Podcast 2017 Episode 11 – Because Sprinters Don’t Win Flanders

So this week Sarah was not only AT the Ronde van Vlaanderen but was doing the live English commentary for the race along with Rochelle Gilmore. We talk about what it was like roadside at the race and in the commentary booth before diving into all of the attacks and moves that made up the race. It was an amazing race and there are so many highlights to appreciate. (1:08:04 MIN / 62.29 MB)

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The full stream replay, and lots more videos, photos and race reports, are in Sarah’s post here.

Check out Sarah’s twitter for more of her photos from the build-up of the race…




Update!  Check out this film of backstage at the race, including clips of us commentating


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2 thoughts on “Podcast 2017 Episode 11 – Because Sprinters Don’t Win Flanders

  1. That was a nice broadcast. Thanks!

    About Boels-Dolmans strategy: Yes, they underestimated their rivals but first of all they underestimated Anna (their own rider). She won the Olympic title and the European title by out-sprinting Emma Johansson!!! and ELB on the first occasion and Kasia Niewiadoma on the second. Annemiek could have challenged her but the least she could have taken from that break was 2nd place.

    As for the race, it was great! There were some pretty strong rides:
    AvdB with the move that created the break
    ELB attacking and rising the pace in very crucial moments
    KN working so hard in the break (also working hard with AvV when they got dropped)
    AvV finding a way to come back to the break everytime she was having problems with some of the climbs, working with ELB and KN, leading out for GE and then somehow managing to come 4th (and very close to 3rd)
    EvD and LB working so hard for their team when they couldn’t make the break
    PFP finding her form again
    GE with a great sprint
    and of course CR who managed to stay with the chasers and got a great win in the end.

    It was a pretty exciting race.

    • Yeah, you’re totally right re underestimating AvdB – which is crazy (though I guess AvV coming 4th did kind of indicate she might have sprinted stronger…. though 2nd would be better than 3rd…

      SO many gorgeous moments! When the chasers came within touching distance of the break on the Paterberg, but ELB accelerated – wow! And EvD being worth 3 extra team-mates! Just incredible, so good to watch

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