Isabelle Clement, Wheels for Wellbeing, and their work helping disabled people cycle more

Isabelle Clement is the director of Wheels for Well-Being, a charity dedicate to helping disabled people cycle more, through both their sessions giving people in London with a hug range of disabilities try a massive range of bikes, and through their national campaigning work.  She told me all about these aspects of her work, and talks about barriers to disabled people cycling, both physical, in terms of infrastructure, and emotional, as well as the charity’s successes, plans for the future, and what we can all do to help support disabled people’s cycling.

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Watch these films of Isabelle riding her wheelchair cycle around London and read her article from the Guardian last year about disabled people’s cycling.

There is a whole load more information about Wheels for Wellbeing on their website, including this great gallery of the different kinds of cycles they have, how to sign up to their sessions in London, their current campaign goals and  – and of course, you can donate to them here.

Please do follow Wheels for Wellbeing on their twitter, their youtube and facebook – and you can follow Isabelle on her personal twitter, too.

Isabelle talked about things that we can all do to help support disabled people cycling, which I’ve summarised:

  • Disabled cyclists from anywhere in the UK can share their stories with Wheels for Wellbeing, and get involved in other ways.
  • If anyone knows any disabled people who cycle in the UK, please share the Wheels for Wellbeing information with them
  • Retweet and share the WfW campaigns any way you can, especially through social media
  • If you’re a photographer, journalist or blogger, please do try to feature disabled cyclists in your work, to help raise awareness in the mainstream
  • If you work or volunteer in cycling in general, including working for a cyling-related company or being involved in clubs or local cycling campaigns, please think about how you can include disabled cyclists more, including in promotional materials (and share your good examples of current work with WfW)
  • If you are involved in research connected to cycling, get in touch with WfW, as they have lots of ideas for more research
  • Finally, if you can, please donate to their ongoing work

If you’d like to do any of these, but aren’t sure how, or where to start, get in touch with WfW, as they’re very friendly and helpful.


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