World Championships Team Time Trial 2012

Tomorrow the World Championships start, and yes, since you ask, I *AM* very excited!  So, a quick post, with some information on the course, the teams, predictions, and best of all, how to follow it, live on web tv!.

The Course

First up, the details.  It’s 34.2km, with 2 big climbs – Lange Raarberg, 1,300m at 4.5%, and then the legendary, fantastic Cauberg, 1,200m at 5.8% with a maximum gradient at 12%!  If only I was on the Cauberg tomorrow!  Check out the route details.

The teams

Here’s the startlist, with names and start times.  There are 12 teams racing, starting with Sengers Ladies Team, who go at 11:00 CEST (that’s 10am BST; 5am USA Eastern; 2am USA Pacific; 19:00 Australia NSW) then the teams go off at 4-minute intervals, until the last team,  Specialized-lululemon, start  at 11:44 CEST, 44 minutes later.

And, my predictions.  It’s got to be Specialized-lululemon for me – they’re unbeaten in TTTs since the (unbeatable) Cervélo Test Team morphed into Garmin-Cervélo for 2011, and halved their team.

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Celebrating Social Media – part 5 – dancing riders!

Inspired by conversations with the lovely Ant1 on twitter tonight, here’s an additional, extra-special video post, giving a big shout-out to the teams and riders who show off their dancing skills for us!  Starting with this video from the final stage of the Giro Donne 2012, with BePink and Specialized-lululemon dancing at the sign-on:



This was just one of the many dancing-BePink moments from the Giro – there were videos on their YouTube practically everyday!

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Celebrating Social Media – part 4 – Video

I’ve already talked about riders who blog on their own sites and on team sites, and use twitter, but now it’s time for some visuals!  Here are some great ways video is used in women’s cycling, but riders, teams and fans – and as ever, if you know more, let me know in the comments!

Rochelle’s World – Rochelle Gilmore

I could have mentioned Rochelle Gilmore for her excellent blogs (I especially like this blog on how it feels to be on the receiving end of Teutenberg’s tactical genius, from last years ChongMing Island tour – and more recently, following her hard path back to pro racing, after she had to learn to walk again, after a crash in last year’s Giro Donne) and for her twitter, but what really makes this Aussie sprint star stand apart is her use of video.  She’s got an ongoing series on her youtube channel, following her life on and off the bike, and it’s a lot of fun

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Things I’ve been writing

It’s been a busy writing day for me – I was completely gutted to hear that one of the biggest teams in the women’s peloton, AA, are finishing at the end of the year.  It appears the title sponsor, AA Drink, are finishing their sponsorship (again) and Micheal Zijlaard and Leontien van Moorsel won’t be chasing more, but will step away from women’s cycling.  It’s such a huge shame – so I wrote about it on Podium Café, and there’s some really good conversation in the comments.

I spent a bit of the evening talking about AA Drink on my twitter, and things that could be done to help women’s cycling – and since I was talking about it, the lovely people at Cyclingnews invited me to write a piece for them, about what I think could be done.  Of course I said yes – as you can tell from listening to the podcasts, this is something I care a lot about, and oh yes, I have ideas! But for once I kept it simple – and you can read my Four Simple Ways To Develop Women’s Cycling if you follow the link.  Please follow the link!

A lot of those ideas come from conversations I’ve had over the years, on Podium Café, with Matrix Prendas DS Stef Wyman, and of course, podcasting with Dan.  Those are just the start of my manifesto – and if you agree, disagree, or have ideas you want to share, leave them in the comments!