2016 Track World Championships – vidos, media and more from Days 3-5


So much action in the 2016 Track Cycling Worlds!  I put up links and videos from the first two days (and was slightly scuppered when British Cycling took down all their content…) but there was tons more racing – here’s what I found from the later races.

Day 3

A lot of these videos might be geo-restricted, but you can always use a VPN like Hola, Tunnelbear or Betternet and set yourself to somewhere like Switzerland, you can see them all.

Photos from Day 3 racing from the UCI, and their backstage album, and from Cycling Australia,  and Cyclingnews,  race reports from the UCI, TrackCycling, and Cycling Canada.

Lots of interviews from all 3 days with different riders on Cyclingnews’ Track portal. and tons of different posts from Cycling Australia and British Cycling.


500m Time Trial

1.   Anastasiia Voinova, Russia, 0:00:32.959
2.   Lee Wai Sze, Hong Kong, 33.739
3.   Elis Ligtlee, Netherlands, 33.760
4.   Daria Shmeleva, Russia, 33.886
5.   Katy Marchant, Great Britain, 34.032
6.   Laurine van Riessen, Netherlands, 34.065
7.   Miriam Welte, Germany, 34.192
8.   Tania Calvo Barbero, Spain, 34.264
9.   Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez, Cuba, 34.692
10. Jessica Salazar Valles, Mexico, 34.705

Full results


Team Pursuit

1.   USA (Sarah Hammer, Kelly Catlin, Chloé Dygert & Jennifer Valente) 0:04:16.802
2.   Canada (Allison Beveridge, Jasmin Glaesser, Kirsti Lay & Georgia Simmerling) 4:19.525
3.   Great Britain (Laura Trott, Elinor Barker, Ciara Horne & Joanna Rowsell-Shand) 4:16.540
4.   New Zealand (Lauren Ellis, Rushlee Buchanan, Jaime Nielsen & Racquel Sheath) 4:20.225
5.   Australia (Georgia Baker, Ashlee Ankudinoff, Amy Cure & Rebecca Wiasak) caught Italy
6.   Italy (Beatrice Bartelloni, Tatiana Guderzo, Francesca Pattaro & Silvia Valsecchi)
7.   Poland (Katarzyna Pawlowska, Edyta Jasinska, Justyna Kaczkowska & Daria Pikulik) 4:27.1658
8.   China (Huang Dong Yan, Jing Yali, Ma Menglu & Zhao Baofang) 4:27.508
9.   Ireland (Caroline Ryan, Lydia Boylan, Josie Knight & Melanie Späth)
10. Germany (Stephanie Pohl, Charlotte Becker, Mieke Kröger & Gudrun Stock)

Full results


Day 4

Photos from Day 4 racing from the UCI, and their backstage album; and from Cycling Australia,  and Cyclingnews,  race reports from the UCI, TrackCycling, Cycling Canada, and USA Cycling.



1.   Katarzyna Pawlowska, Poland, 15 points
2.   Jasmin Glaesser, Canada, 14 points
3.   Arlenis Sierra Canadilla, Cuba, 14 points
4.   Georgia Baker, Australia, 13 points
5.   Emily Nelson, Great Britain, 8 points
6.   Stephanie Pohl, Germany, 7 points
7.   Kimberly Geist, USA, 6 points
8.   Gulnaz Badykova, Russia, 5 points
9.   Jarmila Machacova, Czech Republic, 5 points
10. Ina Savenka, Belarus, 5 points

Full results


Day 5

Photos from Day 5 from the UCI, and their backstage album; from Cycling Australia,  and Cyclingnews,  race reports from the UCI, Cycling Australia, Cycling Canada, and USA Cycling.



1.   Zhong Tianshi, China
2.   Junhong Lin, China
3.   Kristina Vogel, Germany
4.   Anna Meares, Australia,
5.   Natasha Hansen, New Zealand
6.   Kate O’Brien, Canada
7.   Lee Wai Sze, Hong Kong
8.   Stephanie Morton, Australia
9.   Anastasiia Voinova, Russia
10. Laurine van Riessen, Netherlands

Full results




Only 1 race video from the omnium, sadly, but there are more races in the Day 4 and Day 5 videos.

UPDATE!  I’ve found the full elimination and points races too!

1.   Laura Trott, Great Britain, 201 points
2.   Laurie Berthon, France, 183 points
3.   Sarah Hammer, USA, 182 points
4.   Allison Beveridge, Canada, 159 points
5.   Annette Edmondson, Australia, 158 points
6.   Jolien D’hoore, Belgium, 157 points
7.   Kirsten Wild, Netherlands, 153 points
8.   Lauren Ellis, New Zealand, 143 points
9.   Marlies Mejias Garcia, Cuba, 124 points
10. Amalie Dideriksen, Denmark, 119 points

Full results


Want to know about track bikes?

So much great racing!  If there’s anything I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments, or on twitter and I’ll add it in.  I’m funded to do this kind of women’s cycling work thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!  If you want to join them from just £1.50/$2 a month, there’s more information here.



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