2016 ITT World Championships – videos, photos and more

The 2016 Road World Championships have moved from the trade team Team Time Trial, and into the national team events, starting with the Individual Time Trials.  Two women’s races, over two days – here’s my collection of videos, photos and media from the Juniors and then the Elites.  As always, I’ll edit in more as I see it – if you see fun things I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

Junior Women’s Individual Time Trial

Highlights and full race replay

Video interview with winner Karlijn Swinkels on L1.nl (Dutch)

1.   Karlijn Swinkels, Netherlands, 0:18:21.77
2.   Lisa Morzenti, Italy + 00:07.35
3.   Juliette Labous, France, + 00:21.35
4.   Skylar Schneider, USA, + 00:30.03
5.   Hannah Arensman, USA, + 00:34.05
6.   Franziska Brausse, Germany, + 00:34.26
7.   Simone Eg, Denmark, + 00:38.41
8.   Alessia Vigilia, Italy, + 00:42.13
9.   Madeleine Fasnacht, Australia, + 00:43.60
10. Elena Pirrone, Italy, + 00:43.67

Full results

Race report on Cyclingnews.  Photo galleries from the fantastic Vélofocus, and the lovely Wei Yuet Wong, and on the Doha 2016 facebook and and on the UCI facebook.

Love this photo of Maaike Polspoel


After the race, one of the big favourites for the Junior Road Race, Susanne Andersen, was hit by a car in Doha – heal fast, Susanne!


This scary experience happened in the U23 men’s ITT – yikes


Elite Women’s ITT

If you’re in the UK, the full BBC replay will be up for 30 days here

1.   Amber Neben, USA, 0:36:37.04
2.   Ellen van Dijk, Netherlands, + 00:05.99
3.   Katrin Garfoot, Australia, + 00:08.32
4.   Olga Zabelinskaya, Russia, + 00:11.52
5.   Annemiek van Vleuten, Netherlands, + 00:25.79
6.   Lisa Brennauer, Germany, + 00:57.59
7.   Trixi Worrack, Germany, + 01:11.14
8.   Ann-Sophie Duyck, Belgium, + 01:27.96
9.   Katarzyna Pawlowska, Poland, + 01:36.49
10. Alena Amialiusik, Belarus, + 01:41.59

Full results

Race report on Ella Cycling Tips; Report with photos on CyclingNews.  Great photo gallery from Vélofocus, and another awesome one from Wei Yuet Wong – and more photos on the Doha 2016 facebook and the UCI facebook.

Post-race press conference video on the UCI facebook

Cyclingnews interview with Amber Neben – and with Ellen van Dijk  – more words from Van Dijk on the Boels Dolmans website – and Felix Mattis‘ great video interviews:

Another interview with Van Vleuten – in writing on Cyclingnews

NOS.nl’s video interviews with Van Dijk, Van Vleuten and Van der Breggen (Dutch)


My collection of media from the Team Time Trial is here, and I’ll be back with the Road Race over the weekend – and I’ll be posting things on my Women’s Cycling Tumblr, and on my twitter, as I see them.

My guide to watching the rest of the 2016 Road World Cycling Championships junior and elite road races, which includes how to get round any pesky geo-restrictions – huge thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters, who fund my women’s cycling work.


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