2016 Road World Championships – videos, photos & media from the Road Races

We haven’t had a flat Road World Championships since Copenhagen in 2011, so the sprinters were rubbing their hands with glee.  We’d seen the Team Time Trials and the Individual Time Trials on the course, but how would the peloton take it?  Find out with videos, photos, links and results from the Junior and Elite women’s road races – so exciting, and some amazing moments!

I’ll edit in more as I see it – if you have media you loved, please do let me know in the comments or on twitter.

Junior women’s road race

Highlights and full race replay:

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing,  click here for the final 1.5km, for a textbook sprint finish – high-speed, perfect lead-out.  Keep going until the last group crosses the line, because that was a really cute moment – but whatever you do, make sure you keep watching until the slo-mo overhead, it’s perfect racing.  I adore the final lead-out rider, Chiara Consonni, cheering for Elisa Balsamo’s win before she’s even crossed the line – so confident!  And I really, really love the Italians singing along with the anthem:

Want to know who’s who?  From left to right: Lisa Morzenti, Letitzia Paternoster, Chiara Consonni and Martina Fidanza – and of course, Elisa Balsamo on the podium – thanks Bidone Jack!

1.   Elisa Balsamo, Italy, 1:53:04
2.   Skylar Schneider, USA, s.t.
3.   Susanne Andersen, Norway, s.t.
4.   Karolina Perekitko, Poland, s.t.
5.   Letizia Paternoster, Italy, s.t.
6.   Emma Norsgaard, Denmark, s.t.
7.   Franziska Brausse, Germany, s.t.
8.   Sandra Alonso Dominguez, Spain, s.t.
9.   Liane Lippert, Germany, s.t.
10.  Simone Eg, Denmark, s.t.

Full results

Photos from the lovely Vélofocus – and more of his photos on the Cyclingnews race report. More photos on the Doha 2016 facebook, the UCI facebook,

Post-race press conference video

Interviews by the fantastic Felix Mattis, with Elisa Balsamo, Skylar Schneider, Susanne Andersen and Lianne Lippert

Remember, this is what happened to Susanne Andersen after the ITT…


Elite women

This had the most incredible field, and although it was a real shame Giorgia Bronzini was sick and couldn’t go for her 3rd Road World Championships gold, pretty much everyone else from the current field that you’d ever want to see sprint was racing.

Highlights and full race replay

If you’re in the UK, you can watch the partial BBC replay (120 mins), with Rochelle Gilmore’s commentary, on the BBC iPlayer, for around 30 days.

Highlights on NOS.nl, including un-restricted interview in English with Amalie Dideriksen.  BBC highlights,

1.   Amalie Dideriksen, Denmark, 3:10:27
2.   Kirsten Wild, Netherlands, s.t.
3.   Lotta Lepistö, Finland, s.t.
4.   Lizzie Deignan, Great Britain, s.t.
5.   Marta Bastianelli, Italy, s.t.
6.   Roxane Fournier, France, s.t.
7.   Chloe Hosking, Australia, s.t.
8.   Sheyla Guttierez Ruíz, Spain, s.t.
9.   Joëlle Numainville, Canada, s.t.
10. Jolien D’hoore, Belgium, s.t.

Full results

Race report and photo galleries on Cyclingnews and Ella Cycling Tips.

Photo galleries from the wonderful Vélofocus and Wei Yuet Wong – more galleries on the Doha 2016 facebook and the UCI facebook.

Race report, with quotes from their riders, on the Boels Dolmans website and their photo gallery – and photos on the Cervélo-Bigla website of their riders too.

Intreview with Dideriksen on Cyclingnews.

Video interview with Wild on NOS.nl (Dutch) – and also interviews with Marianne Vos and Ellen van Dijk.  And interview on Cyclingnews.

Interview with Lizzie Deignan on Cyclingnews

Piece on Chloe Hosking’s blog with more comments

Sheyla Gutiérrez Ruiz, on coming 8th


Cyclingnews interview with Amber Neben about her long attack


I love all Felix Mattis’ interviews, but the last question to Kirsten Wild, and the last questions here, to Julie Leth, makes me laugh so much

Of course, it wouldn’t be Qatar without issues of heat and water – here’s today’s, from Sticky Bottle (Ironically named for this link)


My collection of media from the Team Time Trial is here, and from the Junior and Elite ITTs here.  If you find more I should edit in, or have any questions, or just want to chat, drop a comment below, or give me a shout in twitter.

Huge thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters, who fund my women’s cycling work.


3 thoughts on “2016 Road World Championships – videos, photos & media from the Road Races

  1. Sarah, I initially thought I had messed up on recording the Juniors on Red Button, i.e. the start and the first 8 km was missing…… also missing on the UCI channel. Did they just start recording late , any idea. Does anyone have the start recorded? Roy

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