Watch & follow the 2016 Track World Championships LIVE!

2016 Track Cycling World Championships: 2nd-6th March

It’s time for the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships, this time in London.  Track Worlds are always so exciting, but this year, with the Rio Olympics just around the corner, there’s even more to ride for, with qualification points, and the battle for team spots all up for grabs.  And we can watch a lot of it live, and follow the rest.  But let’s start with a little video about the sport from the Olympic Games:

There will be daily streams on UCI YouTube – timings are in UK GMT (Euro CET -1 hour; Australian AEDT -11; USA EST +5 – so when evening sessions start at 7pm GMT, that’s 20:00 CET, 6am AEDT and 2pm EST)

  • Day 1, Wednesday 2nd March, 7pm GMT (inc women’s Individual Pursuit, men’s Scratch & women’s & men’s Team Sprint finals)
  • Day 2, Thursday 3rd March, 7pm GMT (inc women’s Keirin and Scratch, and men’s team pursuit finals)
  • Day 3, Friday 4th March, 7pm GMT (inc women’s Team Pursuit, men’s IP, Omnium Elimination and Points finals)
  • Day 4, Saturday 5th March, 5:30pm GMT (I assume this starts with some replays, as the live racing starts at 7pm, and includes women’s Points and Omnium elimination, and men’s Sprint and Omnium Points finals)
  • Day 5, Sunday 6th March, 2pm GMT (inc women’s Sprint and Omnium Points, and men’s Keirin and Madison finals) (Starts on Eurosport from 10am, so there may be streams)

Here’s the full competition programme, also in GMT.  The UCI TV schedule with all the broadcasters is on their Track Worlds Portal. For UK viewers, British Cycling’s tv guide (The BBC programmes will also be streamed on the BBC website – I’d go to their cycling portal to find the daily streams) and for Aussies, Cycling Australia’s TV guide.  The Belgian Cycling Fed is putting up daily guides to watching on Sporza.

If you haven’t got TV in your country, and the UCI streams are restricted for you, use a VPN like Hola, Tunnelbear or BetterNet, set yourself to a country like Switzerland, and try again.  If you don’t understand VPNs, inrng explains them here, and if you can’t do that, there should be streams popping up on places like CyclingFans.

Follow live online

The live broadcasts cover the evening sessions on Wednesday to Friday, the Saturday afternoon and evening sessions, and Sunday afternoon racing, but we can still follow all the rest of the action live, even when it’s not being shown.

Tissot Timing will have their usual excellent live timings up here (live only when the races are on) and it’ll also be on the race website.  The results will go up on the Tissot London 2016 page as soon as the races are done – everything in red has been raced, and they’ll also put all the startlists up there as they have them.

We can also follow live on twitter.  The official race hashtag is #TWC2016, and there’s already a lot of great media up there.  The official race twitter is @TrackWorlds, and the UCI will be tweeting from their Track Twitter too.

I’ve got a list of women trackies here, if you want to follow their twitter adventures too.

I really love Guy Swarbrick’s commentweeting from the from the @trackcycling account, and there will be race previews and the usual great reports on the Track Cycling website, and British Cycling, the Belgian Cycling Team, Cycling Canada, USA Cycling and Cycling Australia are very good at country-specific information, and BC and CA will have reports and photos on their websites – Cycling Australia’s Track Worlds portal and British Cycling’s Track portal.   As usual, you can follow the women racing through my  twitter list of track cycling women here.


More race information

Cyclingnews is putting up a lot of rider interviews in the run-up, and will put up lots of content throughout Worlds – check out their Track portal.

Lots more information about the competitions on the London 2016 website, and the UCI’s Track Worlds and Track portals are full of information and some nice history of the racing.  If you want to catch up with the 2015-6 Track World Cups, to see how riders have done so far, there’s information on the UCI TWC page, and lots of highlights videos on their youtube (scroll down through the Track playlist).

There should be highlights videos going up throughout the competition on the UCI YouTube, and I’ll be putting videos and photos and things like that on my tumblr throughout the competition – head over here.


Pre-Worlds Videos

If you’re new to track cycling, check out the UCI’s video guides to the different races on their track cycling playlist on their YouTube – for example, the Omnium:

There are some great videos about the competition already – Cycling Australia started early, with fantastic interviews with their riders about how they prepare, including who are their best & worst team-mates to sit next to on the ‘plane over, and this video with their riders facing Worlds for the first time.  Check out their recent videos on their Youtube, especially this Track World Champs playlist

There are some great interviews with Italian riders on the Italian Federation YouTube, including this one with Elena Cecchini, and Revista Mundo Ciclisto has interviews with the Colombians on theirs, including this one with Martha Bayona.    British Cycling‘s Youtube usually has some too – there are a couple at the moment, with maybe more to follow.


If there’s anything I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments, or on twitter.  If you have any questions, please do ask me there too – and I’ll put up links to any videos, photos and information I find as we go.  I’m funded to do this kind of women’s cycling work thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!  If you want to join them from just £1.50/$2 a month, there’s more information here.


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