JingleCross, Round 2 of the 2016/7 Cyclocross World Cup, LIVE!

Saturday 24th September 2016

We’ve had the first round of the 2016/7 Telenet Cyclocross World Cup, CrossVegas (and if you missed it, you can watch the replay of the women’s race and the men’s race, interview with winner Sophie de Boer, and check out Balint Hamvas’ gorgeous photos) and almost immediately we’re crossing the USA to Iowa City for Round 2, Jingle Cross, the first time this race has been a World Cup.

The World Cup is part of a HUGE festival of cyclocross, with over 60 races for a whole ton of categories and courses, fireworks, music, partying and tons more – and you can find the full schedule here.  But the World Cups are the most important ones, and they’re on Saturday 24th September:

  • The women’s race is at 3:30pm CDT (4:30pm USA EDT; 9:30pm UK BST; 22:30 Euro CEST; 6:30am Aussie AEST) – UCI livestream here
  • The men race at 5pm CDT (6pm EDT; 11pm BST; 00:00 CEST; 8am AEST) – UCI livestream here

The UCI’s TV guide is here, and the women’s and men’s races will be live on Play TV and RTBF in Belgium, and on TV channels in the Czech Republic, Denmark, USA.

For the rest of us, we can watch the races live on the UCI YouTube Channel, and if you miss it, the race will be archived for you at the same links – here’s the women’s race:

If you are geo-restricted, you may need a VPN like Hola, Tunnelbear or BetterNet, set to eg the UK, to watch the UCI stream – if you’re new to them, inrng explains VPNs here)

Thee should also be streams here (look for ‘veldrijden’), here and here.

There’s a guide to the Cyclocross World Cup on the UCI’s CX World Cup Portal, and lots of information about the World Cup and the whole weekend on the Jingle Cross website – the course map is on Page 20 0f the Technical Guide.  You’ll notice a LOT of Christmas-themed stuff on this race, and that’s because it’s usually held in December, but has moved so it can be part of the World Cup.  Don’t ask me about the women racing in lingerie, though, you know how I feel about that*…

Scroll down here for the startlists – and that’s also the way in to the CrossVegas results, and the 2016/7 World Cup results and standings.

Follow Jingle Cross on their twitter, and there’s the usual pre-race updates, spectator info and live tweeting on the #JingleCross hashtag.  The hashtag for the World Cup is the un-snappy #TelenetUCICXWC.

If you’re wondering what this race will be like, have a look at the website’s description of the course features, in perfect American CX style, and there are videos of previous races on their vimeo.


* OK, OK, since the race’s twitter avatar is women in lingerie on bikes, and if you watch the 2015 video, you’ll notice the main frame is also women in lingerie, and it features in the video too, I guess I should say a bit more about this.  Apparently one of the races 60 at Jingle Cross is the Speedo Spectacular, which the race page describes as a fancy dress race, that’s for charity – and that just sounds fun.  BUT the race promotion is all about women in bras, not about everyone in fancy dress, and this isn’t presented in the context of “look at this 1 race among 60”, it’s now “this is a World Cup, one of the top races in the World”, and the Jingle Cross is choosing this one aspect of what looks like a truly amazing festival, to promote to the world.

I don’t understand why they’ve chosen to do this.  They literally have over 60 over races in the weekend, but this is the one they’re using as their main social media branding, in the context of the Cyclocross World Cup.  There’s been a huge amount of work in USA CX to demonstrate that it’s a strong sport deserving of interest from the European heartland, and the result is two rounds of the World Cup.  And from an equalities perspective, the USA is leading the way in terms of equal prize money for women, and all kinds of awesome, that the rest of the sport should be learning from.

USA CX does have a different culture to Europe, with spectators often riding lower Cat races before the elites race, and all the beer and dollar hand-ups, rubber chickens, heckling and so on, and it’s going to be interesting seeing what happens to that, as the level of the sport rises.  But personally, I can’t see how choosing to promote the World Cup with the lingerie race helps promote USA cyclocross as the top level of the sport. It’s so disappointing – I want to love this race, share their videos, shout about it all, but I’m not putting a video with the “cover” frame of women in bras on my website or my tumblr, and every time I look at their twitter, I’ll be reminded, they’re not aiming this at me.

UPDATE:  Super-happy to see that the Jingle Cross changed their twitter avatar to an awesome shot of racing in the mud – this really is a great race, so I’m relieved to see that.


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