Three women’s cycling crowdfunders

One of the things that’s both frustrating and inspiring is pro athletes having to crowdfund to compete in their sport.  Frustrating, for obvious reasons, but inspiring because the fan community really helps them.  There are three very different ones running fro British women cyclists right now – Para-cycling, MTB and road racing, and here’s how you can help.

Hannah Dines’ Crowdfunder for a new racing trike

Hannah Dines is a Scottish Para-cyclist, who competed in the 2016 Paralympics in the tricycle road races.  She’s having a hard time right now – she recently lost her UK Sport funding, and on top of that, has had her racing trike destroyed, when her car was stolen and set on fire, with the trike inside it. As you can imagine, these both put a large dent in her goal of medaling at the 2010 Paralympics.

Her insurance won’t cover the cost of a new trike, so she’s raising the money herself – and anything she raises over her goal of £7,454 will be donated to the Neil’s Wheels bike shop, so that other disabled people can get their own specialised sports equipment.  The

Read more about her crowdfunder, and please do donate, if you can.  Follow Hannah on twitter, find out more about her in this articles by the Herald, read her blog about why ride a trike, and in this video about Rio, which also was crowd-funded, by handcyclist Karen Darke:


Bex Baraona’s raffle to fund her racing the 2017 Enduro World Series

Enduro is the newest discipline of MTB, and operates outside of the UCI.  It’s kind of like stage racing, with a mix of downhill runs and transfers between multiple stages in a day, and I love the Enduro World Series for the gorgeous settings, amazing racing and lovely race media.  However, being a new discipline, there’s not so much sponsorship around – and that’s before the whole issue of how much harder it is to be sponsored as a female athlete than as a man.

Last year, Bex Baraona rode her first EWS, and she loved it, coming 7th overall – but unfortunately, she couldn’t get a team, so she’s got this incredible raffle going on.  The 200 tickets cost £50 each, and there’s a 50% chance of winning a prize – the biggest being a Transition Patrol MTB worth £3,999, but tons more, including a half day of coaching with superstar Tracy Moseley.  The raffle will be drawn on 15th February 2017.

You can find out more about the raffle, with all the amazing prizes, and how to enter, on the facebook page, and in this article about it on Total Women’s Cycling.  And find out more about Bex on her facebook and instagram, and in these interviews on Pinkbike, from March last year, and WideOpen, from December.

Image may contain: bicycle


Support Sarah Storey’s Podium Ambition road team

Dame Sarah Storey made British sporting history last year, winning her 14th Paralympic gold medal, and when she’s not racing para-cycling, on the track and road, she’s racing with, and running, her able-bodied road team, Podium Ambition, which is part-funded through crowdfunding.

You can support them by joining the affiliated team, The Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club, with membership starting from £18, and the corwdfunder runs until 7th March 2017.

Find out more about the Crowdfunder here, the Podium Ambition team on their website, and what you get if you join the club on their website.


If you see any more women’s cycling crowdfunders you want to share, please do let me know, in the comments, or on twitter.  And of course, I’m funded to do this kind of work through crowdfunding of my own, by my wonderful Patreon supporters, from as little as £/$/€ 2 a month – find out more about that here.


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