Videos from the 2016 Cross Country MTB World Championships

A huge weekend of racing, with so much action – and we’ve got video – highlights from the Junior and U23 women, the full race replay from the elite women, and lots more photos, backstage and more media.

Elite women

SO MUCH DRAMA! in this race – it was just crazy, especially that fight for third.  The full race replay is here on Red Bull TV, and we’ve also got race highlights from the UCI – and I love this video from behind the finish-line, showing what happens after a win!

1.   Annika Langvad, Denmark, 1:30:13
2.   Lea Davison, USA, + 01:12
3.   Emily Batty, Canada, + 01:44
4.   Maja Włoszczowska, Poland, s.t.
5.   Catharine Pendrel, Canada, + 02:53
6.   Irina Kalentyeva, Russia, + 03:22
7.   Katerina Nash, Czech Repubic, + 03:37
8.   Jolanda Neff, Switzerland, + 03:39
9.   Sabine Spirtz, Germany, + 04:07
10. Linda Indergand, Switzerland, + 04:53

Full results – and race report on the UCI website.

GoPro from Lea Davison’s silver run

Photo gallery on Pinkbike – and more photos on the UCI facebook, and their ‘backstage’ gallery.  And Specialized had a really good Worlds – here’s their photo gallery.

Video interview with third-placed Emily Batty – and another with Catharine Pendrel, who’s so honest about her mistakes.  Lots more interviews with Canadian Worlds riders on the Canadian Cyclist YouTube.

Check out the bike’s ridden by Maja Włoszczowska and, Katerina Nash, both on Pinkbike.


Pauline Ferrand-Prévot was caught up in a nasty crash on the startline, and then crashed at least once more in the rock garden – but she was out cheering for the French men the next day with a taped-up face – check out this Pinkbike photo of her, and this:


Junior women


1.   Ida Jansson, Sweden, 1:02:30
2.   Lisa Pasteiner, Austria, + 00:25
3.   Martina Berta, Italy, + 01:50
4.   Sophie Wright (GBr) Great Britain, + 02:36
5.   Anna Spielmann (Austria) + 03:23
6.   Magdalena Duran, Spain, + 04:05
7.   Loana Lecomte, France, + 04:38
8.   Viktoria Kirsanova, Russia, + 05:05
9.   Helene Clauzel, France, + 05:26
10. Pauline Roy, Switzerland, + 05:35

Full results – and race reports on the UCI website and on the race site.

Photo gallery on Pinkbike – and more photos on the UCI facebook, and their ‘backstage’ gallery.

Video interview with third-placed Martina Berta (Italian) – and tons more interviews with other Italian Worlds riders, on the Italian Cycling Federation’s YouTube.


U23 women

1.   Jenny Rissveds, Sweden, 1:16:08
2.   Sina Frei, Switzerland, + 01:04
3.   Alessandra Keller, Switzerland, + 01:22
4.   Evie Richards, Great Britain, + 02:55
5.   Malene Degn, Denmark, + 03:53
6.   Anne Tauber, Netherlands, + 04:25
7.   Nicole Koller, Switzerland, + 05:46
8.   Ramona Forchini, Switzerland, + 05:57
9.   Perrine Clauzel, France, + 06:02
10. Lena Gerault, France, + 06:03

Full results – race report on the UCI website.

Photos from the race in this Pinkbike photo essay – and more photos on the UCI facebook, and their ‘backstage’ gallery.


If you want the videos and results from the Worlds Elimination and Relay races, they’re here.

The next big MTB races are the Cross Country and Downhill World Cups at Lenzerheide.  The elite finals will all be streamed live, here on Red Bull TV:

  • Downhill, Saturday 9th July, 14:30 Euro CEST (1:30pm UK BST; 8:30am EDT; 10:30pm Aussie AEST)
  • Women’s Cross Country, Sunday 10th July, 11:00 Euro CEST (10am UK BST; 5am EDT; 7pm Aussie AEST)
  • Men’s Cross Country, 10th July, 14:00 Euro CEST (1pm UK BST; 8am EDT; 10pm Aussie AEST)

I’ll be putting my usual collection of pre- and post-race media here on the site – and as always, huge thanks to my Patreon supporters, who fund me to do this kind of thing – you can join them here!


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