How to follow the 2016 Tour of ChongMing Island

6-8th May 2016

This is a short one.  Of course I understand that the social media situation is different in China than in most other countries, so it’s harder to follow a race in China than in Europe, or Argentina, or Thailand, or Qatar, and so on, but it’s that incongruous situation where we’re at the UCI Women’s World Tour #7, the Tour of ChongMing Island, and we’re not going to get to follow it so easily.

Now, there is a livestream that will show 1.5 hours of racing each day, from Chinese channel CCT5, and there are other streams into that from outside China – BUT my Mac virus guard isn’t letting me get to those pages, as it says there’s malware so I’m obviously not pushing that – but Your Mileage May Vary, make your own choices!  The links to the streams are at the bottom of the Road & Mud preview, which has all the other information (In brief?  It’s pancake flat, it’ll be sprinty, and very hard for escapes to get away).  There’s another preview on Ella Cycling Tips.

We can pick up some other live information through the #ChongMing hashtag on twitter, and of course the #UCIWWT – and Vélofocus is out there, taking photos, so follow him too.  As always, the best startlist is Cycling Fever’s – and remember, ChongMing is UTC +8 (UK BST +7, Euro CEST +6, USA EDT +12, Australian AEST -1) so if the livestream starts at 14:00 local time, that’s 6am BST, 07:00 CEST, 1am EDT and 3pm AEST).  I guess we’ll find out more after the finish!



2 thoughts on “How to follow the 2016 Tour of ChongMing Island

  1. Google Chrome was blocking the road&mud links for me yesterday too, but they seem fine now and working well, as I have a live nba game going on there. Some good news at least! 🙂

    • My Avast Mac virusguard won’t let me anywhere near them, so…. BUT I suspect Avast is very delicate, and I’m not going to fight it – so for everyone else, it’s YMMV all the way

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