Giro Rosa 2016! How to follow the race live, & watch the highlights


1st-10th July 2016

Oh Giro!  It’s the only women’s race that’s allowed to run for more than a week – ten days feels so luxurious in women’s cycling – and it’s the eleventh round of the Women’s World Tour.  The Giro is a really, really special race – all Italian gorgeous scenery, wonderful Italian fans, pink decorations everywhere, great racing, and this year, the Mortirolo.  We can’t watch it live, but we can follow it on twitter, and there are hour-long highlights every night, as well as tons of videos.  Let me tell you how to do all this:

Finding out more about the race

Start with the Giro Rosa website – although bear in mind, as you look at the profiles, that there are no guides to height, and one of the idiosyncrasies of the race are “surprise” extra hills or 20km that riders discover (possibly more fun for us fans than for the peloton!)

There are great previews on Velorooms, Ella Cycling Tips and CyclingNews, as usual, and while there’s a startlist on the race website, I tend to go with Cycling Fever’s.  Dan and I talked about the race in our most recent podcast, and there are race previews on tons of the team sites – pick your favourite, and check them out.


Following live

Twitter is the way forward, with the #GiroRosa hashtag, and maybe #UCIWWT too, but I’d start with the first one myself.  The Giro Rosa twitter is here, and I’ll be curating my livetweeting list with accounts at the race.

The race is in European CEST time (1 hour ahead of the UK, 6 hours ahead of EDT and 8 hours behind Australian AEST) and you can find the start times for each stage here – so when the Prologue starts at 19:00 on Friday 1st July, that’s 6pm UK BST/1pm EDT/3am AEST – and Stage 1, at 12:15 on 2nd July is 11:15am BST/6:15am EDT/8pm AEST.


Watch the highlights

The highlights on Italian TV station RAI are more complicated than usual – you’ll need to check  the RAI TV guide (scroll down to different channels on the left hand side) – but bear in mind the schedules change frequently, you’ll need to double check on the day itself.

So, for example, the Prologue currently shows as from 21:30 CEST on RAI Sport 1, and apparently the highlights from the rest of the race will be shown as part of the Tour de France programme on RAI 3 at around 17:20-30 every day.

UPDATE!  The info about RAI below, in italics, was based on previous years coverage – this year there’s only been long highlights for one of the stages, which is a huge disappointment – but it might be worth looking for other stages, just in case…

In previous years, hour-long highlights have been on RAI Sport 2 at roughly around 22:00 Euro CEST (9pm UK BST; 4pm North American EDT, 6am the next day, Aussie AEDT), but I’m not sure if that will happen.  The best thing to do is to follow the commentator Pier Giorgio Severini on twitter, as he’ll tweet the times out.  I have faith!   I’ll be tweeting when I see the highlights, so you can always ask me too.

You can watch RAI Sport 1 from Italy here, RAI 3 here, and  RAI Sport 2 here and here, all restricted to Italy, or use your favourite VPN solution (you can use something like Tunnelbear set to Italy (turn it off once your stream starts), or buy a VPN like WiTopia for just $5.99 a month) – or if you google eg RAI Sport 2, streams pop up.

These highlights also appear on YouTube, the race also puts daily highlights videos on their YouTube (UPDATE!  this year it seems like on their facebook only) and there should be clips on the UCI YouTube too.  I’ll try to post what I see here every day.


If all that makes you hungry for more Giro, check out what happened last year – my interviews, collections of videos, and more – and the 2014 edition of the race under this tag.


I’m funded to do this kind of thing by my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!  You can join them here from as little as $2 a month – it helps keep me sane while I hunt down all the women’s cycling information I can find!


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