‘s post on Cyclismas, The role of fans in women’s cycling (This is the one that describes Sarah as “British Super Dooper Über Massive Huge Slightly Barmey Snarky Passionate Sweary Wicked Awesome fan”!) – and check out how Stef’s team, Matrix-Prendas, do social media, it’s a great website.

UPDATE!  Stef’s since written a post on his vision of #fanbackedwomensteam – click through and read it!

Marijn de Vries‘ blogs from the Tour de l’Ardèche:

UPDATE! We didn’t talk about this, but check out former pro Christophe Edaleine, who was Marijn’s DS for the week, blogging from his point of view of l’Ardèche – the same story as in Marijn’s blog, but from the other side!

Evelyn Stevens‘ blog post, World peace and happy babies, on overcoming her case of Dutch Anxiety at the Brainwash Ladies Tour

Specialized-lululemon‘s plans to raise $10,000 for Right to Play in Rwanda – and their donations page linked to the World TTT Championships

Meredith Miller’s Pretty in Pink fundraiser for breast cancer – and how to buy her Pink is the new fast t-shirt

The startlist for the World Championships from VeloFocus, with links to all the riders’ twitters and blogs

And finally, we didn’t talk about this, because we ran out of time, but we both really liked this, and recommend you read it…

Bridie O’Donnell‘s excellent blog, Confession Week, on her grandfather, and realisations about herself and cycling.  It’s very powerful and honest


The Social Media Jersey – You only get ONE vote, use it wisely

It’s been an awesome journey to get to this point. Once again a huge thanks to everyone who has donated, tweeted, facebooked, YouTubed, podcasted, blogged, MySpaced, Friendstered, Craigslisted (is that even social media?) or whatevered this competition. It’s brilliant. Together we’ve already raised (at the time of writing) $2010 on the official count but of course, that’s going to change by the time you’re reading this.

We’ve seen some amazingly cool racing and we’ve seen some great use of social media. You can review the nominations for the Giro Toscana here, and for the Tour l’Ardèche and Ladies Brain Wash Tour here.

I greatly encourage you to review the nominations before casting your vote because you only get one vote.

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Podcast Episode 17 – Cocktails, teams and dreams

This week we talk all things related to the Social Media Jersey races: Giro Toscana, Tour l’Ardeche and the Ladies Brain Wash Tour (where Sarah suggests I’m enough of a straw man that I can’t be brainwashed). There’s also a good touch of paralympic awesomeness and some MTB in there for flavour. I go on a bit of a rant in response to the news about Emma Pooley but wind up presenting a crazy idea that might just bring some justice to the world. Sarah and I also wind up the show with an important (and hilarious) sun safety message for you.

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*NOTE: This week Sarah and I have been plagued by technical problems. I haven’t been able to get a stable Skype connection and so about two-thirds of the way through the recording Sarah’s audio goes kind of funny with digital breakup noises and stuff. Normally we’d just try to re-record under those circumstances but this is our 3rd/4th attempt this week and it was time to just get it up. Our most sincere apologies for the loss of quality. I’d encourage you to persist, but if you really do find it unbearable I’ll understand.

Links to some of the things we talk about this week (or things we were going to, but didn’t get around to)

The Social Media Jersey nominations so far: Round 1 – Giro Toscana and Round 2 – l’Ardèche and Brainwash

The 3 hours of video Monty found from the Giro Toscana – and the 50 mins of video from the GP Plouay World Cup

Emma Pooley‘s great interview in the Telegraph, “International Cycling Union have turned women’s cycling into a Mickey Mouse sport” – you might guess she doesn’t pull any punches on the UCI, Sky and more.   The prizes Pooley has donated to auction in aid of Amnesty on ebay – and Pooley’s interview on CyclingNews where she talks about taking a year off cycling

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg’s blog about the Brainwash day where for once Specialized-lululemon missed the break

UPDATED!! Social Media Jersey nominations from l’Ardèche and Brainwash!

Yesterday Dan posted a list of the riders from the Giro Toscana who have been nominated to win real cash prizes in the Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey – and we’ve already had nominations from riders in the Tour de l’Ardèche and the Brainwash Ladies Tour!  We’ll update this post as we get the nominations in, so keep checking back – and of course, if you see any social media from riders at any of the three races that you’d like to nominate – blogs, tweets, photos, videos, blogs on team sites, anything as long as it’s public – you can do so in the comments here, to me at @_pigeons_ or Dan at @entendered on twitter, or email us at prowomenscycling[at]gmail[dot]com.  There’s more information on the nominations process here.

Can you believe that the prize pot – donated by women’s cycling fans – is now up to $1,725?  All of that money (well, minus transfer fees!) will go to riders – so any small amount helps (the donation page is here) – and, of course, we’d love it if you could click through to the rider and team blogs and sites, so they can see that we all appreciate what they do!

UPDATE!!  You can vote for the winners in the Megapoll, here!

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The Social Media Jersey – NOMINATIONS!

We’ve had such a fantastic week of fundraising, and we’re aiming to keep going until we can raise as much as possible, but it’s now time for the Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey competition to start in earnest – we’re opening up nominations to win the prizes!

Who is the Jersey for?

The Jersey is a prize for any rider racing the Giro Toscana (29th August – 2nd September), Tour de l’Ardèche (3rd-9th September) and the Brainwash Ladies Tour (4th-9th September) who produces any kind of social media about those races.  So this week, nominations open just for Toscana.  The social media can be in any language, or any platform – eg blogs, team sites, twitter, flickr, youtube, facebook, instagram etc etc – as long as it’s publicly viewable (so not a private or friends-only facebook, or protected twitter)

Riders can be nominated for just 1 tweet, a photo, or for a whole series of blogs, or for a range of different social media.

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The Social Media Jersey UPDATE!!!

Firstly, a massive THANK-YOU from Dan and me, for all the support for the Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey.  We’re completely overwhelmed by all the tweets, facebooking, and of course , the donations.  Can you believe it, in 48 hours, we’ve raised $870?  As I said at the start of this week’s podcast, I owe Dan a massive apology, because he kept telling me we should set a higher target than $250!  But since we’ve seen all the support, we’ve decided to raise our ambitions.  Imagine if we could get $1,000 by the end of the day – and end up with a prize pot of a couple of thousand Euros?  The more money we raise, the better the prizes we can give to more riders!

The first thing we’re going to do is since we have more money than we thought we’d make, is to extend the number of races we’ll cover.  The competition will now cover the Giro Toscana, which runs 29th August – 2nd September, the Tour de l’Ardèche (3rd-9th Sept) and the Brainwash Ladies Tour (4th – 9th September) so we can include even more riders in the competition.

Since we’ve raised more money than we were expecting, we’ll also add a prize for the best social media from each of those three races, as well as the overall jersey, as sub-jersey categories, so we can reward more riders.  We’ll tell you more about the prizes once we get to the nomination season!


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Podcast episode 15 – Let’s raise a grand

Well holy-moly kids, what a day and a bit it’s been. When Sarah and I recorded this episode our exciting new Unofficial, Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey project had barely been live for 12 hours and we were already amazed, excited, humbled and thrilled beyond words. You’ll hear us fumbling for what to say in the opening minutes of this week’s episode. By now, as it comes time to post the episode, the project’s been up for just over 24 hours and we’ve already raised more than double our original target.

Honestly, we can’t thank you enough for the support and interest you’ve already shown in the project. You’re amazing and you’re part of something that is going to be really special. Together we’re going to be able to give several riders a really special, and unexpected surprise. Sarah will post more details soon on what we’re planning to do as our total raised grows, but the short version is that we’re going to give away more prizes, so please don’t ease up on promoting it yet. There’s plenty of time left to donate and to make our total prize pool even bigger and better.

Anyway, on with the podcast! This week Sarah and I discuss “big, strong men” vs Emma Pooley and Sarah claims to know how to take a punch. It turns out mixed teams aren’t what you think they are and I learn to brainwash ladies. It’s a lot of fun so listen along here .



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If you haven’t read the original post about the jersey project, never fear! Here it is.

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