Monday videos and links – San Luis, Santos Cup and more

It’s Monday, so time for some racing videos and links from the world of women’s cycling, including road, cyclocross, track, a bit of MTB and some random stuff I’ve liked.

Tour Femenino de San Luis

The first UCI race of the season has already happened, with daily streams and great coverage across social media.  The results are all here, and there are photos on facebook – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4 and Stage 5

Stage 1:

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Trying to find cycling clothing as a curvy girl

I’m already thinking about “gift ideas” posts for this winter, and it’s giving me a real dilemma – one that touches on some real insecurities for me as a woman and as a cyclist – should I promote companies that make clothes I can’t buy?

Just typing this makes me simultaneously ashamed, and angry at myself for being ashamed, and worry you’ll think less of me, and hate myself for worrying about being judged by a bunch of strangers on the internet – but I’m a UK size 16 (US size 10, Continental 44) and in some lines 18, especially in jackets and coats (I have broad shoulders and big boobs, and even at my fittest and skinniest, I’ve always been curvy).   I don’t know if you’d think I was fat if you met me in real life, but I feel fat, all the time.  I’m in my 30s, and I will never ever be a size 12 – and I’m struggling with thinking I need to justify my figure.  For sure, I could never drink alcohol and eat cakes, but I also have a thyroid thing that slows down my metabolism.  I’m fit, I can walk forever, and I love my bike for commuting and fun rides – but in the cycling world, I’m huge, I’m a whale, and nothing that makes me feel as fat as buying cycling clothing does.

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