Follow and watch the 2017 women’s Strade Bianche

Saturday 4th March

The 2017 Women’s WorldTour starts with Strade Bianche – only 2 years old, but an instant Classic, with the gorgeous short, sharp hills of Tuscany, and those white gravel sections, not only climbs but also descents, and that stunning finish up the steep, beautiful narrow streets of Siena.  It’s hard to believe this race hasn’t been around forever, because it made such a huge impression.

There’s rumours of the women’s finish being streamed during the men’s coverage – and Voxwomen says that the last hour of the women’s race will be streamed live on the pay-to-view Eurosport Player and other channels.  Or maybe after the men’s race has finished, there’ll apparently be a half hour highlights programme on Italian station RAI Sport, and on some forms of Eurosport, including the Eurosport Player. It’s all a bit confusing, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Check your local Eurosport schedule (eg here’s the UK) – it’s not obvious if it will be shown on British Eurosport, for example and of course, if you don’t have the channel, look for streams here, here and here – they’ll tell you where the men’s is shown.  Apparently there could also be something about the women from 13:45 CET (12:45pm UK GMT/8:45am EDT/11:45pm Aussie AEST) but I can’t promise.  (And yes, it would be massively helpful if the race or the UCI had a place where they shared this, wouldn’t it?).

The race starts at 9:30 European CET (8:30am UK GMT/3:30am USA EDT/00:30 PDT/ 7:30pm Australian AEST) and is due to finish around 13:00 CET (midday GMT, 8am EDT, 11pm AEST) – full timings here (make sure you click on women’s at top, before hitting the sub-menus).

The race twitter is here – it seems there’s no separate hashtag for the women, so there’s the general #StradeBianche or the WorldTour hashtag #UCIWWT – or my trusted way is following my list of women’s cycling live tweeters, who’ll certainly tell you if a new # pops up (follow Peter van der Veen, especially!).

Tons of information on the excellent race website – including the course details (click ‘women’ at top right) and the startlist.  And if you can’t wait for the race, check out all the videos and media from last year, and 2015 in here.


2 thoughts on “Follow and watch the 2017 women’s Strade Bianche

  1. I watched the UCI’s 10 minute recap of Strade Bianche. It was rather disappointing.

    There were only 5 minutes of racing.

    There were no captions so I couldn’t work out where they were (no distance to finish, no time gaps given).

    It cut from one very short segment to another. Although the voiceover described the climbs they didn’t mean anything to me and I had no idea where they were in the race or how many climbs were left etc etc.

    While I’m glad the UCI put something online the video fell a good way short of giving a good summary of the race in my opinion. I’ll go to Youtube and see if there are any ‘last kilometres’ unofficial videos or better summaries of the action.

    I’m not desperate to watch it live, I have a life at weekends, so I’d settle for good highlights I can watch in the evening. There is an appetite for women’s racing but it’s hard for us to get accustomed to rider names and relative ability, team tactics etc when there’s so little screen time. I’d address these comments to the UCI but doubt it would be read (presuming I could even find an appropriate email address) Please keep pushing on behalf of all followers of the sport. Ta.

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