Watch the 2016 Cairns MTB World Cups live

I love that American-style voiceover, it feels so incongruous!

But wow, the Cairns 2016 MTB World Cup will be an amazing weekend of racing, and as always, we get to watch the exhilarating racing in the Australian jungle, full of rain, mud, spiders, snakes and stinging trees live, and get a whole load of incredible media.  It’s SO easy to fall in love with MTB, so if you’ve never watched any, start now!  Click the links to go directly to the streams, with clever countdown ticker to the start – and if you miss the races live, they’ll be archived there as well.

  • Downhill finals, Saturday 22nd April, 2:30pm Aussie AEST (5:30am UK BST; 06:30 Euro CEST; half past midnight Friday night USA EDT)
  • Women’s Cross Country, Sunday 23rd April, 11am AEST (2am BST, 03:00 CEST; 9pm Saturday EDT)
  • Men’s Cross Country, 23rd April, 2pm AEST (5am BST, 06:00 CEST, midnight Saturday EDT)

Now, this being MTB, there’s already been a TON of fantastic media, from the race practice days and qualifications…

Obviously all those sites will give us great coverage throughout the race.

You’ll notice that there’s a lot more media from the Downhill than the Cross Country, but if you’re an XCo fan, or want to be one, here’s GCN MTB’s guide to following the season:

If that’s not enough, check out what happened the last time the MTB World Cups went to Cairns, in 2014, in my collection of videos and more media.  And I’ll do the same for this year’s race after the weekend.

I’m funded to do my women’s cycling work by my fantastic Patreon supporters – join them for as little as £/€/$ 2/month over here.


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