2016 Team Time Trial World Championships – videos, photos and more

The first race of the 2016 Road World Championships in Doha was the women’s Team Time Trial – here’s my collection of videos, race reports, tweets I liked and more media.

Highlights and full race replay (may be geo-restricted)

Video from the team car, and with the Boels-Dolmans staff, giving a back-stage view of their win, from Dutch TV station L1.

1.   Boels-Dolmans (Evelyn Stevens, Lizzie Deignan, Chantal Blaak, Ellen van Dijk, Karol-Anne Canuel & Christine Majerus) 0:48:41.62
2.   Canyon SRAM (Lisa Brennauer, Trixi Worrack, Elena Cecchini, Alena Amialiusik, Hannah Barnes & Mieke Kröger) + 00:48.24
3.   Cervélo-Bigla (Joëlle Numainville, Lotta Lepistö, Stephanie Pohl, Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, Lisa Klein & Ciara Horne) + 01:56.47
4.   BePink (Ilaria Sanguinetti, Silvia Valsecchi, Olga Zabelinskaya, Amber Neben, Georgia Williams, Francesca Pattaro) + 02:46.03
5.   Twenty16-RideBiker (Leah Thomas, Kristin Armstrong, Alison Jackson, Annie Foreman-Mackey, Chloé Dygert & Allie Dragoo) + 02:46.73
6.   Hitec Products (Kirsten Wild, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, Charlotte Becker, Thea Thorsen, Julie Leth & Emilie Moberg) + 03:23.52
7.   BTC City Ljubljana (Eugenia Bujak, Corinna Lechner, Olena Pavlukhina, Polona Batagelj, Anna Plichta & Mia Radotic) + 03:43.10
8.   Rabo-liv (Roxane Knetemann, Anna van der Breggen, Shara Gillow, Anouska Koster, Katarzyna Niewiadoma & Moniek Tenniglo) + 06:03.33

Video interviews with gold-medal winning Evie Stevens, on her last pro bike race, with Trixi Worrack on her silver medal, and Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio on getting bronze

It was an incredible race by Boels-Dolmans, who have been targeting this hard, and raced perfectly.  But the race was marred by the ridiculous heat, and riders in the tight skinsuits and close-fitting aero helmets visibly suffering, racing in the hottest part of the day.  Seeing riders with heat-stroke was really uncomfortable viewing, and especially Anouska Koster‘s crash, where it looked like she lost all concentration – and maybe even consciousness? – for a few seconds, crashing into the barriers in an awful somersault-crash (you can watch it here, if you want to, but it’s horrible viewing).  I can’t believe Koster was back on the bike – and I’m horrified at the reports from riders about the lack of medical staff, ambulances and even air con in the tent at the finish.  Of course bike racing, and especially TTing, is about “suffering”, but this was completely ridiculous.   The comments in the race reports – including the winners – are very telling.  Here’s Christine Majerus, in the Boels-Dolmans race report:

“I think it’s completely stupid to make us race in these conditions. It’s nice that we won, but racing in these conditions that require heavy intensity in extreme heat is dangerous for our bodies. I’m happy we’re all okay. That’s the first thing. The second thing is on the final lap, there were cars in the roundabout, motos in the roundabout. I’m happy we could stay focused through every incident. Usually those are the sort of things that can cause a loss of focus and a loss of time. It wasn’t a perfect day or a perfect ride, but we managed it well to not start it too hard and to keep the pace on the long straight where you could really make a difference.”

This Ella Cycling Tips report and CyclingNews report on the heat includes more rider comments about the situation, and the lack of medical services – the comments from Roxane Knetemann are translations from an interview on NOS.nl – that and more interviews with Dutch riders from NOS here.

Race report and photo gallery on Cyclingnews.  Photo galleries from the fantastic Vélofocus, on the Doha 2016 facebook and on the UCI facebook.

Boels-Dolmans photo gallery; report with photos from Canyon-SRAM; Race report and photo gallery from Cervélo-Bigla; report and photo gallery from Rabo-liv.

Here’s Koster talking about the crash, and the race:


It was also a chaotic experience for journalists – here’s Irish photographer Sean Rowe’s story, on StickyBottle, and StickyBottle’s take on the complete absence of fans.


I’ll be back with more posts later in the week, from the Individual Time Trials, and the Road Races – and I’ll be posting things on my Women’s Cycling Tumblr, and on my twitter, as I see them.

My guide to watching the rest of the 2016 Road World Cycling Championships is here, including how to watch the videos if they’re geo-restricted for you – huge thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters, who fund my women’s cycling work.


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