Videos & more from the 2016 BMX World Champs and the La Bresse MTB World Cup

This weekend was very busy on the road, but off it, it was two huge competitions – the 2016 BMX World Championships, and Round 3 of the 2016 Cross Country MTB World Cup, La Bresse.  And thanks to Red Bull TV, we got to see the finals live – and have a whole swathe of videos and other media to watch.  Here’s what I loved…

La Bresse XCo MTB World Cup

Such a stunning course, and such exhilarating racing – drama right up to the end, and tons of media.  We started with this Red Bull Bike video course preview, with legend Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå‘s point of view, and had this PinkBike gallery from the practice, and then went on to the finals.  Here’s the full race replay on Red Bull TV, and the highlights from the UCI:

Wow, what a race!  Jolanda Neff was stunning – the crash on the lap 3 descent didn’t slow her for a moment, and then she was cool as ice while her penultimate lap puncture was fixed, bringing Emily Batty up to her – and then when Catharine Pendrel caught them both, the last lap was so exciting.  Damn, Neff has skills….

1.   Jolanda Neff (Sui) Stöckli, 1:28:30
2.   Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team, + 00:25
3.   Emily Batty (Can) Trek Factory Racing, + 00:48
4.   Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team, + 02:18
5.   Maja Włoszczowska (Pol) Kross Racing, + 02:47
6.   Alessandra Keller (Sui) Stöckli, + 03:07
7.   Adelheid Morath (Ger) BH-SR SunTour-KMC, s.t.
8.   Rebecca Henderson (Aus) Trek Factory Racing, + 03:18
9.   Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå (Nor) Multivan Merida, + 03:27
10. Linda Indergand (Sui) Focus XC, + 03:39

Replay and race report, with full results, on Red Bull Bike, and photo galleries from the UCI, and from PinkBike, and short post-race interviews with Neff (German), Pendrel and Batty:

If you love bike tech, here’s what young Swedish star Jenny Rissveds, was riding.  Poor Rissveds had to pull out, due to a wrist injury, last week at Albstadt – hope she heals fast.

Team videos:


It wasn’t just the elite riders who were racing – here’s a photo essay from the U23 women, thanks to PinkBike.

1.   Sina Frei (Sui) JB Brunex, 1:08:28
2.   Evie Richards (GBr) Great Britain, + 01:28
3.   Anne Tauber (Ned) Habitat Mountainbike, + 03:30
4.   Nicole Koller (Sui) Switzerland, + 04:27
5.   Jana Czeczinkarova (Cze) SRAM Mitas Trek, + 05:01
6.   Serena Tasca (Ita) Italy, + 05:38
7.   Kate Courtney (USA) Specialized, + 05:45
8.   Sofia Weiedenroth (Ger) Germany, + 05:46
9.   Ramona Forchini (Sui) Strüby-Bixs, + 06:25
10. Bethany Crumpton (GBr) Great Britain, + 06:34


2016 BMX World Championships, Medellín, Colombia

Nestled in the mountains of Medellín, on the brand-new BMX course named for local heroine Mariana Pajón, the best BMX riders in the world raced their hearts out.  Here’s the full race replay from the SuperFinal, with the quarter-, semi- and finals for the Junior and Elite women and men, and the full coverage from the UCI (may be geo-restricted):

And here are the final race runs from the Elite and Junior women.


1.   Mariana Pajón, Colombia
2.   Caroline Buchanan, Australia
3.   Alise Post, USA
4.   Manon Valentino, France
5.   Yaroslava Bondarenko, Russia
6.   Merle van Benthem, Netherlands
7.   Stefany Hernández, Venezuela
8.   Melinda MacLeod, Australia
9.   Magalie Pottier, France
10. María Paulina Osorno Calderón, Colombia

Race report from the UCI. Race report and photos on Red Bull Bike.


1.   Ruby Huisman, Netherlands
2.   Natalia Afremova, Russia
3.   Silje Fiskebekk, Norway
4.   Sae Hatakeyama, Japan
5.   Merel Smulders, Netherlands
6.   María Camila Restrepo, Colombia
7.   Megane Belanger, Canada
8.   Bethany Shriever, Great Britain
9.   Vineta Petersone, Latvia
10. Manuela Mazo Villada, Colombia

This was the culmination of the week of racing, including the 9-12 year old categories, and there are lots of backstage galleries from the competition on the UCI Supercross facebook, including this one, from the Time Trial, won by Caroline Buchanan.


Elite Time Trial

1.   Caroline Buchanan, Australia
2.   Laura Smulders, Netherland
3.   Mariana Pajón, Colombia
4.   Alise Post, USA
5.   Lauren Reynolds, Australia
6.   Elke Vanhoof, Belgium
7.   María Gabriela Díaz, Argentina
8.   Magalie Pottier, France
9.   Yaroslava Bondarenko, Russia
10. Stefany Hernández, Venezuela

Race report from the UCI


Junior women’s Time Trial

1.   Merel Smulders, Netherlands
2.   Bethany Shriever, Great Britain
3.   Ruby Huisman, Netherlands
4.   María Camila Restrepo, Colombia
5.   Silje Fiskebekk, Norway
6.   Paola Reis, Brazil
7.   Natalia Afremova, Russia
8.   Vineta Petersone, Latvia


I’ll be editing more things in, as I see them – and please do let me know in the comments, or on twitter, and I’ll add them.

Big thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters, who fund me to do these kinds of things!







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