Videos and media from the 2016 Downhill MTB World Championships

The final big Downhill MTB race of 2016 was a huge one – the 2016 World Championships.  And because this is MTB, we have a ton of videos, photos and excellent media for you.  I’ll be editing in more as I see it, but wow, there’s a lot already, including the Junior women and the 2016 Four Cross Worlds.

It was a really tough course – very steep, very technical, full of deep dust, treacherous holes and Let’s start with the Full race replay on Red Bull TV. 

Winning run:

Want to see that from Atherton’s perspective, on her GoPro?  I know you do!


1.   Rachel Atherton, Great Britain, 0:04:20.187
2.   Myriam Nicole, France, + 03.114
3.   Tracey Hannah, Australia, + 09.453
4.   Marine Cabirou, France, + 24.504
5.   Tahnée Seagrave, Great Britain, + 25.299
6.   Alia Marcellini, Italy, + 28.887
7.   Veronika Widmann, Italy, + 29.563
8.   Mariana Salazar Palomo, El Salvador, + 32.386
9.   Mio Suemasa, Japan, + 35.143
10. Miranda Miller, Canada, + 39.187

Full results

Follow Atherton through her incredible World Champs, and the perfect end to the Perfect Season

And here’s another look at Atherton’s Worlds, on Red Bull Bike.

Video from Polygon UR, including Tracey Hannah’s ride to Bronze

Two photo-essays on Red Bull Bike here and here, and another on PinkBike, which includes the Junior women,

Gallery of bikes ridden by the stars, on PinkBike



Of course there was a ton of great pre-race media, with lots of beautiful shots of the dust in the gorgeous golden light, dappled sun in the forests, and breath-taking riding:


Junior MTB World Champs

1.   Alessia Missiaggia, Italy, 0:05:29.011
2.   Samantha Kingshill, USA, + 11.946
3.   Flora Lesoin, France, + 25.960
4.   Beatrice Migliorini, Italy, + 39.338
5.   Shania Rawson, New Zealand, + 42.901
6.   Eva Battolla, Switzerland, + 47.913
7.   Melanie Chappaz, France, + 51.829
8.   Aston Tutt, Great Britain, + 58.650
9.   Blanca Aracil Alba, Andorra, + 1:34.345

Full results


4 Cross World Championships

Full race replay

I love how honest Caro Buchanan is about her devastation over her Rio Olympic BMX – love that interview.

All the results from the different rounds are on Tissot Timing


I’m funded to do these kinds of things by my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!


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