Podcast 2017 Episode 24 – Do Better and Be Better

This week we follow up on the second race from La Course by Le Tour de France; the chase held on the weekend with the top 19 riders from the Col d’Izoard stage raced it out on the streets of Marseille. We talk through the excitement and also the issues that this new format of race revealed. There’s positives and negatives, we take our time with both and also explore ways that we think the format could be improved for the future. (53:56 MIN / 49.39 MB)

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Here’s a handy link to the Cycling contacts on the ASO’s website (we note in particular the Marketing and Creation of New Events email addresses).



8 thoughts on “Podcast 2017 Episode 24 – Do Better and Be Better

  1. Thank you, for the broadcast.
    I love the Izoard climb. That was an exciting race from the start and the climb was great. I wish we can have more races like this. Great win by Van Vleuten and also great rides by Deignan, ELB, Gillow and Spratt.
    About the chase, or the thing as Lizzie Deignan called it (I think this is my favorite quote of hers)…
    With timegaps as big as 43s it was very difficult for this format to work. Especially, when the rider who earned that gap is one of the best ITT riders in the world.
    Maybe this format could have worked better in men’s cycling but not in women’s where most of the best climbers are also some of the strongest ITT riders.

  2. As a viewer I disagree on many points. Ofcourse its a shame not to have a toilet, not to see the race in the stadium/velodrome etc. But if Annemiek wasn’t that strong on the Izoard, maybe the “chase” would’ve been a lot more atractive. If only Lizzie had won, also with 43 sec on Annemiek, it’d be really hard to tell who’d win. The fact that TV shows beauty-shots of the city most of the time, it’s the same for men’s race, why would a city pay that much for a stage/TT?
    But most of all I think this is the race that has more viewers than every other women’s race and this is the most important fact. So many people see how atractive their races are and now wanna see more of them. They didn’t see the bad organization or what the prize money is. They saw a great mountain race and a (maybe failed) chase-experiment. Especially in the Netherlands a lot of people saw it and were happy with winner Annemiek. She and Vos, Blaak, Ensing, Puck Moonen, Sofie de Boer and Giro winner Anna van der Breggen were in a lot of TV and radio shows. Anna was even celebrated together with Dumoulin in a after-tour-criterium in Boxmeer as Giro winners.
    I wonder what the riders prefer: two (or more) races before the men, millions of viewers, not equal prize money and pee between the busses or a perfectly organized race with huge prize money, but no viewers? So I agree it can be a lot better, but I also think we have to count our blessings.

    • Have you seen the viewing stats to back up this was the most-watched race? Because I haven’t seen any myself, and it would be useful.

      And as I say, the viewers are great for AvV, Boels and Elisa LB, but riders like Niewiadoma and Moolman – and teams like WM3 and Servetto got no exposure at all. I don’t really think prize money is the the important thing – but I know from what riders said afterwards, that they didn’t think it was a good day – AvV probably did, but every other rider I saw wasn’t happy with the organisation and the set-up, for example:

      But do you really think AvV would have caught Deignan over 22km if Deignan started 43″ ahead?

      Re the beauty shots – it wasn’t a conscious choice, it was because the motos were moving between groups – for sure the men have some, but the top riders get followed by the cameras.

      • I put the times into a spreadsheet, even with the mistake I made for every placings change 5th downwards, only Elisa Longo Borghini closed the gap on Annemiek, by 11 seconds working with Boels. Everyone else lost time to AvV’s solo time trial ability.

      • Yeah, I think because it was a specific ITT course, riding solo gave AvV an advantage over the rest of them

    • Oh, and I guess for men, maybe going to the toilet by the side of the road is normal, but it’s pretty humiliating for a woman to have to pee between buses, especially when it’s completely unnecessary. I’m really surprised to see someone defending that!

      But I don’t see why you’re presenting it as television OR good organisation, because other races don’t have to make that choice. I wouldn’t buy that argument for the Healthy Ageing Tour or Norway, that are on TV and run by volunteers, but when we are talking about the ASO, it’s pretty ridiculous. Seeing what the women have said about OVO WT (huge crowds, good money and great organisation but only highlights) I’m confident in saying riders would rather have that than the Chase.

  3. I left a couple of long winded comments in response to Hoebele, I’m not sure if it’s awaiting moderation or WordPress lost it when I relogged in to submit the comment.

  4. The Izouard race was nail-biting – although Lizzie… meehhhhh!!!! 😉 That race confirmed put Annemiek as the top favorite for the Worlds RR in Bergen, though ELB and Ash should do well there also.

    OT, re.: Kasia – at least it wasn’t Boels-Dolmans.

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