2016 Track World Championships – videos, media & more from Day 1 and Day 2

We’ve had two action-packed days of the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships, with so much incredible racing – and we’ve still got 3 to come!  Here’s some of the videos and photos, with results and more.  I’ll be putting up more of these throughout the competition. I’ll start with the full coverage from Day 1 and Day 2, and then move on to the individual women’s races.  Of course, if you want more from the men’s races, the same sources have lots of things for you!

Day 1

A lot of these videos might be geo-restricted, but you can always use a VPN like Hola, Tunnelbear or Betternet and set yourself to somewhere like Switzerland, you can see them all.

Photos from Day 1 from the UCI, Cycling Australia,  and Cyclingnews,  race reports from the UCI, TrackCycling, Cycling Australia, Cycling Canada, and USA Cycling.

Lots of interviews with different riders on Cyclingnews’ Track portal.


Individual Pursuit

The very first medals of the competition were the Individual Pursuit, and Australia were following defending champion Rebecca Wiasak all the way

Bronze and Gold races:

1.   Rebecca Wiasak, Australia, 0:03:34.099
2.   Malgorzata Wojtyra, Poland, 3:41.904
3.   Annie Foreman-Mackey, Canada, 3:36.055
4.   Ruth Winder, USA, 3:39.902
5.   Mieke Kröger, Germany
6.   Elise Delzenne, France
7.   Melanie Späth, Ireland
8.   Beatrice Bartelloni, Italy
9.   Lotte Kopecky, Belgium
10. Gloria Rodriguez Sanchez, Spain

Full results

Little clip on Sporza, interview with Italian Beatrice Bartelloni before the race:


Team Sprint

LOTS of drama in the gold medal final….  the Russian pair of Anastasiia Voinova and Daria Shmeleva had a nasty start (video) and then were beaten by the Chinese pair of Gong Jinjie and Zhong Tianshi… who were then relegated because of their changeover, giving the Russians the gold.  No wonder they looked so happy on the podium!

1.   Russia (Daria Shmeleva & Anastasiia Voinova) 0:00:32.679
2.   China (Gong Jinjie & Zhong Tianshi) REL
3.   Germany (Miriam Welte & Kristina Vogel) 32.740
4.   Australia (Anna Meares & Stephanie Morton) 32.871
5.   Great Britain (Katy Marchant & Jess Varnish)
6.   Netherlands (Elis Ligtlee & Laurine van Riessen)
7.   France (Sandie Clair & Virginie Cueff)
8.   Spain (Tania Calvo Barbero & Helena Casas Roige)
9.   Canada (Kate O’Brien & Monique Sullivan)
10. New Zealand (Natasha Hansen & Olivia Podmore)

Full results

The British results meant there’ll be no Team GB in the Olympic event, as only 5 European teams can go (inexplicably) – and Jess Varnish and Katy Marchant had strong words about why this has happened.


Day 2

Photos from Day 1 from the UCICycling Australia, and Cyclingnews, and Cycling Weekly,  race reports from the UCI, TrackCycling, British Cycling, Cycling AustraliaCycling Canada,


Team Pursuit qualifications

Drama in the qualifiers for favourites Great Britain, who were second at the first 3 splits, but then in the last lap, lost it…

Earlier in the week Shane Sutton had criticised Katie Archibald over her accident, and Laura Trott and Jason Kenny had defended her.

Full results – on Day 3, in Round 1, the USA will race Australia, and Canada face New Zealand for a chance to race for gold, while it’s GB v China and Poland v Italy for a chance to get the bronze.



The Scratch was full of riders sharpening up their omnium skills, and a lot of fun to watch.

1.   Laura Trott, Great Britain
2.   Kirsten Wild, Netherlands
3.   Stephanie Roorda, Canada
4.   Jolien D’hoore, Belgium
5.   Jarmila Machacova, Czech Republic
6.   Evgeniya Romanyuta, Russia
7.   Arlenis Sierra Canadilla, Cuba
8.   Yang Qianyu, Hong Kong
9.   Charlotte Becker, Germany
10. Marina Schmayankova, Belarus

Full results

Little clip on Sporza,



If you’re into crash videos (I’m squeamish, so I’m not) here’s one from the first round.

1.   Kristina Vogel, Germany
2.   Anna Meares, Australia, + 0.078
3.   Becky James, Great Britain, + 0.106
4.   Guo Shuang, China, + 0.171
5.   Liubov Basova, Belarus, + 0.296
6.   Lee Hyejin, Korea, + 0.338
7.   Stephanie Morton, Australia
8.   Kaarle McCulloch, Australia
9.   Lee Wai Sze, Hong Kong
10. Virginie Cueff, France

Full results

There was a lot of emotion from track fans about that podium – it was glorious racing from Kristina Vogel and Anna Meares, but it was especially great to see Becky James on the podium, after a really shitty couple of years for her.



Don’t forget, we can watch a lot of the Track Worlds, and follow it all with live timings – here’s my guide to watching the competition.  If there’s anything I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments, or on twitter and if you have any questions, please do ask me there too.  I’m funded to do this kind of women’s cycling work thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!  If you want to join them from just £1.50/$2 a month, there’s more information here.


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