Podcast 2017 Episode 8 – Won By Sprinters Doing Sprinty Things in a Sprint

This week we revisit all of the excitement from the Women’s World Tour at the Ronde van Drenthe. There’s more great racing from Drentse 8 and Setmarna Ciclista Valenciana. On top of this we have several really good articles about ways to improve women’s cycling to discuss and there’s been some interesting news in regards to British Cycling, and Jeannie Longo’s husband Patrice Ciprelli. Of course we can’t finish on a downer so we also take note of some of the fun stuff we’ve seen around the web this week. As always, heaps of links and videos in the post on the website!

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News and videos from the last week in women’s cycling

This week’s racing

Videos, photos and more from the excellent Ronde van Drenthe in this post here.


Drentse Acht van Westerveld

Full results – and great photo gallery by Sean Robinson on Vélofocus.

More photo galleries on Boels-Dolmans’ facebook – by Robinson, and from CorVos.

Race reports from Alé Cipollini, Boels Dolmans, Sunweb, Canyon-SRAM (with more great photos) and ORICA-Scott.


Setmana Ciclista Valenciana

Race reports (we love Yolanda Álvarez‘ reporting on Ciclismofem!)

Another race report from Lares-Waowdeals. And interview with winner Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, on El Pelotón.


Other things we saw this week

Three things about making women’s cycling media:


Not cycling, but media and women and sport: the fantastic This Girl Can campaign, to get more women taking part in sport and physical activity, has launched their 2017 advertising


Two articles on what could/should be done to help women’s cycling grow. This one on SBS Cycling Central is really interesting – and the final point is that we shouldn’t use the phrase “women’s cycling”. Sarah disagrees – she wrote about why she says “women’s cycling” last year (and why we also say “men’s cycling” too!)

Monique Hanley also has some ideas – she’s framed hers in terms of SMART objectives, with Key Performance Indicators, demonstrating that actually you can really easily break the steps down into simple actions. Read it on Ella, we love it.

If you need a reminder of why the sport really does need to change, here’s an example – Hannah Dobson’s piece on Singletrack Magazine about the UCI’s introduction of a new Short track MTB World Cup… for men only…

A reminder of simple things fans can do to help grow the sport – take five minutes a week to do some of these.


Someone we both really admire, who is fantastic at making her own cycling media, and being a wonderful voice for women on bikes, is Jools Walker, Lady Vélo. Sarah really loved her post on what she’s learned in the seven years since she bought her Pashley, including overcoming imposter-syndrome. Please do click through and read – and make sure you’re following Jools on twitter and instagram.


British Cycling’s slow-motion collapse continues – this week was all about the suppression of the report into Jess Varnish‘s allegations of bullying.


It’s not just British Cycling that has issues – USA Cycling have just sacked their women’s Team Pursuit coach, after an investigation into bullying.


Great profile of Eileen Sheridan, a British champion of the 1950s on Rouleur – and listen to Jack Thurston’s interview with her here.

And more Jack Thurston:


Another old photo (well, a film-ette)…

and more Garner sisters – Lucy and Grace – in this UCI video


Another British cycling legend, Joanna Rowsell Shand, has announced her retirement from pro cycling. We’re big fans, and wish her all the best luck in everything she does next.


Send love this week to Sharon Laws, ex-pro cyclist, who just had a round of chemotherapy.

And Molly Weaver, of Sunweb, is still in a neck/back brace, following a horrible training crash.  Read about her recovery, and how the mental issues are harder than the physical, on Peloton Brief – and send her love on twitter.


Speaking of Team Sunweb, they’ve just uploaded some little short videos of each of their women’s team – check them all out on their YouTube.


Team Africa Rising has a piece on Denyse Tesire, a Rwandan woman living in Ghana, on how she started cycling, and what bikes mean to her.


Have you ever wanted to get into long-distance riding? Of course the Adventure Syndicate are here to help you out, in tons of different ways. Last week their members Emily Chappell, Lee Craigie and Rickie Cotter were in Bristol, giving one of their Long Distance Ladies talks – and Dred blogged about it, to give you an idea of their recommendations. If you’re interested in the Adventure Syndicate workshops, keep an eye on their Events page.

Emily Chappell will be speaking at the next Find It Films event in Manchester on 31st March – it’s a series of events of films showcasing women’s sports and adventures, in a ton of guises.  This one will be women’s cycling related, and you can find out more, and book tickets here.

And speaking of women helping other women to get into bike riding, over on the MTB side… Specialized are looking for Ambassadors to help more women get into MTB – and you get a ton of bike stuff in return. The deadline is 31st March – apply here.

More MTB – check out what Downhill superstar Rachel Atherton has been up to


Jeannie Longo‘s husband and coach, Patrice Ciprelli, has finally been given a suspended sentence and fined for importing EPO, after a drawn-out case that started in 2011.


Rides from Team Véloconcept talk about their favourite places to ride:


InCycle TV’s latest profile of Katarzyna Niewiadoma:

Niewiadoma’s team WM3 Procycling is looking for more sponsorship – and we’re disappointed to hear that, but applaud the team for being open about it.


This made Dan laugh a lot


The next races

To keep up with the road racing that will be shown live in 2017, bookmark Sarah’s collection of races we can watch this year.

If you, like us, love Crits, you’ll be pleased about this – the USA Crits have announced their 2017 series, starting in April – and the UK Tour Series have got a promo video for their 2017 series, starting in May. If are in the UK or USA, we really recommend you try to see these, because they’re fantastic events (there isn’t a Matrix Fitness Women’s GP at every Tour Series round, but you can see which do on their venue page)


If you want to talk to us about anything in this week’s podcast, or women’s cycling in general, leave us a comment, below, or tweet us: Sarah is @PWCycling and Dan is @DanWOfficial.

Big thanks to all of Sarah’s Patreon supporters, who fund her to do all her women’s cycling work, including these round-up posts. You can join them here!


3 thoughts on “Podcast 2017 Episode 8 – Won By Sprinters Doing Sprinty Things in a Sprint

  1. Emma Pooley’s “a fish rots from its head” analogy is soon priceless & appropos when applied to Brailsford, Sutton & BC… hopeful there will be huge changes there real soon.

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