Podcast 2016 Episode 3 – Cry Jens and Let Slip the Bikes of War

Podcast logoIt’s only been a week, but so much has happened! This week we catch up on the final stage and the overall results at the Ladies Tour of Qatar, all the cyclocross action and Aussie track nationals. There’s an impending hour record attempt, and some discussion of “fractal nerdery”. We also talk about some amazing media we’ve seen, including some really interesting pieces about mental health. We take a look ahead at the racing starting in late February and early March, and take a sneak peek at what may be an incredible year of live race viewing! (1:03:43 MIN / 58.3 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Two things we saw recently about how cycling can help with mental health and overcoming traumas. Meg Valliant wrote a piece on Liv Cycling about how BMX helped her recover from Post-Partum Depression, and  Traharn Chidley is featured in this SealSkinz‘s #IAmEndurance video, talking about how MTB and fell-running helped her overcome domestic abuse – read more of her story (and get support if you need it) here. We saw this via conversations with Adele Mitchell and Chris Garrison about women’s cycling, media and advertising.

This week’s racing

Ladies Tour of Qatar

Videos from the final stage of racing, and what Sarah learned from the race (with lots more video and photo links).


bpost bank trofee #8, Waaslandcross St Niklaas

The final round of the 2015/6 bpost bank trofee, and it was streamed live and unrestricted!  Full race replay, and highlights with the winner’s interview.

Full race results and final bpost series results.  Photos by Balint Hamvas on Cyclephotos.co.uk.


SuperPrestige Hoogstraten

No video highlights from the invisible series, but there’s a great photo gallery from Balint Hamvas on Cyclephotos.co.uk.  Race results on the SuperPrestige site – the final race in the series is the Middelkerke Noordzeecross on 13th February.


2016 Australian Track National Championships

So much media from Cycling Australia!  Check out their #TrackNats portal on their website, and the videos on their YouTube playlist.  I loved them all, but here’s a taster to get you to click through!

and we loved this:


Other things we talked about

If you want to show off your women’s cycling knowledge, or want to have a fun way to learn about the sport, there are two virtual DS games we recommend.  The Podium Café FSA VDS game is our favourite, where you can pick either/both a women’s and a men’s team for the full season, while in the Chicabike game you can swap riders in and out of your team during the season.


We love 85-year-old Aussie cycling star Iris Dixon’s advice on getting other riders to take their turn.

I think about my last race, and recall how a woman had sat on the back all race and had slipped us all on the final lap. Iris processes the scenario. “You know how to make them work?” she asks me. “You drop back and have a chat to them. Give them a compliment. Tell them their bike looks good. Then, you say, ‘Do you think you can pull a turn?’” Iris’ eyes have lit up. They are sparkling.

“Really?” I ask.

“No. Don’t be silly,” she responds. “You say to them, ‘Do a turn or drop off. Don’t do a turn, and get knocked off.’”

Read the full interview with her, by our friend Monique Hanley, on Ella Cycling Tips.


Evelyn Stevens is the next rider to take on the Hour Record.  She’ll race it on 27th February in Colorado, and it will be streamed live on the UCI website.


If you’re new to track, the UCI have a great set of videos explaining the different races on their Track YouTube playlist.  They’re really good, check’em out.


Two of our favourite races announced their 2016 routes – the Energiewacht Tour is going back to the Wadden Island of Borkum, and the Aviva Women’s Tour is hitting the hills of the Peak District, and the Cotswolds – check out their race announcement.  And speaking of the EWT, we loved this:


Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio talks about her plans for 2016, and cycling in South Africa and Africa, on Cyclingnews.


Want more podcastery?  MTB superstar Sonya Looney has an interview,  “Be Brave. Do Epic Shit” on the Athlete on Fire ‘cast, and USA Cyclocross rider Amanda Nauman talked to Crosshairs Radio about her first European CX season.


Lizzie Armitstead has laid out her ambitions for 2016.  No surprise Rio is at the top.   Carmen Small also has Rio in her sights – read her interview on Ella Cycling Tips.


Nominate people who’ve been working to promote (UK-based) women’s sports in the Women’s Sports Trust 2016 #BeAGameChanger Awards.


The Absa Cape Epic doesn’t start until 13th March, but they’re putting out some excellent social media promos, as ever.  It’s an incredible team MTB stage race across South Africa, and here are the top women’s teams ready to take it on:


Upcoming racing

Sarah’s put up a guide to the road races we hopefully will be able to watch live this season.

27th February: Omloop het Nieuwsblad – watch out for clips of the race in the men’s coverage, and highlights after, and follow the race live with Sarah’s twitterlist.

27th February:  Evelyn Stevens’ Hour Record – follow Evie’s twitter for more information – stream will be shown on the UCI website.

28th February: Lotto Cycling Cup #1, Spar Omloop van het Hageland (Tielt-Winge).  This will be streamed live on the race livestream.


As always, Sarah is funded to do her cycling work thanks to her Patreon Supporters – you can join them from as little as £1.50/€2/$2 a month, all the information is over here.


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