Watch the 2016 Cross Country MTB World Championships – LIVE!

I don’t know what I think about dividing the 2016 MTB World Championships into XCo now, and Downhill in September (that’s what the Olympic year does) – but it does mean there’s more mountainbike to watch, so I’m not too grumpy! We’re back in Nové Město na Moravě, in the Czech Republic, always a great atmosphere.

We’ve already had the ‘warm up’ events, the Elimination and Relay, which I’ll show you below – and this weekend it’s the main events, the Olympic MTB races. And as with all the great MTB, we can watch them live.

  • Women’s World Champs, Saturday 2nd July, 14:50 Euro CEST, 1:50pm UK BST; 8:50am EDT; 10:50pm Aussie AEST
  • Men’s World Champs, Sunday 3rd July, 14:50 Euro CEST, 1:50pm UK BST; 8:50am EDT; 10:50pm Aussie AEST

There’s lots of information on the race website, and there’ll be more on the UCI MTB Worlds portal, including the startlists (and results of races so far) – and you can follow on twitter via the race account, UCI MTB account, and #XCoWorlds hashtag.

So what’s happened so far?

The Elimination

We started out with helmetcam of the course, explaining how the race works:


1. Linda Indergand, Switzerland
2. Kathrin Stirnemann, Switzerland
3. Ramona Forchini, Switzerland
4. Ingrid Boe Jacobsen, Norway
5. Barbora Prudkova, Czech Republic
6. Alexandra Engen, Sweden
7. Aline Seitz, Switzerland
8. Chiara Teocchi, Italy
9. Nadine Rieder, Germany
10. Marta Turobos, Poland

Full results

Race report on the UCI website – and GoPro from Linda Indergand, as she raced to become the 2016 World Champion:

Photos on the competition facebook, and the UCI MTB facebook.


Team Relay

Highlights and full race coverage:

Full results – race report on the UCI website – and photos on the UCI MTB facebook.


I’m sure we’ll see much more media from the races as they go along – I’ll add in photo galleries from the Elimination and Relay here as I see them, and I’ll make a post for the women’s XCo races after the weekend.

As always, big thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters, who fund me to do this kind of thing – you can join them over here.


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