2016 Road World Championships – videos, photos & media from the Road Races

We haven’t had a flat Road World Championships since Copenhagen in 2011, so the sprinters were rubbing their hands with glee.  We’d seen the Team Time Trials and the Individual Time Trials on the course, but how would the peloton take it?  Find out with videos, photos, links and results from the Junior and Elite women’s road races – so exciting, and some amazing moments!

I’ll edit in more as I see it – if you have media you loved, please do let me know in the comments or on twitter.

Junior women’s road race

Highlights and full race replay:

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing,  click here for the final 1.5km, for a textbook sprint finish – high-speed, perfect lead-out.  Keep going until the last group crosses the line, because that was a really cute moment – but whatever you do, make sure you keep watching until the slo-mo overhead, it’s perfect racing.  I adore the final lead-out rider, Chiara Consonni, cheering for Elisa Balsamo’s win before she’s even crossed the line – so confident!  And I really, really love the Italians singing along with the anthem:

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Podcast 2015 Episode 1 – Happy Birthday Pauline

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowHi everybody and welcome to 2015! It’s kind of the season but not really the season which means it’s the pre-season, and pre-season means we’re talking about Ladies Tour of Qatar. Of course, we’re never satisfied with just one subject so we’re also talking about Cyclocross worlds, Para-cycling and all the crazy, funny, awesome blogs and videos and things we’ve seen about the place in the last couple of weeks. (1:09:31 MIN / 66.73 MB)

To stream the pre-season hilarity click here (click through to download).


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Things we talked about

We didn’t talk about this, but we liked it – Evie Stevens in the velodrome with Specialized:


Recent races

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Videos from the 2015 Cyclocross World Championships

I think my heart-rate has just about slowed down after Saturday’s race.  It was AMAZING!!!  It feels like after most of the women’s 2014/5 World Cup season races, I was saying “best race EVAH!” but Worlds took it to another level yet again, one of those races with continual changes at the front, duels for the win and for third, and….  If you don’t believe me, here’s the replay, and below the highlights…

This Shimano video made me very happy – love that post-race hug!

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How to watch the 2015 Cyclocross World Championships – LIVE!

It’s Worlds time!  It’s so tempting to point to global warming for why we’ve had a lack of snow and ice races in recent seasons, but with Worlds in Tábor, the Czech Republic, we’re going to have at least one frozen Worlds.  And hooray for the UCI, because of their sterling job of promoting CX, we’ll get to see the racing live!  I’ll tell you how to watch it, and point you at interesting resources.  There’s bad and good news about that – lots of tv, but not necessarily live…  but you know me, I’ll always find you ways round that!

Let’s start with Eva Lechner‘s course preview

Here’s the Worlds programme:

  • Saturday 31st January, 11:00 European CET (10am UK GMT; 5am USA EST; 9pm Aus AEDT):  Junior Menlive UCI stream
  • Saturday 31st January, 14:00 CET (1pm GMT; 8am EST; midnight AEDT): Elite womenlive UCI stream
  • Sunday 1st February,  11:00 CET: U23 Menlive UCI stream
  • Sunday 1st February, 14:00 CET:  Elite Menlive UCI stream

If you click through and it says the stream is blocked, check out the UCI’s tv guide, because you might be able to watch it live locally.

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