Podcast 2016 Episode 3 – Cry Jens and Let Slip the Bikes of War

Podcast logoIt’s only been a week, but so much has happened! This week we catch up on the final stage and the overall results at the Ladies Tour of Qatar, all the cyclocross action and Aussie track nationals. There’s an impending hour record attempt, and some discussion of “fractal nerdery”. We also talk about some amazing media we’ve seen, including some really interesting pieces about mental health. We take a look ahead at the racing starting in late February and early March, and take a sneak peek at what may be an incredible year of live race viewing! (1:03:43 MIN / 58.3 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Two things we saw recently about how cycling can help with mental health and overcoming traumas. Meg Valliant wrote a piece on Liv Cycling about how BMX helped her recover from Post-Partum Depression, and  Traharn Chidley is featured in this SealSkinz‘s #IAmEndurance video, talking about how MTB and fell-running helped her overcome domestic abuse – read more of her story (and get support if you need it) here. We saw this via conversations with Adele Mitchell and Chris Garrison about women’s cycling, media and advertising.

This week’s racing

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Video from the 2015/6 mid-Winter cyclocross

The cyclocross season is in full flight, and we’ve had so many races over the 2015/6 Kerstperiode (the insanely busy time between Christmas and New Year, when the racing gets even more hardcore), and this season we had more media coverage than ever.  I’m here to share the women’s race videos – and as ever, if you want to see the men’s races too, the same YouTubes have their videos too.

Cyclocross World Cup 2015-6 #5 – Heusden-Zolder

Boxing Day started with the very fast Zolder circuit.  Highlights on Sporza and from the UCI:

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Happy New Year! And the first bike racing of 2016

Firstly, Happy New Year!  Huge thanks to everyone who’s supported me, shared my stuff and chatted with me about the wonderful world of women’s cycling.  I hope you all have a wonderful 2016, and that we get even better bike racing.

That racing starts immediately, and there’s tons of racing to watch and follow this weekend – road, track and cyclocross!

Bay Crits, 1st-4th January

We start in Australia, where New Year’s Day is celebrated at the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic, aka the Bay Crits, 4 days of super-tough criterium racing, for able-bodied and para-cycling women and men.  Lots of information on the website, we can follow live with the #BayCrits hashtag, and there’ll be videos afterwards on the Bay Crits YouTube and on SBS Cycling Central.  I’ll collect the videos after the race is over, like I did in January 2015.  The Bay Crits are in Victoria, which is in the AEDT timezone – 11 hours ahead of UK GMT, 10 hours ahead of European CET and 16 hours ahead of North American EST.  So the women’s Stage 1 starts at 17:00 AEDT, for example, which is 6am GMT, 07:00 CET and 1am EST.

The Bay Crits kick off an amazing month of road cycling in Australia – the Summer of Cycling.  If you want to know more about the races, the wonderful Monique Hanley, who works for Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia, among other things, talked to me about them all, how women’s cycling in Australia is developing, and much more – listen to that podcast here.


GP Sven Nys, 1st January

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The cyclocross ‘Holy week’ – watch the midwinter CX LIVE!

One of the fun, idiosyncratic things about cyclocross and it’s place in Belgian culture is that while most other sportspeople breathe a sigh of relief and take a break over the Christmas and New Year period, the CX riders ramp up the racing.  No huge dinners on Christmas Day or big nights out on New Year’s Eve – instead there are some of the biggest races of the season on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  And for fans of women’s cyclocross, this year we get a huge heap of presents, as this season has the most live racing ever!  I’m here to tell you what’s on when, and how you can watch it.  Happy CXmas!  (TM Renaat Schotte!)

Unless otherwise stated, women’s races start at 13:45 European CET (12:45pm UK GMT, 7:45am North American EDT and 11:45pm Aussie AEDT) except the World Cups, which start 15 minutes earlier, and the men’s races pretty much always start at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT, 9am EDT and 1am AEDT), with the tv starting around 10 mins earlier, which makes life easier – and my general advice on finding streams, VPNs etc, is in this post.


Saturday 26th December 2015: Cyclocross World Cup 2015-6 #5 – Heusden-Zolder

Zolder is where the 2016 Cyclocross World Championships will be held, and as fits a course held in the grounds of a famous motorsports track, it’s always fast and furious, with an unusual part where the course climbs up to a chapel, on land where there are no spectators, as it’s holy ground.

UPDATE!  The women’s and men’s races are live on Eurospsort!   And the UCI are streaming this one, and you can find the streams for the women’s and men’s races on their YouTube.

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Videos from the 2015 Scheldecross and Namur CX World Cup

It’s been a fantastic weekend of cyclocross, with two very different courses, and two races that played out differently, but were fantastic to watch.  December CX is fantastic!  And what made it better is how easy it was to watch – even if we didn’t see the races live.  I’ve got videos, interviews and photos, but before I start, I want to show you something fun – the wonderful Renaat Schotte, who works for Belgian TV channel Sporza, has been sharing the viewing figures for the women’s races.  These are just the figures from Sporza, so it’s not even all of Belgium, and of course doesn’t include the pirate streams….

How great is that?  And this is just the first year Sporza has been showing women’s racing!

So, on with the videos… I’m focusing on the women, but if you want to see the men’s races too, the same YouTube accounts have videos of them, too.

bpost bank trofee #4 – Scheldecross

Highlights, and full race replay

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An amazing weekend of Cyclocross – the 2015 Scheldecross and Namur, LIVE!

The cyclocross season is heading towards one of the biggest weeks of the year – between Christmas and New Year is Holy Week, with so many amazing races.  But this weekend is just as exciting for me – two of my all-time favourite races, and we can watch the women race LIVE! as well as the men!

Saturday 19th December 2015:  bpost bank trofee #4, Scheldecross, Antwerp

I’ve had a soft spot for the Scheldecross, ever since the Schelde flooded one year and riders were racing perilously close to the rising waters, but the course is always fun to watch, with off-camber sand sections, long, straight runs and twisty turny areas.

This year, Sporza is streaming the women’s races live, and some of them haven’t been geo-restricted – check the Sporza Scheldecross Matchcenter on the day, and the same stream on the bpost page that goes up on the day of each race, or via this link.  If that doesn’t work for you, look for streams in the usual places (for example, this stream works for me).

The women race at 13:45 European CET (12:45pm UK GMT, 8:45am North American EDT and 11:45pm Aussie AEDT) and the men at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT, 9am EDT and 1am AEDT), with the tv starting around 10 mins earlier, which makes life easier – and my general advice on finding streams, VPNs etc, is in this post.

The bpost season rankings are done on timings, and the rankings-so-far are here.  The startlist and lots more information will be on the bpost Scheldecross portal (“renners” = riders, “vrouwen” = women).


Sunday 20th December: Cyclocross World Cup #4, Namur

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Watch this weekend’s live cycling – 2015 Cambridge Track World Cup and Essen and Overijse cyclocross

It’s December, and while the road season is over, the cyclocross and track seasons are just hotting up.  This weekend we’ve got great competitions in both of them, and tons and tons of live women’s cycling – here’s how to watch it.

2015-16 Track World Cup II – Cambridge – 4th-6th December

After Round 1 in Cali, back in October, the track stars head to the New Zealand summer for round 2.  We don’t get too much tv – there’s most on New Zealand’s Sky channels


and highlights in some other countries (check out the UCI’s Track World Cup TV guide) (It may turn up on streams, but I don’t know – check out the usual places for streams) but what most of us get is a show on Sunday 6th, which will be a mix of live races and highlights from the previous two days – that’s streamed on the UCI youtube channel, here:

Cambridge is in the NZDT timezone, which is GMT +13, and that video starts at 5pm NZDT & 3pm Aussie AEDT; 4am UK GMT & 05:00 European CET; 11pm North American EST & 8pm PST on Saturday 5th.  But there’s an easy way to check your timezone – click through to the video, and you’ll see a count-down. (If it’s geo-restricted for you, it’s because it’s on tv in your area – there’s guidance on what to do about that in this cyclocross post).  Under the YT video there’s also a handy guide to track events, if you’re new to this strand of cycling.

Now that might be disappointing if you want to watch it all live, but there are other ways to follow as the action happens.

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