Follow & watch the 2016 Matrix GP at the Tour Series

I’ve got a lot of love for the Tour Series UK city centre crits.  They’re always really fun, spectator-friendly courses, short enough to be able to walk round and get 100 different viewpoints, with racing that’s fast and furious. As you’d expect from SweetSpot, who run the Aviva Women’s Tour and the men’s Tour of Britain, they’re always organised so well, with tons to see and do alongside the racing – and if you can’t make them in person, they have hour-long highlights on ITV4 the day after the race, from 7pm/19:00 UK BST (20:00 Euro CEST; 2pm USA EDT; 4am Aussie AEST), which will stay up for a month on the ITV4 Hub.

While the men’s teams have 10 rounds in under a month, the women have 6, the Matrix Fitness GP series, at these venues:

One of the best ways to support women’s cycling is to turn up and cheer, showing the sponsors, tv companies and teams that oh yes, there IS an audience, and we want to see more!  So if there’s one near you, head over, you won’t regret it!

The Aberystwyth round on 27th May might only have a men’s Tour Series, but it’s part of the Aberystwyth Cycle Festival, and there are tons of crits, including a women’s race that day (you can still enter!) so although it won’t be on the TV highlights, it’s still worth going for a fantastic weekend.

If you can’t watch ITV4 where you are, try the Filmon stream, or google for ITV4 streams – and of course, we can follow the racing live, thanks to the Tour Series’ excellent social media – their twitter, instagram and facebook – and with the #TourSeries hashtag, as well as the venue names as hashtags for each round, for example:

Highlights stay up for 30 days here on ITV4’s Hub.  There will be more video highlights on the Tour Series YouTube and video pages – and the results and news will all show up on the excellent website too.

Big thanks, as always, to Matrix Fitness, for making the series (& TV!) possible, and for doing so much for women’s cycling in the UK – they’re everywhere on the domestic scene, and without them we’d be nowhere near as strong.  Send the company a tweet, and especial big thanks to their MD, Jon Johnston, who’s personal commitment to the sport is legendary!


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