Vote for (and buy!) your favourite 2016 team kit – Part 2, the “Best of the rest”

Last week I put up a post to vote for the best 2016 road team kit from the 20 teams with automatic entry to the new Women’s World Tour,and while Canyon-SRAM took an early lead, they were overtaken by Cylance on the penultimate day, and the pair spent the final 24 hours swapping the lead back and forth between them, until the race went right up to the line in a two-up sprint, and Cylance just won by 4 votes!  Here’s the top 10:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 19.02.10

I suspect it’s things like this that helped them to the win..

But while there are some great designs (and squads!) in that post, there are a lot more wonderful women’s cycling teams out there, so I’ve been asking for nominations for the second voting post of the year, which focuses on the smaller teams.   I’ve been sent some great examples by readers and tweeters, and now you can vote for your favourite of these, too, and as always, I’ve included links to where you can buy these kits if you want to support the teams, or just think they look great.  As they are smaller teams, not all of them have had team launches yet, so there isn’t as much media… yet!

The poll is at the bottom of the post, and voting is open until 10pm GMT on Thursday 18th February.  If you’re still disappointed your favourite team wasn’t nominated, let me know in the comments or on twitter with a photo of the kit, and I’ll edit the kit into the post, below the poll. You won’t be able to vote for them, but they’ll be here for posterity – and if you want to see more women’s 2016 kits, check out the great Velorooms thread.  My previous years’ women’s team kit votes are here, from 2014, and the 2015 ‘pro’ teams and ‘best of the rest’, on Podium Café.

All photos are from the team’s websites unless otherwise stated – click through for the sources and credits.

Drops Cycling Team

A brand-new British team for 2016, based on the domestic circuit but with plans to race all over Europe… and the biggest number of nominations for inclusion in the poll. If you like this kit, you can buy it from the team shop on Prendas – and follow the team through their adventures with their facebook (where the photos are from) and twitter.


Elite VELO Kalas

This is probably my local team, as they’re based in the SouthWest of England (or at least some of them are!).  They’re a UK domestic team, one year old, and  racing in the UK Women’s Team Series and regional races, as well as on racing track and cyclocross, and for such a little team, their website and media puts a lot of larger teams to shame!  Read their February newsletter, check out their site, and follow their twitter, instagram and facebook.


Hagens Berman | SupermintHagens Berman Supermint

Lindsay Bayer is this fantastic USA bike racer with an awesome, raw, honest blog, who I’m a huge fan of – and now even moreso, as she’s set up her own team for 2016 with Jono Coulter, who’s been working in USA women’s cycling for years (you might remember him from the Vanderkitten team). They’ve both got blogs about how they set it up – Lindsay’s and Jono’s – but they haven’t had the team launch yet, so they sent me pictures (the photo of Lindsay is from her blog)  As you might guess from the name, the colours kit of the are minty-fresh – keep an eye on the team’s twitter, facebook and instagram for more news very soon.

Hagens Berman Supermint 2


High5 Dream Team

This team was set up by Rochelle Gilmore to provide a pathway for Australian cyclists to race at the top levels – such a typically Gilmore project, looking at what she’d have wanted as a young rider, and making it happen for the next generation!  They race (and win!) in the Aussie racing, including the Subaru National Road Series, where they won the team prize in 2015 (watch Dr Kimberley Wells win Stage 2 of the Bay Crits and Stage 4 of the Santos Women’s Tour) and get the chance to race for the Australian national team on the road (which Gilmore has also been instrumental in, and High5 also sponsors) and track.

Listen to my interview with Gilmore when she launched the team last January, and follow the team’s great social media on twitter, instagram, facebook and youtube.



Another Australian domestic women’s team, that was set up in 2012, sponsored by a macho car company, with a kit like no other, incorporating a pattern from iconic Aussie designer Florence Broadhurst.   If you like the kit, you can buy it from Babici, where the jersey picture is from.



They may only be a small Dutch team, new for this season, but they’ve started in style, with Kelly Markus coming sprinting to third in Stage 1 of the first UCI stage race of the year, the Tour Femenino de San Luis (Video! Race report!) and Monique van de Ree also coming third on the final stage of the super-tough Ladies Tour of Qatar (videos here and read their race report), and have had cyclocross riders in the mud all winter.  I really like their website and friendly social media – follow them on twitter, instagram and facebook.


Matrix Procycling

Every time I do one of these posts, people jump in immediately, nominating Matrix, and I can see why, because every year their kit has lovely designs.  They’re a British team, home of track superstars Laura Trott and Elinor Barker, with a focus on road development.  The team’s always had great social media, so follow them on twitter, facebook (where the kit picture’s from) and instagram – and you’ll be able to buy their team kit in women’s and men’s cuts from Milltag later in the year.


Racing Chance

The Racing Chance Foundation is a very, very special initiative, a charity set up as a development pathway to help British women start road racing and move through the ranks, and getting the chance to race in Europe. I really love what they do, and I love their innovative club model, which has been so popular other teams have started doing the same thing.

In November, I talked to Heather Bamforth, who’s one of the brains behind the Foundation and team, as well as doing huge work encouraging road racing in the North West of England, about this and lots more – you can listen to that podcast hereTheir website is full of useful information like their calendar of race training sessions and races to enter,  and you can also support them by donating to the Foundation or buying their kit and casual clothing.   Follow them on twitter and facebook as well (where the photo’s from), and the Racing Chance Women’s Racing Forum group is on facebook.


Rally cycling

Rally is the new iteration of Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies women’s and men’s teams, who race on the USA domestic team with forays over to some of the biggest Euro women’s races – and they have a new kit to celebrate the brand-new sponsor. You can follow the team on their twitter, and if you like this kit, you can buy it from Borah, in women’s and men’s performance and club fabrics, along with accessories and the team hoody and cap. Photos from the Rally facebook.


Rush Women’s Team

Another one from the Aussies, and these are all over the Subaru National Road Series, with Ruth Corset winning the overall 2015 series, taking the GC of the National Capital Tour along the way), and Lauretta Hanson winning the Sprint and Best Young Rider jersey at the 2016 Santos Women Tour, and as a result going to the Tour of Qatar with the Aussie National Team, and coming third on Stage 3 and ending up 10th overall. And of course, team manager Dr Bridie O’Donnell broke the UCI Hour Record in January – listen to or read my interview with her after that.  The kit is covered in stars, like the team, and you can see what they do next via their twitter, instagram and facebook (where the photo is from).

UPDATE!  If you want to buy this kit, you can, over here.


SunSport Velo

They’re a new little British development team, mainly made up from teenagers, who’ll be racing on the road and track, sponsored by SunSport Coaching in Manchester and the Velo Espresso cycling café in Altrincham, and supported by O’Brien race services. Their kit’s as yellow-sunny as their name, and you can follow them on their twitter.


Team WNT

Our last British team on the list, and they’re full of personalities like the awesome Hannah Walker, who you might remember from the Adidas All In for #MyGirls video, and their kit is what I think of as classic cycling blue, but is actually pretty rare these days, among the pinks and the greens.  Follow them on their instagram and twitter, and if you like their kit, you can buy it in adults and children’s sizes, along with all kinds of bike tech, in their team shop.  And check out their team launch video, with all kinds of snazzy tech.



Trek Fondo

Fondo are an Australian women’s cycling clothing company that make bright and colourful kit, and they sponsor a Melbourne-based team of the same name that unsurprisingly are vibrant too. Check out their team instagram and twitter for more photos – and there’s a turquoise version of the kit available to buy on the Fondo website.


Visit Dallas DNA

A new year and a new kit – half sober black, half vibrant BRIGHT stripes!  They’re a USA team who’ll be racing the National Road Series and the USA Crits, and you can follow them through the season on instagram and twitter.  Watch their kit in action in their 2016 team intro video.  Photo from the team facebook – and if you like it, watch their website, as it should be on sale later in the year.


Xirayas de San Luis

This Argentinian team has my personal favourite kit – it’s like nothing else in the peloton, and I always love that. They’re a great team, and they have a long way to travel for the UCI races. Check out this video interview with the team from the Tour Femenino de San Luis, who have such great race media, especially their livestreaming, and promotion of the South and Central American teams – and another one with their team boss Marcelo Alexandre (both in Spanish).  Follow them through the season on their twitter – photo from the 2016 TFSL Team Presentation facebook gallery.


The Poll

Remember, if there are more kits you like that I’ve missed, tell me in the comments, or on twitter, and I’ll add them into the non-voting section below.  Voting closes at 10pm on Thursday 18th February.

I’m funded to make women’s cycling media by my wonderful Patreon supporters, who pay me from as little as £1.50/€2/$2 a month.  If you’d like to join them, all the information is over here.

Kits you can’t vote for

And we have a lot of great kits that wasn’t nominated in time – send me photos of any more you like, in the comments or on twitter:

Team Jaden-Weldtite:

VeloClassic Stans No Tubes:

Cannondale Girls – who ride all kinds of MTB as well as road

Velociposse (with accidental pizza!) – and their webshop where you can buy stickers


12 thoughts on “Vote for (and buy!) your favourite 2016 team kit – Part 2, the “Best of the rest”

  1. Is it me or we have way more variety and color with these ones? A lot of pixely flavor too. I’m finding it harder to pick one here.
    Thank you for putting these polls together, they are fun.

    • I was thinking about this, and one of my theories is that the smaller teams have fewer constraints in terms of sponsor colours and logos, maybe? It’s interesting though – Cylance are the only green one in the ‘pro’ peloton, but green’s more common for smaller teams. And tons more pink here too! But I love the creativity and difference between these. Of course, because people have nominated these, they’re the more interesting ones, maybe. But it’s fun to think about!

  2. Great article Sarah. Generally speaking, bicycle clothing manufacturers have arguably done more historically to put women off cycling, than leary bike shop staff, the ‘make it in pink or put butterflies on it’ product designers and possibly even moreso than the alieanating, 16 y.o. boy’s daydream, ‘scantily clad’ marketers’ mindsets. But thanks to the influence of major active wear brands, numerous fresh, creative and dynamic minds and critically, more women, are getting involved at the pointy end of the industry; we are finally starting to see bike clothing that takes women seriously and makes them feel as great as they look. There is still a long way to go though of course in the broader mainstream; where the hotpant length, sausage-legged, misplaced chamois, two narrow pocketed, $20 more for essentially the same product as the men’s, pink and flowery designs still dominate major brands. But as we can see, there are brands and designers out there challenging this at the coal face. Keep up the great work. Jonathon Nunan, Australian bike industry consultant and blogger;

    • As it says at the top of the article, these are kits people nominated for consideration in the poll, and no one nominated those teams. There are so many small teams out there, I couldn’t possibly fit them all into one poll, or even into one post that would actually load – but like it says at the top of the post and under the poll, people can send in pics of other kits they like, and I’ll add them in at the bottom, so people can see them.

  3. ¡Vamos Xirayas! I got so worked up today when I saw posts and shit criticizing/trolling their kit, I want them to win this BAD (so bad I tried to vote for them twice haha).

    I wonder if the reaction would have been the same, had the handwritten Rapha or the Castelli scorpion thingy be part of the kit (I know, I know, they wouldn’t do such a thing, blah, bleh, blih, bloh, bluh, but still, I wonder).

    I hope this time the whole “debate” doesn’t blow out of proportion like with the Bogotá team kit. Enough already.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I was talking about this with John Stevenson, who’s a bike site editor, about why this keeps happening – and especially in the context of men’s kits, where we can see ABSOLUTELY everything about their genitalia in some kits of the podium (no more red shorts!) – but when we talk about men’s kits, we can laughing at them, and talk about the fashion, and make jokes about it, but when it’s women’s kits, you get these accusations of “indecent”. John talked about the difference between mocking or ridiculing men’s teams (in a good natured way) versus shaming women’s teams.

      At least this time, while a lot of sites are talking about it, I’ve seen it presented as “what do YOU think?” rather than “BAN THIS SICK FILTH NOW!!!” like the Bogotá kit conversation was, but it’s still been frustrating me. I was just reading some of the great articles about that kit last week, after we talked about it a little, and so much of those points are still valid, in my opinion:

      (I do suspect that because a lot of the articles about the IDRD-Bogotá Humana-San Mateo-Solgar kit looked a bit stupid once the facts about it came out (gold, bad lighting, designed by Angie Rojas, FFS!) that places are being a bit more careful this time round.)

      The other fun thing is that because people are linking to this vote, there are obviously people who read and disagree that it’s bad, and have voted for it, because right now Matrix have 366 votes and Xirayas 365! This is going to be another CLOSE vote!

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