Podcast 2017 Episode 30 – You Just Danned The Ending

This week it’s been a week of trials, time trials! World Championship Time Trials! We talk through what happened in Bergen with the Team Time Trial and then both the Junior and Elite Women’s Individual Time Trials. There are some spectacular results and the racing has been absolutely top notch. We talk through the start of Cyclocross season, and how the American races have gone thus far. There’s a bunch of other topics we get through quickly before taking a look ahead at the road race and the scenarios we’re hoping to see play out on the road. (1:17:41 MIN / 71.14 MB)

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 2017 Episode 30 – You Just Danned The Ending

  1. ITT was great! I was cheering for a Dutch 1-2-3 in this order AvV, EvD, AvdB.
    1-2 is good too 😀

    As for RR, I think that the Dutch team will ride for Anna but I can also see Annemiek in the podium with her. And of course you can never count out Marianne Vos 🙂

  2. The control the Dutch team had over the race was incredible.

    With Blaak, who had a fall and had to get fight her way back to the peloton, in front in a break with Barnes who is a great sprinter and Audrey Cordon the gold was not sure.

    By allowing Van Vleuten and Van der Breggen to bridge (I read in a dutch article that they asked permission to do this) the Dutch made it a very difficult situations for the others by attacking and counter attacking.

    Both Kasia and Garfoot in their post race interviews said they expected AvV and AvdB to close the gap (or should I say AvV’s and AvdB’s ego’s to close the gap).

    “Annemiek and Anna were in incredible shape, as you could see, and it wasn’t like we were out there racing against juniors or something,” she said.

    “I was thinking that they’d ride for Anna but then I saw that Annemiek was always on the front so I thought that either of them was probably going to win it but I didn’t think about Chantal. I thought they might try and bridge over to her but it didn’t happen.”


    “When Chantal Blaak went I hesitated thinking that maybe Annemiek van Vleuten or Anna van Der Breggen wanted it more and so they’d chase. I just knew that if I’d chased, they would have attacked me and so I rest my legs for the sprint or a late attack,” she explained.


    But this never happened. And when Kasia and Hanna Barnes (both of them did a great race) decided to attack they had AvV on their wheels, neutralizing their efforts.

    Cycling is a great team sport!

    I’m sure Kasia, Barnes, Annemiek and Anna will get their chance again to win that rainbow jersey in the future. By seen the profile of next year’s race 3 of them will have a huge chance next year.

    It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Garfoot decided to attack too when the gap was dropped to 12s after Kasia’s attack. But not attacking worked well for her in the end cause she had the fresher legs for the sprint in the end. I guess Cycling Australia realise now that by having 7 riders they could finally maximised their chances and get a medal after all these years.
    (Cycling Australia should also take a note, not only of this but also of the way the dutch team won and who was the rider to finish it).

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