2016 Social Media Jersey – March nominations thread

Welcome to the first month in the 2016 Unofficial, Unsanctioned Women’s UCI Social Media Jersey competition!  This is where we can share, thanks and reward the amazing riders and teams in the women’s pelotons whose fantastic social media makes being a cycling fan even better!

The rules of the competition are over here, but basically, if you’ve seen any social media (including blogs, twitter, instagram, videos etc etc) on riders and teams’ sites and accounts that you’ve enjoyed from 27th February to 3rd April, nominate them, and I’ll add them to the post.  At the end of the month, we’ll then vote for the winners in 3 categories – riders from the Top 20 (UCI World Tour) road teams; best team media’ and best non-World Tour pro riders (inc track, BMX, cyclocross, MTB etc.

You can nominate by sending a specific example of their social media into the comments, to me on twitter, or by emailing me at prowomenscycling [at] gmail [dot] com.  You can ask me any questions too that way, and it all can be as anonymous, or not, as you like – and if you want some places to start looking for rider media, I have a twitter list of women cyclists and teams, and Chloe Hosking has a list of road riders who blog.  Get nominating!


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