Podcast 2014 Episode 16 – Borsele is the Bestest-ay

Podcast logoG’day gang! This week Sarah’s on a deadline because she’s so famous and has important interviews and uni meetings to run off to. Which means we race against the clock to discuss Borsele, Westhoek, the Cairns MTB World Cup, the Cheshire Classic in the UK and of course, La Course by Le TdF! Then we enter the lightning round and try to quickly wrap up all the blogs, videos and awesomeness around the internet before we run out of time! While it’s fast and punchy, it’s filled with all the good stuff. This week Dan turns the tables on Sarah and limits HER ranting (about podium boys and so on) while also letting slip by “accident” exactly when Sarah’s birthday is. Basically everything you want to know from the week that was, leading into the week that will be, is in this podcast… so enjoy! (45:09 MIN / 43.34 MB)

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This week’s women’s cycling news and links


This week’s racing

Sarah’s got a post with the videos, links and photos from this weekend’s racing  – the Omloop van Borsele ITT, road race and junior stage race, and the Dwars door de WesthoekIt’s on Podium Café – but we LOVED Chloe Hosking’s race report from the Borsele road race, she tells it SO well. And here’s video:

The mud, rocks, snakes, spiders and craziness of the Cairns 2014 MTB World Cup – Sarah’s collection of videos and photos.

The Cheshire Classic was on in the UK’s women’s road series this week and you can view the race report, interviews and images here.  Also more on Neutral Service!

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Podcast 2014 Special Feature – Sarah interviews Anika Todd

Anika Todd has one of those stories that people daydream about on long rides.  She started riding casually with her then-boyfriend, joined the Tripleshot cycling club in Vancouver, who noticed she was pretty strong, and encouraged her to start racing.  She did so well that the club raised the money to send her to the Canadian National Championships…. where she came 7th in the road race and 2nd in the Time Trial – and she hadn’t even been racing for a year!  Team Tibco spotted her and signed her up, and now she’s a pro!

It’s not just her great story – it’s how she tells it, on her fantastic blog that’s given us a real insight into what the Spring Classics are like.  She popped by to tell Sarah about experiencing the European Spring, elbowing Kirsten Wild aside, having a day riding with Marianne Vos, and much more – including whether she still enjoys cycling! (34:45 MIN / 33.36 MB)

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This interview is also available as a transcript on Podium Café

Anika links

Follow Anika on her website, twitter and facebook athlete page

Anika’s team, Tibco, can be followed on their website and twitter.  Their mechanic, Eric Maresjo, is one of the trio of superstars who combine fixing bikes and dealing with race crises with tweeting live updates from the action – follow him too!

Our favourite Anika blogs (but you should read them all!)

Anika’s been supported by the Tripleshot Cycling Club – if you’re anywhere near Vancouver, you should definitely join them, they sound lovely.  You can also go to her sponsor page and click through to their sites – and tell them you appreciate them supporting women’s cycling!

We talked about some of the causes Anika supports, and you can find out more about them on her website

Podcast 2014 Episode 11 – Ronde van Amazing

Podcast logoWe wrap up the Ronde van Vlaanderen, talk about the Redlands Classic in the US (and how it’s not that fucking hard to provide some race footage!). We review a lot of blogs and videos we’ve seen through the week including ride blogs from Chloe Hosking, Gracie Elvin and Emma Johansson, and a great video from Matrix Vulpine. There’s also a great video from Caroline Buchanan and some more blogs from Anika Todd, Accidento Bizarro and a completely left-field shout-out to our mate Laura Moo. We quickly glance ahead to Energiewacht Tour and wonder where in the world the Tour of Thailand is (we’re pretty sure it’s in Thailand actually, but haven’t been able to confirm this online). Enjoy! (1:04:07 MIN / 61.55 MB)

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This week’s women’s cycling links

We really loved Accidento Bizarro’s blog on  how harassment can be just like riding a bike – it’s a great analogy, and she always write really well, you should definitely read it.

And once you’ve read that – read this!  Chloe Hosking‘s profile of all-round superstar, bike genius and our heroine, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

This week’s racing

Ronde van Vlaanderen

What does Marianne Vos do when she isn’t racing?  Support the team, of course!

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Podcast 2014 Episode 7 – How to Improve the Scenery in New Zealand

Podcast logo It’s an epic and epically rambly show this week with a discussion of the Drenthe series of races. We also talk El Salvador, cyclocross and Clara’s (Hughes that is) Big Ride. We ask you to weigh in on whether or not toasters are sexist. Sarah accuses Dan of being evil and we chat about Sarah’s podcasting exploits, cycling themed cakes, team launches, cool videos, amateur dentistry and snakes that eat crocodiles! Basically this podcast contains all the news and information you need to get you through the week! It’s a long one but we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it, we sure did! (1:25:42 MIN / 82.73 MB)

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Things we talked about included

DRENTHE WEEK!  We love springtime in the Netherlands!

If you only click on one link this week, make it this one – Chloe Hosking’s race blog.  Seriously, the best rider/team report/analysis we’ve seen.

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The 2013 Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour in video

This is the second year of the Lotto Tour – the final event in the season-long Lotto Cycling Cup, a series of Belgian races.  Last year it was the three-stage Lotto Decca Tour – this year we’re up to four stages, with a new sponsor and name, the Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour!  And like all the Lotto Cup races, there are videos. Don’t scroll down too far below the videos, there are spoilers.

Before you start, read Jessie Maclean’s race preview on the ORICA-AIS website.

Stage 1: The Team Time Trial, 19.75km

I wonder what happens when the women’s peloton race a TTT?

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