Shirt week! Summer shopping, Part 1: The 2016 WorldTour team kits

I’m very excited about the Aviva Women’s Tour, starting in a fortnight, because it’s still SO amazing to me that the best riders in the world get to race on British soil.  But it also reminds me of all the great fan interaction I’ve seen at the previous two races, and especially seeing kids and adult fans in team kit having great interactions with the riders and teams from those kits – especially the teen girl who ended up riding with Marianne Vos, after Vos saw her in the Wiggle Honda kit!

So, in case you’ve always wondered where you can get women’s cycling pro team kit, here’s Part 1, kits from the teams that get automatic invites to the Women’s WorldTour day races – I’ll be back with UK teams and USA teams soon.  And if a team’s not here, it’s because I can’t find their jersey for sale, so if you see it somewhere, please do let me know, so I can edit it in…  And if you want to see more of the team kits, I’ve got links in the 2016 WorldTour kit vote post.

Before we start with the teams, though, the Aviva Women’s Tour has a shop, where you can buy the race yellow jersey and Queen of the Mountains jersey, and all kinds of racewear from hoodies in black and blue to T-shirts. Wear your heart on your sleeve!


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 21.25.34Alé Cipollini

Alé is a cycling clothing brand, and the team kit is a version of the Bubbles design, which is available without team branding for women and men – not in short sleeve right now, but it’s for sale in the women’s winter jersey and jacket, and men’s winter jersey and jacket.  You can also buy the 2014 team kit in women’s sizes.



There’s no shop for the women’s team, but even though they’re not part of the same organisation as the men’s team, it’s the same kit, more or less, so you could show your support by buying that?  I found that kit in men’s sizes only, on BOB shop, but you can check your favourite online retailer too.


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 21.34.27Boels-Dolmans

Boels have a great webshop, where you can buy the team kit in women’s and men’s cuts, at reasonable prices, as well as everything from bidons, caps and socks, fan packs and other goodies.   Click through and start shopping!



With one of the sponsors being cycling brand Rapha, the kit’s available to buy in women’s sizes on their team page – the short-sleeved jersey, bib shorts, gilet and snood, with a musette and cap on the way.  And if you’re thinking “I love the style, but I can’t afford Rapha prices”, they also do a T-shirt in team branding.

Apparently men’s cuts will follow later – and guys, if you’re tempted to get upset that there are jerseys for women and not for you, right now, please do remember that this is very unusual, and women frequently can’t buy branded cycling jerseys in our cuts!


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 21.59.34Cervélo-Bigla

The team kit is made by Endura, and they make replica jerseys and bibs in women’s cuts, caps, gloves and socks, on their Cervélo-Bigla collection.  Endura don’t sell directly, but if you click on the items, you can look up stockists…  although contact them first to check if they sell the exact thing, rather than just Endura clothing.  Or you can look on online bikeshops in your country to see if they sell it – I had a quick google on UK online stores, and the kit is out of stock on Chain Reaction, but they’ll email you when it comes back in…


Hitec Products

The kit’s for sale on Norwegian site SPIUK, where they have a team portal, with jerseys in women’s men’s and children’s sizes, and if you have any problems ordering from a different country, you can email Ingar [at]

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 22.12.26***


The Prendas team shop has tons of things you can buy – including the jersey (women’s sizes) in Windstopper (for bad weather), climbers’ (for heat) and aero specifications as well as long-sleeved, and bib-tights.  There are tons and tons more team kit, from caps and hats to jackets and skinsuits (Prendas sent me a pair of winter team socks, and I love them!) – but bear in mind they’re made in cyclist sizes, if you’re a larger woman, or a guy thinking he’ll buy the women’s jersey…  though that does mean they fit kids!


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 22.20.13Lotto Soudal

There are no women’s sizes or cuts, but as it’s the same kit as the men’s team, there are men’s jerseys available on this shop, along with men’s bibs, and a hat – and there might be more on online shops in your country too – for example, they sell the jersey on Wiggle.

The shop on the team website only sells a jacket, musette and umbrella right now, but maybe they’ll add more things at various points?



It’s always sad that there’s no ORICA-AIS kit…  the nearest thing you can have is the men’s ORICA-GreenEDGE kit – their sponsor Craft make a replica jersey and bibs in men’s cut.  You can’t buy from there, so look in online bikeshops – for example, there are lots of gear from previous years on BOBshop, including the 2014 Aussie champion’s jersey, and there are a jersey, bibs and a cap on Wiggle.



The jersey (women’s cut) and bibshorts are for sale on the GSG-Benelux shop – and wow, at €38.50, that’s a bargain!  It’s the last year Rabobank are sponsoring the team, so get it while you can.


Tibco-Silicon Valley

There’s a teamshop, where you can buy the jersey iterations going right back to 2010, and the 2016 shop has a range of team clothing in women’s and men’s cut – the usual jerseys and bibs, but also arm-warmers, jackets and gilets.


Topsport Vlaanderen-Etixx

The short-sleeved, long-sleeved jersey and bib-shorts and bidon are all for sale on the team webshop, in women’s and men’s sizes, where you can also buy team-cards and a bidon.



Start at the team shop page, and there are two options – socks, and jersey and bibshorts – but only in men’s sizes – and although the design hasn’t really changed, you can get the iterations back to 2014.   If you buy team goods from the official stockists, they’ll make donations to the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation, so click through via that team page.


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 22.57.40Wiggle High5

The team clothes are for sale on the Champion Systems team shop – women’s cut short-sleeved jersey and bib-shorts, with a jacket, gloves, gilet and cap.  You can also probably find it on other online bike shops too – here’s the jersey and bibs on sponsors Wiggle’s shop.


I’ll be back next week with posts for British and USA domestic teams – and if there are other team kits from other countries you think I should feature, let me know in the comments or on twitter.  It’s got to be pro, though!  In the meantime, I’ve got more 2016 kits to look at and buy over here, in the voting post from February for non-WorldTour teams.


5 thoughts on “Shirt week! Summer shopping, Part 1: The 2016 WorldTour team kits

    • Yeah, I have an ongoing problem with wanting to promote as much cycling kit as possible, but being size 16, knowing I can’t fit into it myself! I even get companies offering to send me stuff for free to review, but it can’t happen as I’m too big for their kit!

      (I’ll have to see if anyone’s seen that T-Shirt in real life and how it fits…)

      • Yeah, I kind of understand the kits that are for sale where they basically ran off extra jerseys in rider sizes (like Liv and Rabo), but when it’s the ‘same design, without the sponsor logos’ things, or the T-shirts, I’m always confused. But then, it’s the same way my male friends who are much more relatively big than I am can buy the lovely merino, but I can’t…

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