Cycling and photography – Sarah interviews Balint Hamvas

Podcast interview logoI’m always interested in the people behind the scenes, who bring cycling to us, and as a former photography student myself, I especially love the photos of races – and one of my all-time favourite cycling photographers is Balint Hamvas, who has been taking pictures at cyclocross races for years, and in 2015 branched out to cover the road season.  I talked to Balint about how he got started as a cycling photographer and made it his full-time job, the secrets behind his work, how his road experience was different to cyclocross, and much more, including what his plans are for the future.  Listen here, or click through to download it.



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The best place to see Balint’s work is on his site,, and  make sure you follow him on twitter, facebook, instagram and tumblr, where he’s cyclephotos – and his other site is over here.  If you want to see how he carries his gear, here’s a photo.

You can still buy copies of Balint’s photobook for the 2014/5 cyclocross season, which has some amazing writing alongside his excellent pictures, and ships all over the world (here are the last postage dates for arriving by Xmas).  Check it out, and buy a copy for you and all your cycling friends, and if you want to know more about it, check out Feargal McKay’s review of the book on Podium Café.

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Videos & more from the 2015 Ladies Tour of Qatar

That was a weird edition of the Ladies Tour of Qatar…  no Kirsten Wild, and more importantly, no wind on some days, and only headwinds on others, but we did have some classic Qatar action.  Here are the videos, blogs, photos and links I’ve found….

Stage 1

Wind-free Qatar?  Really?  At least we have the full video:


Gracie Elvin‘s PoV:

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Videos from the 2015 Cyclocross World Championships

I think my heart-rate has just about slowed down after Saturday’s race.  It was AMAZING!!!  It feels like after most of the women’s 2014/5 World Cup season races, I was saying “best race EVAH!” but Worlds took it to another level yet again, one of those races with continual changes at the front, duels for the win and for third, and….  If you don’t believe me, here’s the replay, and below the highlights…

This Shimano video made me very happy – love that post-race hug!

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Podcast 2014 Special Feature – Episode 58 – Sarah interviews Guy Swarbrick

I’m a huge track fan, and since we don’t get live tv from most rounds of the Track World Cups, I rely on photos and websites to keep me updated, and especially the work of Guy Swarbrick.  Guy is one of the people who’ve moved from cycling fan to working in the industry, and he provides a superb set of services for us, from his “day job” of photography to his live commentweeting from the events (results and opinion mixed into one) and running the website.  We talked about everything from photographing the World Cups, to his best and worst moments, and how track has changed over the time he’s been working on it. (1:00:44 MIN / 58.30 MB)

You can stream the interview by clicking here .

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Follow Guy on the @trackcycling twitter account for the commentweeting, and for the previews and news reports throughout the year.  If you’d like to have a look at more of his photos, check out his instagram – and if you want to own some, there are still a couple of copies of Guy’s superb 2015 calendar for sale, as well as prints of his other work on his cycling photography website.

There’s always more social media with Guy – two of his his facebook accounts are the trackcycling page, and for his other work too, his personal site.  And if you’d like to support his work, he’s got a Patreon account too.

I’ve got collections of videos from the 2014/15 Guadalajara and London Track World Cups – the final round of this season will be Cali, Colombia, on 17th-18th January 2015.  Here’s their race website

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Videos and fun from the 2014 Fort William Downhill MTB World Cup

Damn, I love Fort William – so beautiful, so iconic, and the racing was spectacular!  Here’s some fun things I’ve found from the race coverage – videos, photos and more – starting with the UCI’s highlights

and superb highlights on Red Bull bike – godammit, I love their coverage!  and of course, you can watch the replay of the full coverage of the women’s and men’s finals on Red Bull tv

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Videos & *stuff* from the 2014 Cairns MTB World Cup

This weekend was round 2 of the MTB World Cup – and given it was in the Australian RAINforest, it was MTB in cyclocross conditions – complete with the Downhill course being shut for a while for snake crossing.  Because it’s MTB, there was a ton of gorgeous photography, videos and more fun *stuff* – here’s what I liked.

The Eliminator

This is great – they are experimenting with GoPro footage from within the race, and this is the only film they could salvage, from Jolanda Neff and Kathrin Stirnemann’s helmets.  Full replay of the race video on Red Bull Bike – and here’s the UCI highlights

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The 2013 Newport International Paracycling Cup – photos and happiness!

I’ve mentioned before how I can’t believe that there have been no Track Paracycling World Championships or even World Cups since before the 2012 Paralympics, and none on the calendar for 2014 yet, but now I’ve been to live Paracycling, I’m even more amazed, because damn, Paracyling is so entertaining and fun to watch!

I knew that, of course, from the Paralympic tv coverage, but just like the first time I went to an able-bodied Track World Cup, seeing it in real life is a different thing altogether.

Lora Turnham & Corrine Hall v Henrike Handrup & Ellen HeineyLora Turnham and Corrine Hall racing Henrike Handrup & Ellen Heiney

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