Podcast 2016 Episode 32 – And Some Need More Luck Than Others

Podcast logoThis week we preview the TTT, the ITT and the Road Races in Qatar for the Junior and Elite women (would it surprise you if we said there was controversy?). We also took a look at all the latest transfer news and who is confirmed to be going where for 2017.

Press play to enjoy the best World’s preview we’ve recorded today! (1:16:08 MIN / 69.72 MB)

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9 thoughts on “Podcast 2016 Episode 32 – And Some Need More Luck Than Others

  1. Thanks for the preview guys. Very entertaining!

    The road race – I have no idea what is going to happen. It could be mayhem. But the ITT – when I looked at that bizarre course I saw what looks like a string of 2km or 3km straights joined together by hairpin bends. This is not a course for Ellen van Dijk – she won’t have those long power straights that she thrives on. You need a cyclist who is nippy and manoeuvrable and who can accelerate rapidly out of multiple tight technical corners. In other words, you need a prologue rider – but one who also has the stamina to go flat out for just under 30km.

    Usually when I desperately want someone to win a race I am overwhelmed with pessimism about their chances. Not this time though. I am irrationally, totally, and completely confident that this course and this race are made for Annemiek van Vleuten. She is the best prologue rider in the world, she has the power and the stamina to clock 48kph over a flat 30km time trial course (as she did in the Dutch nationals this summer), she is in the form of her life and she has prepared brilliantly for this.

    Annemiek has won four of the seven ITT’s she’s ridden in this year. Ellen beat her in the other three – but this course is so much more in favour of Annemiek than it is of Ellen as I said before. The weather will be in Annemiek’s favour too – as smaller, lighter athletes cope better physiologically with very hot conditions than do taller, heavier athletes. And if Ellen has the desire to make amends for her jungle detour in the Rio ITT, imagine the desire Annemiek has to make up for what happened in the road race in the Olympics.

    I have never been this confident before about the outcome of a sporting event in my entire life. Annemiek is going to win. I am certain of it!

    • If Annemiek wins, can you imagine how much outpouring of happiness there’ll be from the internets? I keep looking at the course and boggling, it’s so bizarre – as you say, no long stretches to get up speed… Weirdest worlds ever, I think.

      • The internet will explode! It’ll be so great that it feels like the one thing that might stop her, because life is never that good. But that’s not a logical reason for her not to win of course. She sounds pretty confident herself on her latest UCIWomensCycling blog – she likes the look of the course I think – and another good point she makes is that she’s coming to this pretty fresh. Her enforced rest after Rio has meant that she’s missed Valgarda, Madrid, Plouay, the Boels Rentals Tour and the European Championships. That has to be an another factor in her favour.

      • I guess the problem for the Dutch is the heat…. It’s going to be super-exciting, and I think Brennauer could win again too, she has great bike skills. Gutted Lucinda Brand isn’t on the Dutch squad – interesting Kristin Armstrong & Evie Stevens are in the TT squad but not the ITT/road for USA

  2. Loved the transfer talk! One of the more odd moves is Chloe Hosking from Wiggle to Cipollini.. to me that makes zero sense. I can’t see her having success there. She’ll be competing with Bastianelli for sprint wins and has a much weaker team surrounding her.

  3. Sarah and Dan,
    I am normally very happy for Dan to rip chunks out of the UCI but they certainly have to take a bit of credit for the advice in the document below. Young female athletes are particularly vulnerable, so extreme caution is warranted; and the acclimatisation graph is an eye opener. 7-9 days to do it and in another reference 2 weeks in heat to become accustomed, I believe the Dutchies were in Sicily. The alternative of post training saunas for 40 mins sounds particularly unappealing. I’ll leave it there except that Dan may find the urine colour guide useful!

    Do not get me started on BC selection decisions, it is not good for me at all…….I have officially given up on them. Maybe all the 180s and roundabouts will help Hayley Simmonds, who knows, they all will give it a proper go, no doubt at all.

    “”Young athletes, especially those in their mid- to late-teens, experience large body weight and sodium losses due to extensive sweating and do not always hydrate as well as adults. It is recommended that young athletes and their coaches pay particular attention to their hydration status and heat accli- matisation strategy. Females have lower sweat rates than males during high intensity exercise in the heat and may reach greater core temperatures in a shorter time period, potentially putting them at greater risk of developing heat illness. It is therefore important for female athletes to heat acclimatise in order to increase their sweat response and decrease the rise in body tempera- ture associated with cycling in the heat.””


    • Laughing and laughing at the urine colour guide! But wow, I’ve no idea why they took the cash in Qatar over Worlds in a place that’s safe to ride. I hope the riders are all ok. It’s one thing for the wealthy cycling nations to go out early for acclimitisation etc, but that’s a crazy amount of time to give to one race.

  4. A few things:

    Brand has decided herself to skip worlds, she wants to be more serious about cx this winter, and with worlds delayed this year, she decided to skip it. The same goes for Thalita de Jong.

    About Vos and Wild; I don’t think Vos is thinking about a domestique role here. She did in Rio because her climbing was obviously not good enough to win yet, but her sprinting is good enough to win in Qatar. In my opinion people always tend to downplay Marianne’s sprint, it rivals the sprint of Wild. And Wild hasn’t had such a stellar sprinting season that she is the undoubted number 1 versus Vos. Annemiek and Vos had been training in Sicily together, with Annemiek doing hard itt efforts and Vos using that as a kind of lead out and then sprint away. From what Annemiek said it sounded like Vos was doing a lot of sprint training. Now if Vos was going into Qatar thinking she’d be a domestique, she wouldn’t be doing sprint training as much as she did.

    It’s a hard choice, both of them can win that sprint on a good day. On the other hand, with that technical course it can be a really unpredictable race, so having a number of riders with a fast sprint (Wild, Vos, but also Blaak and Pieters) is certainly a luxury.

    • I actually think that the Dutch having so much firepower could work against them in this race… or it could end up with 3 of the podium! No idea!

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