Sarah interviews… Marianne Vos, on healing, 2017 goals and her most memorable Giro moments

Marianne Vos‘ life in cycling just keeps on as a roller coaster.  After a well documented bad couple of years with injury and recovery issues, she had a fantastic cyclocross season, but narrowly missed out on winning the 2017 CX World Championships, after an ill-timed chain slip, then had a frustrating Classics season.   She was back on top, winning Gooik in incredible style, and came second behind her team-mate Kasia Niewiadoma in Stage 1 of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour… but then crashed in Stage 3, breaking her collarbone, forcing her to miss some huge goals, the Dutch National Championships and the Giro Rosa.

This week she returns to racing at the BeNe Ladies Tour, and she told me all about how her recovery has gone, and what it was like, watching the team she owns, WM3 Procycling, win the OVO Energy Women’s Tour, and struggle in the Giro.

We also talked about some of her most memorable Giro Rosa moments, and what it’s like to deal with some of the race’s frustrations, with advice for wannabe Giro winners on how to approach it.  I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I did.


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You can find out more about Marianne Vos on her website, and follow her on her twitter, instagram and facebook.

The BeNe Ladies Tour runs from 13th-16th July, and there’s a lot of information on the race website, and facebook, and we can follow on their twitter and the #BNLT17 hashtag.

We talked about some incredible Giro Rosa moments – click through the stage links for lots more videos and links to how the stages went down.

  • The Madonna del Ghisallo Stage 9 in the 2014 Giro – which had controversy, but ended with Vos’ win and two Rabo-liv team-mates on the podium

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5 thoughts on “Sarah interviews… Marianne Vos, on healing, 2017 goals and her most memorable Giro moments

      • Funny thing… the same Twitterati that pissed & moaned at Rabo in 2014 were pulling the same stunt last year in Rio WRR, about Mara being outnumbered “3 against 1” etc. at the finish. Still, if MA were still racing today she would’ve been tagged as the big favorite for d’Izoard, but I doubt the result would’ve changed given how well Annemiek is climbing right now… wow!!

      • I think part of the problem is that some USA journalists and media really buy into American Exceptionalism, and thought that because Abbott is such a good climber, there’s no way she could lose Rio – without considering the descent, and the fact that Abbott had a pretty bad record on descents.
        But the other riders didn’t!

        To be honest, I was impressed Abbott had made it so far before she was caught because unlike eg Emma Pooley or Megan Guarnier, who both knew they were bad descenders, so they took time to really work on their descents, Abbott never


        to try to change – she loved climbing, so that’s what she did – and the result, on a course like Rio, was a forgone conclusion.

      • As an American (living in Florida) I agree 100%! A lot of that is driven also by US-based media (particularly NBC which is the US broadcaster for the Olympics). It’s like the pre-WW2 isolationist-mindset that nothing outside its borders matters one dwit. And probably amplified even firther by recent political events here. As the Dutch would say, “jammer..”.

        In any event, that 3-ring circus of a La Course “pursuit-TT”, if nothing else, provided good media-coverage. But that’s about all I can say good of it.

        BTW – big up’s to Sean & Balint!! Looking forward to that Velofocus book this winter (and hope I will be also receiving Balint’s CX book in the next few weeks!).

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