How to follow and watch the 2016 Aviva Women’s Tour

15-19th June 2016

It’s the tenth round of the UCI Women’s WorldTour, and I can’t praise this race enough.  When it came onto the scene in 2014, it set a new bar in professionalism, not only for women’s cycling, but also for women’s sports, demonstrating categorically that hell yes, there’s an audience for sports – and the fans don’t only turn out for the men!  Seems odd to need that?  Indeed!

It’s not live, but there’ll be hour-long highlights, which this year I’m commentating (nerves?  Don’t know what they are!) and it’s a great one to follow on social media.

Stages 1 & 2 start at 10am, Stages 3 and 5 at 10:45 and Stage 4 at 10:30 – that’s all UK BST (10am is 11:00 Euro CEST, 5am USA EDT, 7pm Aussie AEST) and you can follow on the race liveblog, their twitter, and via the #AvivaWT2016 hashtag, which has so many amazing photos and videos from fans by the roadside, alongside race updates – or if you prefer, I’ve got a twitter list with key accounts tweeting from the race.

The race will be putting up clips from the race on their Snapchat through the race – find them as thewomenstour there – and photos on their instagram too.

The Highlights are on ITV4 (or an hour later on ITV4+1) which is also streamed, and archived for a month, on the ITV Hub – or if you’re not in the UK, you can watch via Filmon (more information here). Highlights times (bear in mind the schedule keeps changing, so check them on the day here)

  • Stage 1, 9pm BST Wednesday 15th June (22:00 CEST; 4pm EDT; 6am AEST) repeated 1pm 16th
  • Stage 2, 9pm BST Thursday 16th (22:00 CEST; 4pm EDT; 6am AEST) repeated 1pm 17th
  • Stage 3, 11pm BST Friday 17th (00:00 CEST; 6pm EDT; 8am AEST) repeated midday 18th
  • Stage 4, 10:30pm BST Saturday 18th (23:300 CEST; 5:30pm EDT; 7:30am AEST) repeated 8:55am 19th
  • Stage 5, 10:30pm BST Sunday 19th (23:300 CEST; 5:30pm EDT; 7:30am AEST) repeated 12:40pm 20th

If you miss any of these, they’ll be archived for a month by ITV on their Hub, here.

The highlights will also be shown on various TV stations around the world – you can find out more here, and check your local channel for listings.

There will also be lots of highlights videos clips, including from the UCI on their YouTube channel, local BBC stations, from teams like Wiggle High5’s youtube, and of course the race.  Their YouTube already has some great clips of the stages, rider interviews and race preparation – including this lovely clip from InCycle TV, who talked to their route director Andy Hawes about the work that goes on to make sure the roads are as ready as possible.

I’ll be adding videos and links to my women’s cycling Tumblr as I go – and of course linking on my twitter.

There’s a huge amount of information on the race website, including the startlist, a shop where you can buy race clothing, and this Rookie’s Guide – and via the hashtags etc – and if you have any questions, I’m @_pigeons_ on twitter, or ask me in the comments!  I hope you love this one as much as I do, it’s a very special race.


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