2016 Downhill MTB & 4X World Championships – LIVE!

The last major Downhill of 2016!  I’m so sad the season is over – but at least we can watch live.  And if you, like me, missed the Four Cross World Champs, I’ve got video of that below.

It’s just MTB and 4X in Val di Sole, as the Cross Country was earlier in the summer – and I love Red Bull Bike, it’s live

Elite women’s and men’s Downhill Finals:  Sunday 11th September, 12:30 Euro CEST (11:30am UK BST; 8:30pm Aussie AEST; 6:30am North American EDT

Want some pre-race Downhill media?  There’s always a lot!

Claudio Caluori’s course preview:

The light in Val di Sole looks amazing!

Programme, course map, and all kinds of information on the Val di Sole race website


Four Cross World Championships

If you’re new to 4X, it’s like a mix of BMX and the MTB Eliminator, where 4 riders at a time take on a short  dirt course with big jumps, the winner of each race progressing to the next round – watch the GoPro Course preview, and then the full finals:

Here’s the full coverage, and interview with  the awesome Caroline Buchanan, who is so open about her devastation over her Rio Olympic BMX, but is back, and winning




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