Podcast 2017 Episode 25 – There’s No Rest for the Wonderful

This week we catch up on the Prudential Ride London GP, which was surprisingly held in London this year. We also cover the full results for Juniors, Under23s and the Elite Women at the European Championships in Denmark. We’ve got a great block of live races coming up with Vargarda and then the Ladies Tour of Norway, GP Plouay all coming up. There’s heaps to get across along with all the usual hilarity, swearing and awesomeness! (1:00:34 MIN / 55.47 MB)

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 2017 Episode 25 – There’s No Rest for the Wonderful

  1. Gio, oh Giorgia, another last season?
    British Cycling, I have no words, I don’t know who can explain that pit of money and stupidity. Euros adds elite races and BC cannot see that there is literal no more perfect scenario so damn close to Worlds to race against the politics of national teams. The value is there even as a training camp concluding with butting heads with national teams where selectors can fine tune the Worlds squad in race conditions.

    I have definitely started keeping my eye on Pernille. There’s a good reason why Cecilie is untouchable at the youth WWT ranking, she’s got some amazing racecraft. Now with Marcel coaching at a national level, VeloConcept bringing in veterans like Small, Villumsen, and Neben can only do wonders to their development.

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