Watch and follow the 2017 Trofeo Alfredo Binda – & follow the Junior Trofeo da Moreno

Sunday 19th March 2017

Round 3 of the 2017 Women’s WorldTour, and we’re back in Italy, in one of the cycling heartlands – the Varese Province in Lombardy.  After the gravel roads of Strade Bianche, and the Dutch cobbles and man-made hill of Ronde van Drenthe, it’s a race for Classics riders with climbing skills – and even more importantly, descending abilities.  And one of the special things about this race is that the junior stars of the future also get to ride on some of the same roads as their elite heroines, before the WorldTour race.

UPDATE!  And the last 4 laps – 68km – will be LIVE, with the stream showing part of the race as well as  highlights of the Junior race before the elites go fully live.

I’ll tell you how to watch the WWT Trofeo Binda, and follow the Junior Nations Cup Trofeo da Moreno below, but first a bit more about the race…

Trofeo Alfredo Binda

Three-time Road World Champion, and the first male cyclist to win five editions of the Giro d’Italia, Alfredo Binda was an Italian cycling legend of the 1920s and 30s, and the women’s race named in his honour began back in 1974, making it one of the oldest women’s races running today.  The route has changed over the years, this year starting in Taino for a change, but the small lap around Cittiglio is more or less the same – this year they ride four circuits, after a long loop, so they’ll cross the finish-line six times in total.

The profile the race makes is in that specifically Italian, deceptive style – that climb at Orino is a tough one, that shreds the peloton each time they go over it, and the descent afterwards is notoriously tricky, and sometimes outright dangerous, where daredevil riders who’ve been dropped on the climb can catch up with any escape group, if they’re lucky.

The finish is a slightly uphill drag – false flat rather than an actual climb – but it’s a tough way to finish, so if pure-sprinters make it to the finish in a group, they aren’t guaranteed the win.  In fact, like all good Classics, it’s been won in all kinds of different ways in the past – from solo suicide attack, to a pair, a small group, or a sprint from a relatively large group.  And like all the Classics, it’s always about attrition, where the winning move might not make it from the attacks on the first, second, third time over Orino, for example, but some big favourites will definitely be dropped.

So how can we watch and follow the race?

UPDATE!  The race has a live coverage page, which will start with some live bits – the start, some history of the race, live moments as the race crosses the finish line the first two times, highlights of the junior race – and then the final 4 laps, 68km, will be streamed live.

The coverage will start when the race starts, at 13:30 European CET (12:30 UK GMT; 11:30pm Australian AEST; 8:30am USA EDT) and is due to finish between 16:47 and 17:09 CET (from 3:47pm GMT; 2:47am AEST; 11:47am EDT) on Sunday 19th March.

The livestream will start  for the last 68km will be live from approx 14:50 CET (1:50pm UK GMT; 9:50am EDT; 00:50 AEST), though just be aware, there are some spots around the lap where there’s no signal, so there will be some patches of dead air. Big thanks to Rose Manley of inCycle TV for getting this clarified for us!

The stream is also here – and if you miss the livestream, it will be archived here too.

UPDATE!  The stream is showing us lots more snippets of the race as well as the line crossings – and the commentary is in English as well as Italian!  It’s fantastic!  Don’t expect TV-standard, with graphics and such, as they are on a small budget – but it’s super-impressive what they can do with what they have.

The race also usually has a race ticker on the live page, and Tuttobici usually has a ticker too

We can definitely follow this one on twitter as well, which is helpful as the TV commentary will only be in Italian.  The official hashtag is #TrBinda, and of course there’ll be information on the World Tour’s #UCIWWT too – and the race twitter, @TrofeoBinda, is one of the best.  And as always, I’ve been updating my list of live race tweeters with people updating from the race, so we can use that too.  I’ll be commentweeting on @PWCycling, as always.

There are usually significant TV Highlights of the race on RAI Sport, but the RAI schedules change a lot, so check out the RAI TV schedule nearer the time – it looks like it’s on RAI Sport at 22:45 (9:45pm GMT, 5:54pm EDT; 8:45am Monday AEST) on Sunday, but we won’t know until nearer – last year it appeared at 17:00 CET, for example, very soon after the race finished.  Of course, if I see it, I’ll edit it in – and I’ll tell people how to watch on twitter.

The RAI Sports channels are available online here, if you’re in Italy, or have a VPN set to Italy, otherwise you can google for streams (eg this one for RAI Sport 1, this for RAI Sport 2, but of course, exercise caution with these kinds of streams, and don’t click on adverts).

I’ll update changes here when I see them, and we can always rely on the Robin Hoods of YouTube to help us watch it if we miss it!  We can also look for highlights on the UCI YouTube, and on the race YouTube.

There’s a lot of information on the race website, including the technical guide for both races, the course information, roll of honour and the story behind the race. The race will tweet out the startlist nearer the time, but until then, I’ll be using this one from Cycling Fever.  And if you want to show some love for the organisation, please go to their sponsor page and click on the links to show the sponsors we appreciate them.

Update! Startlist:

Follow the race instagram – and you can find out what teams and riders think of the race with their previews – so far we have them from Boels-Dolmans, Canyon-SRAM, ORICA-Scott, Wiggle High5, but I’ll edit in more as I see them.  There’s also a race preview on Ella Cycling Tips and one by Saul Miguel on CiclismoFem.


Trofeo da Moreno

This year, the Trofeo da Moreno is the first round of the Junior Women’s Nations Cup – the other races are the junior Gent-Wevelgem next week, and two Dutch stage races, the Healthy Ageing Tour and the Omloop van Borsele in April.  It’s such a lovely race, with the same initial run as the elite women ride, from Taino to Cittiglio, with a smaller first loop, and then two laps of the same Cittiglio circuit.  It’s so fantastic that the young women can ride the same roads, and then watch how the elite peloton take it on.  Current Road World Champion Amalie Dideriksen won the junior race before she took her first of two Junior Road World Championships golds, so it’s definitely a good race for future-talent spotting.

It starts at 09:15 CET (8:15am GMT; 7:15pm AEDT; 4:15am EDT) and should finish around 11:00 CET (10am GMT, 9pm AEDT, 6am EDT) .  The course is here, and there’s lots more information via the race page.  We can usually follow with the @TrofeoBinda twitter.  The startlist should follow nearer the time.

There will be highlights of the race on the Trofeo Binda live page and YouTube stream at 14:30 CET (1:30pm UK GMT; 9:30am EDT; 00:30 Australian AEST)


I really recommend you re-live previous years , as it’s always a wonderful race – I’ve got collections of media from the races from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.  If you want to know what riders think about the race, I interviewed Elisa Longo Borghini before 2013 and Emma Johansson before 2014 (read or listen) – coincidentally just before each of them won it!

I’ll be putting up any videos and things I see on my women’s cycling Tumblr as I see them, and an collection here after the race.  I’m funded to do all my women’s cycling work thanks to my amazing Patreon supporters, who I’m always so grateful to – if you’d like to join them, from as little as £/€/$ 2 a month, it’s all over here.


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