The first races of 2017: GP Sven Nys and the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classics

Happy New Year!  And as always, the brand new year starts with a bang, with the adrenaline-fuelled Bay Crits in Melbourne, Australia, and in Belgium, the penultimate round of the IJsboerke Ladies Trophy, the women’s races at the DVV Trophee cyclocross series.  It’s always a great way to start the year, and I’m here to tell you how to watch them.

The Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classics, 1st-3rd January 2017

This year there are just three rounds of the Bay Crits, but they’re always so much fun to watch – and this year they’re apparently live!  The timings are in Australian AEDT, and there are races for able-bodied men and women, and Paracyclists, but I’m focusing on the able-bodied women’s races (click through the links for the full programmes:

  • Stage 1, Ritchie Boulevard, Geelong Sunday 1st January (the hotdog circuit), 5pm AEDT (6am UK GMT, 07:00 Euro CET, midnight North American EST)
  • Stage 2, Portarlington, Monday 2nd January, the super-tough hilly stage: 1pm AEDT (2am GMT, 03:00 CET, 9pm Sunday EST)
  • Stage 3, Williamstown, Tuesday 3rd January, 1pm AEDT (2am GMT, 03:00 CET, 9pm Sunday EST)

There will be live streams on the SBS Cycling Central facebook, which you can also watch after the races are over too, and there will be pay-to-view highlights on Foxsports (more information here).  More daily video highlights on SBS Cycling Central and on the race YouTube.  And of course we can follow the racing live on twitter, so check out the race account, Cycling Australia, and Summer of Cycling, the account that covers all the Aussie summer racing,  and the #BayCrits hashtag.

The startlists are here, and if you want to see what they’re like, check out my collections of video and media from 2015 and 2016.


GP Sven Nys, Baal, Sunday 1st January 2017

From the blazing sunshine of Australia, to the mud of Belgium, to celebrate New Year’s Day in traditional Belgian style, with some brutal cyclocross.  I’m never going to stop missing the way Sven Nys rode cyclocross, but the race named after him has all those Nys features, and it’s always tough.

The women’s  racing starts at 13:45 Euro CET (12:45pm UK GMT, 7:45am North American EST and 11:45pm Aussie AEDT) and the men start at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT, 9am EST and 1am AEDT) – they’ll be shown on Sporza in Belgium, and the Bike Channel in the UK, with lots more streams here, here, and here.  And if you want to follow on twitter, there are the #GPSvenNys, #Baal and #DVVTrophee hashtags.

The programme is here, the route map and the startlist (look for ‘vrouwen’).  If you want to know how the IJsboerke Trophy is going, the 2016/7 rankings are here, video highlights from the previous rounds (look for ‘vrouwen’ again) and the fantastic Balint Hamvas photo-essays from the races throughout the season.


Hope you all have a lovely 2017 – and of course, if you have any questions about these, let me know on twitter – I’ll put up some videos after the races are over.


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