Olympic videos – Rio 2016

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We’re eventually going to see all the Olympic bike races put up on the Olympics Youtube, but until then, here’s what we can watch from the Rio 2016 women’s cycling – road race, ITT, track, BMX and MTB, with various other bits and pieces I’ve found.

If you want to compare and contrast what happened in Rio with previous Olympics, head to the Olympic Channel, where you can search by sport, and under the Rio 2016 videos, you’ll find highlights from previous years too.

A lot of the Olympic media is geo-restricted to countries (INRNG tells you more about restrictions, and how to see things despite them), so if there’s more you want to see, do try searching with your country’s broadcaster – I’ve added the BBC links because I can see them all from the UK, but hopefully you can find them in your country too. If there’s anything you especially enjoyed, please do tell me, and I’ll edit it in.


The Road Race

We kicked off with the Road Race, which was dramatic, in so many different ways  – Dan and I talked about it in our post-race podcast.  Highlights on the Olympic Channel, and on the Olympic YT:

Anna van der Breggen talks about it in this InCycle TV interview:

Full results, and more Road race media:


Individual Time Trial

Highlights of the women’s ITT, and focus on Kristin Armstrong’s winning ride on the Olympic Channel.

The full women’s & men’s ITT is available on the BBC iPlayer until 20th September, geo-restricted to the UK, and some more snippets:

Full results



Sooooooo much track!  All the BBC iPlayer programmes are here, available until around 20th September, geo-restricted to the UK.   Results via the title links.

Team Sprint

Highlights of Gong Jinjie and Zhong Tianshi winning, on the Olympic Channel – and more on the Olympic YT:


Team Pursuit



If you only watch one Track video, you absolutely have to make it Laurine van Riessen‘s incredible crash-avoidance skills – riding ON the barrier, which is something I’ve never even imagined, let alone seen!  The clips are all restricted – here are some from NOS (NL), Sporza (Belgium), BBC (UK) – but google her name plus your country’s Olympic broadcaster, and you’ll find some!

Unrestricted video of the final on the Olympic Channel.

There are tons of restricted videos from NOS, focusing on winner Elis Ligtlee, but including other riders, the BBC, focusing on Becky James‘ silver, and this Olympics video, following Anna Meares to bronze, includes the final:



More drama, with Kristina Vogel‘s saddle actually breaking off in her second race of the final, as she won gold!   There’s an unrestricted clip of that on the Olympic Channel – and highlights from YT:



Little highlights on the Olympic Channel

6 separate races in the omnium, and I hope we get clips of them all – but in the mean time, here’s the final round, the Points race

Laura Trott had a fantastic Olympics, coming away with two golds – here’s an Olympic YT



The women’s final run on the Olympic Channel, and the full BBC coverage of the Seeding Runs, and the  Semi-finals and Finals, probably available for about three weeks.

Full results and some clips about winner Mariana Pajón on the Olympic YT:



15 mins highlights, on the Olympic Channel. Full BBC coverage of the race, available until 20th September, and restricted to the UK.

And clip on YT:

Full results, and photo-essay from the race on Pinkbike – and here are details of Scott Spark Jenny Rissveds won on, on Singletrack.

Swedish videos here, and restricted video on the BBC.


Hopefully more things will turn up after the first month, and hopefully we can see it all on YT, and I can add it all here.  So many amazing moments to re-live!  And if you’ve seen more media you’d like to share, please do add it to the comments, or send it to me on twitter.

I’m funded to do this kind of thing by my wonderful Patreon supporters, who help me cover women’s cycling by giving me as little as £/$/€ 2 a month – thanks so much!


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