Podcast 2016 Episode 29 – Hypocritical For a Cause

Podcast logoThis week we cover the huge amount of video and information coming from the Tour de l’Ardeche and contrast that with the dearth of information available from the Boels Rental Ladies Tour. We take a bit of a detour through interesting team performances over the course of the year and wind up with a look ahead at worlds, the paralympics and a whole heap of forthcoming racing. It’s back to epic length podcastery this week and it is stunning! (1:18:03 MIN / 71.48 MB)

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Things we talked about this week include…

Sarah’s been short-listed in the Total Women’s Cycling 2016 Awards, in the Cycling Initiatives category – she knows she can’t win, but is thrilled to be included alongside such great work! Voting closes on 12th September, make sure you vote in all categories!

This week’s racing

Videos, media and results from the 2016 Vallnord MTB World Cup are in this post (with some comments about how the UCI chooses to promote MTB) ; and the 2016 Boels Rental Ladies Tour videos here.

Trials World Championships

We know nothing about Trials, but we’re so impressed at their skills! Report on the UCI website, photos, and highlights, including the top 3 women’s rounds, and an interview with new World Champion Nina Reichenbach:


Lotto Belgium Tour

I love the Lotto Belgium Tour’s twitter, and their videos on the Motomedia Team Vimeo, but the Prologue was awesome, the return of Annemiek van Vleuten after her horrific crash in the Rio Olympic Road Race. I was amazed she was ok then, and I’m delighted she’s not just back, but on top.

If you’re in the Netherlands, you can watch Van Vleuten talk about the crash, her last month, and her Prologue win, on this NOS video and in this one – highlights from Focus WTV – and race report

Full Prologue results.


2016 Tour de l’Ardèche

(Results in the stage link titles)

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3 – Mont Ventoux!

Stage 4

Stage 5 ITT

Stage 6

Stage 7


Other things we liked this week

It’s nearly Cyclocross season! Celebrate with this profile of the awesome Helen Wyman:


We’ve finally found out which riders will be staying at the Rabo-liv team next year, though not the name, or who, if anyone, will join them. It’s a much smaller squad than we’ve been used to, but still super-strong.

Keep up to date with all the transfer news on Cycling Fever’s superb collection.


This made us smile a lot:


And this made us laugh: Loren Rowney‘s second attempt at getting everyone to live by her Room-mate rules, on Ella Cycling Tips.

And also on Ella, Aussie rider Chloe McConville talks about what Anti-Doping tests are really like.


Kadeena Cox is aiming at Paralympic glory on the athletics AND cycling tracks


Upcoming racing

Catch up with all the action from these races and more on Sarah’s twitter, or keep an eye on her Women’s Cycling Tumblr for the videos and news as she sees it.

Sarah’s funded to do all her cycling work, including pulling these posts together, by her wonderful Patreon supporters, who fund her from as little as £/€/$2 a month – if you want to join them, you can do that here!


5 thoughts on “Podcast 2016 Episode 29 – Hypocritical For a Cause

  1. Hey Sarah,

    I confess to being a recent convert to the joys of pro women’s cycling. The abysmal coverage given to the sport for essentially 3 years and 365 days out of every 4 years takes the breath away. The story of Annemiek van Vleuten is a perfect example. She was plastered all over the papers and all over the internet in the UK after her crash in Rio. Fair enough, it was a shocking event and everyone was relieved that she survived relatively unscathed. But what I find so depressing is the complete lack of any follow up to the story. You can see the thought processes in (male dominated) editorial offices all over the country…

    “Let’s post lots of pictures of her flying over the handlebars and landing in a heap – she survived so we’re OK to do that. Everyone loves a good accident”

    Is anyone interested in what happened afterwards? Is anyone bothered about the courage and dignity with which she handled the aftermath of the fall, in the face of such shattering disappointment? Is anyone bothered about the event that has turned this into the best news story of the year in cycling – her extraordinary return to racing in the prologue at the Lotto Belgium Tour this week? Not in the UK, apparently. Search the BBC website, or the Guardian website for her name and you’ll find lots of stuff about the accident, and basically nothing since.

    The bravery in the face of adversity shown by athletes like van Vleuten, Trixie Worrack, Mara Abbott, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, Loren Rowney and others is astonishing. Yet the media, the viewing public and the sponsors seem completely disinterested in this sport (with some honourable exceptions – thanks Orica for giving your women’s team as much attention as your men’s team). I wish there was some way of redressing this balance. God knows how though. Do you suppose if van Vleuten wins a hugely deserved medal in the World Championships, she’ll get a mention then? Well, I will keep on supporting Annemiek and her fellow riders. They deserve so much better from so many people.



    • It is really, really weird that the cycling media didn’t make more of AvV – BUT the thing I love is you look at the responses to her on social media, and there are thousands and thousands of people cheering for her return. Dutch media went a bit crazy for her, naturally, but all the tweets about her/from her had a great response. This is the amazing thing social media has done for fans, and for riders – enabling us all to make our own audiences.

      But yeah, depressing. I really genuinely thought she was dead, or had suffered a majorly disabling accident in Rio – I was terrified for her, so to see her riding again a month later just fills me with happiness for her. I am so glad that Felix Mattis is there to make his videos in English, so we can hear her story, but ugh, yeah, depressing we don’t see more.

      • I thought she was dead too – it was one of the most sickening things I have ever seen. But you are so right about social media – it can be such a massive force for good. It is lucky for us fans of hers that Annemiek has always been pretty active on Twitter, on Strava and on her personal website – and her painfully honest and candid posts since the accident are a big part of the reason why so many people are inspired by her story, and are still following her and supporting her. At least we can keep in touch with what is happening with her in that way. And Felix Mattis is an absolute star too – his videos are great. I would really love to be able to see Annemiek tackle the Muur on TV at the Lotto Belgian Tour today though. That’s where we need to be – and we’ve still got a long way to go.

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