Watch the 2016 Vallnord MTB World Cups, LIVE!

The last MTB World Cup of 2016, and the Downhill and Cross Country riders come together for one final bash, before the DH World Champs next weekend.  We’ve in the mountains of Andorra, in Vallnord, and of course, this being MTB, we can watch it live, AND have a ton of media beforehand.  I’ll tell you how to watch first, and then check out the pre-race awesome, which I’ll be adding to every day before the  races.

So, Vallnord.  There’s all the programme information, course maps, startlists etc on the great race website, and the current World Cup standings on the UCI World Cup portal, and what you’re really interested in, the Downhill finals and XCo races will be streamed on Red Bull TV, although I should warn you, sometimes these are streamed on a delay, so keep off social media if you want the results to be a surprise until you’ve seen them!  If you miss the races live you’ll be able to watch here after the races too.

To follow the races live on twitter, including the pre-race build up, check out the Vallnord and UCI MTB twitters, and the #UCIMTBWC and #VallnordWorldCup hashtags.


So, what’s gone on so far?


If you know me, you know I’m a huge sucker for Claudio Caluori‘s GoPro previews of the Downhill World Cup courses, but I never thought he’d do one on a tandem!  Even once they get off, I love Claudio and Loïc Bruni together –  watch here on Red Bull Bike – definitely that giddy end-of-season feeling about this one, and I know MTB always happens in gorgeous places, so I say this everytime, but WOW those mountains!

  • Downhill Track Walk photo-essays on Dirt MTB, Pinkbike and Specialized
  • Downhill practice day – video and photos on Red Bull Bike (love the look of the clouds of dust that follow the riders through the corners!); photo-essays on PinkBike and on Dirt;  video on Dirt MTB;  video from Trek Factory Racing – with Rachel Atherton’s back issues, and Taylor Vernon’s broken nose


Cross Country

Bikecam previews of the XCo course with Worlds silver medalist Lea Davison and ex-DH star and Red Bull TV commentator Rob Warner, on Red Bull Bike (it’s hilarious, I laughed a lot!), with a more serious one if you scroll down after you’ve watched it – and another serious one in this video from the Trek Factory Racing team:

Check out all those sites for more media throughout the week – and I’ll be adding in more every day.  Of course I’ll have post-race media here on the site after the weekend.

If you can’t wait for that, you can check out the videos and media from the last time we saw Vallnord on the World stage – the 2015 MTB World Champs – part 1 of my collection, and part 2.

Big thanks to my Patreon supporters, who fund me to do this kind of thing.


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