Vote for (and buy!) your favourite 2016 team kit – the World Tour

It’s a bit of a tradition for me to run through the 2016 women’s kits at the start of the season, and with more women’s racing due to be on tv or streamed this year than ever before, it’s a great chance to get our eye in.   Now we’ve had the Argentinian and Aussie January racing and the Ladies Tour of Qatar, and a set of team presentations (with more team videos than ever) we’ve had the chance to see most of them in action…. so it’s time to vote for the one you like best!

I’m starting with kits from the teams that are racing the 2016 Women’s World Tour – but if you want to nominate other women’s road team kits, tell me in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll put up a “best of the rest” vote – you can see some of them in this great Velorooms thread.  And if you want to buy any of these kits, I’ve got links in the post too.  The previous kit posts are on Podium Café – for 2014 and 2015.

All photos are from the team websites, unless otherwise stated – click through them for the sources and credits.

UPDATE!  The poll is now closed – check out the results at the bottom of the thread.  But you can still vote for the smaller teams in the “Best of the Rest” poll.


Alé Cipollini

It looks like, from the team presentation photos, and of course when Malgorzata Jasinska won the GP San Luis, and Marta Tagliaferro won Stage 2 of the Tour Femenino San Luis, that the kit is the same #YellowFluorange kit as last year, with added sponsor names, making them the easiest team to spot on a bike.  And as someone who likes either cool minimalism, or “WOW, I need sunglasses!”, that makes me very happy! If you like it too, you can buy versions of the jersey and jackets without all the team branding on the Alé website – it’s the “bubbles” design, for example, the women’s 2014 short sleeve and current winter jersey and jacket, and men’s winter jersey and jacket.

Team photo from the Tour Femenino de San Luis facebook album



It’s no change for the Kazakh-based team, with the same blue and yellow as the national flag.



No team launch or photos yet, as they haven’t started racing, though some of their riders are in Qatar  as part of the Italian National Team, so we’ll assume that it’s the same black-based kit as last year.



The kit has got more orange since last year, added new patterns and lost some of the colours, but of course the biggest change is adding the World Championships rainbows to Lizzie Armitstead‘s jersey.  They do have a multi-coloured helmet, too, to set them apart from other orangey teams.  There will be tons of photos of the kit in action on their website galleries – check out the team presentation, for example.  And of course, we saw it on Ellen van Dijk doing her wonderful thing, attacking for the win at Stage 3 of the Ladies Tour of Qatar, and talking about it afterwards.

UPDATE!  Boels have one of the best webshops in pro cycling, where you can buy the kit in women’s and men’s cuts, as well as everything from bidons, caps and socks, through to rainbow jerseys signed by Lizzie Armtstead!  Click through and start shopping!


BTC City Ljubljana

They’re a very small, development team, who punch above their weight, so they don’t start racing until March – again, we’ll assume it’s the same black and pink kit as last year.



On the one hand, it’s a brand new team, with a brand-new set of sponsors in the women’s peloton, on the other, it’s the same core group of riders from last year’s Velocio-SRAM, and DS, Ronny Lauke, who now runs the team too.  One of the new sponsors is Rapha, who say in their photo gallery that the kit will be for sale from March, and a men’s version out in 2017.

UPDATE!  You can now pre-order the women’s jersey and women’s bib-shorts from the Rapha website!

We saw the kit during the Tour of Qatar, where it could have been the light, but the colours looked a lot darker on the back than in the photos, which may be a plus or a minus depending on your taste.  Have a look at it  – and get to know the 2016 riders – in this team video.



Cervélo-Bigla had a huge kit launch.  The kit is similar to last year, with red Cervélo details added to the Bigla blue.   If you want to win one of these jerseys, enter the Enduro competition.


Cylance Procycling

No official team photos yet for this brand-new team, but you can see tons of photos on their facebook albums and instagram, and in their video.  It’s got an interesting pattern on the back, so it should be visible from the air, which is always a plus.


Hitec Products

We saw Kirsten Wild wearing it to win Stage 1 of the Ladies Tour of Qatar, but that was the last time, as she was straight into the jerseys!  The kit’s changed design, with a darker blue and the blue on the back.  If you want to buy this one, you can email Ingar [at] for now, and there’s a team shop on the SPIUK website.  Wild photo from the Ladies Tour of Qatar facebook.


Lensworld-Zannata- Etixx

It’s a pretty basic multi-sponsor kit, more streamlined than last year, and you can see it in their photo galleries and team presentation video.  Last year’s kit is super-cheap on their webshop, where you can buy caps and teamcards, and the new kit is likely to be up there later in the year.



The kit’s still the same as last year, and I have to say I like this a lot – simple and stands out, and I like the lines down the back for spotting riders on streams, but disappointingly the team shop only sells the men’s Giant-Alpecin kit and branded stuff, although the Prendas shop has caps, socks, scarfs and more, and UPDATE! now sells the full range of team-issue kit in women’s cuts, and for really good prices too.

There’s a very long team presentation video which is mostly Giant-Alpecin – the women’s presentation part starts around 0:44:10 – and lots of photos on the team presentation gallery and in action on their team camp gallery.


Lotto Soudal

It looks like the kit is the same as last year’s, as the men’s kit is – simple, classy and instantly recognisable.  The 2015 kit (in men’s cut only) is available from this webshop.



The ORICA kit is pretty reliable, mirroring the ORICA-GreenEDGE men’s kit.  We’ve seen it in glorious, arms-in-the-air winning style, including videos of Katrin Garfoot winning the ITT and Amanda Spratt winning inning the Road Race at the 2016 Australian Road National Championships, and Spratty doing it again at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.

There are a few more videos, including Katrin Garfoot winning the ITT and Amanda Spratt winning the Road Race at the 2016 Australian Road National Championships, on the ORICA-GreenEDGE YouTube.


Parkhotel Valkenburg

It looks like it’ll be the same lime-green, black and white kit as the men and as last year, but they haven’t put up photos on their website or facebook yet this year.  Let’s assume it is:



Their kit’s changed, with a darker top to it than last year, with the same multi-coloured Futuroscope design.  The website’s still got last year’s kit, which is still for sale on their webshop, but there are lots of pictures of the new kit on a cold-looking media ride on their facebook.



It’s the same kit seen all over the podiums everywhere last year, with the hands passing bidons symbolising team-work – but it’s the last year we’ll see it, as Rabobank stops the team sponsorship at the end of the year.  So if you want it, buy it from the GSG-Benelux shop. (They’re not for sale, but I love the National and European Champs’ kits)


Tibco-Silicon Valley

A new kit this year for Tibco, lightening the blue and I think making that lime green pop a bit more.  Apologies for the bloody photo, it’s Lauren Komanski at the Tour de San Luis, from the team’s facebook photos, but this is as near to a full kit photo as I can find right now.  Their team shop sells kits from lots of different years (with discount codes in the sidebar) so I’m sure this will be added in too.

UPDATE!  Team photo from the Tour de San Luis facebook album


Topsport Vlaanderen-Etixx

New sponsors mean new kit, with the biggest change being the Guill D’Or gold.  You can buy their kit, rider cards and bidons in their webshop.



You’ll have seen this kit in action when Coryn Rivera won the first stage, and Katie Hall won Stage 5 and the General Classification at the first 2016 UCI Stage race, the Tour Femenino de San Luis, who have some fantastic race videos.  It’s the same 2-coloured kit as last year, and the same as the men’s team, and it’s still for sale in the online clothes shop.


Wiggle High5

The secondary sponsor’s changed from 2015, but the black and orange kit design is pretty much the same as before, which has been in action all throughout the Aussie Summer of Cycling – follow their race action through their collection of videos on their YouTube.  The team usually has a fantastic range of things you can buy – watch out for the new team shop to turn up on main sponsor Wiggle, the online bike shop – the link will arrive here on the race website.


So, now you’ve seen them, which is your favourite? I’ll leave the poll open for a week, and if you have nominations for the ‘best of the rest’ poll, let me know!  And if you want to watch them in action before you make up your mind, here’s my guide to watching the final Ladies Tour of Qatar stage, and videos and photos from the other stages.

Big thanks to my Patreon supporters, who fund me to do this kind of thing – if you’d like to join them, from as little as €2/£1.50 a month, the information is here.


24 thoughts on “Vote for (and buy!) your favourite 2016 team kit – the World Tour

  1. I’m a little bummed with how the Canyon-SRAM kit looks on the road, maybe I had high expectations since Rapha was in charge (also with some of the national champ kits, I find the flag accross chest approach kind of boring, but still all better than Valverde’s flag on the sleeve).

    Do you know if kit design includes riders? For example, if the designer goes bananas, can the riders refuse to wear it or they don’t care and just put on whatever they send them?

    • Yeah, my friend Jens said the way to tell it apart from Wiggle High5 is Wiggle has sponsors on the riders’ backside, but I’m been mixing them up all through Qatar. I’m hoping maybe it’s to do with the sun and it’ll show better in Spring Classics rain? I might be reaching here..

      I’m completely with you about the national team kits. I never understand how teams can take something like the Swedish Champs’ kits, or the men’s Swiss Champ’s kit, and make them like this, when the whole kit being blue-background-yellow-cross is so striking and gorgeous.

      Kit design – I don’t think so, or maybe it depends on the team? I think they have to suck it up – I always remember Kirsten Wild going from that gorgeous minimalist Cervélo kit into the Barbie-pink kit with flowers!!! The pink clashed so much with her hair, and as a powerful sprinter, the girliness just didn’t suit her. Ironically, the only kits I know riders had a say in was that Colombian team kit, designed by one of the riders, and supported by the full team, despite the media being so ridiculous about it!

      • Haha. That Colombian kit. I remember giving it to everyone that was condemning it. Cookson included. With a next to nothing budget, who gives a crap about fashion, just make sure the sponsors colors are in. If you are curious, the 2015 kit looked like this:

        Wild looked surreal in that flowery kit. Wow.

      • You’re AWESOME!!! Just thinking abut that gives me anger-issues – especially the stupidity of people calling it “flesh coloured” that one time it looked beige, and the riders had that amazing South/Central American range of flesh tones, I think there was only 1 rider in it where the gold was even close to the colour of her skin, so of course everyone was pretending “it looks like they’re naked” when it was so far from the riders’ arms, legs and faces!!!! OMG I’m feeling the rage!

        I really felt for Wild that year – in real life, she’s a slim, athletic woman, but next to some of the tiny bike riders, she can look huge, and on the bike she looks just like what she is – a powerful, tough, strong sprinter – so that kit made her look like she’d been dressing up in doll’s clothes. This is the problem with “pretty” kits, they can make some riders look so wrong, while “sporty” kits just emphasise the positives in the riders!

  2. I hate picking a favorite kit so soon because I find some grow on me over time. Last year I thought Boels’ light blue band looked odd, but this year I miss it. In the past, I thought the Lulu/Velocio kits were weird, then grew to appreciate them.

    One thing about the Canyon/rapha kits – are they not going to have past championship armbands? (Of course I realize more different colored stripes would be a lot to look at:)

    Also, I dislike some of the current national champ kits. Emma J’s isn’t prominent enough imho. And Megan Guarnier’s US champ kit has a little too much going on for me with the orange bit on the jersey.

    At the moment I’m deciding between CerveloBigla and Tibco. In the past my favorite has been Matrix.

    One cool thing about the Wiggle Honda kits is I’m pretty sure they have them for little kids (though I can’t seem to find the link at the moment).

    OK! That’s my squawking for the day!

    • Wiggle do have kids’ stuff, but the shop isn’t ready for this year yet – they pull it down at the end of the year then relaunch it at some time, probably around their team presentation (March IIRC)

      I assume the Canyon shop will only have 1 version, though I do wonder as Rapha are Rapha, if we’ll see a limited edition of the kit for the Giro, for example.

      I’m with you re kits growing on me, and I’m exactly the same re the Velocio-SRAM/Specialized-lululemon kits. Especially the Speclulu ‘optical illusion’ kit, I really loved that by the end. I think part of it’s how they work in different weather conditions, but also I get nostalgic about amazing races, and that makes me look back fondly at kits.

      (My personal favourite kits are either the very minimalist ones, like the gorgeous black Cervélo kits, or the utterly lunatic “was the designer on drugs??” style with colours, patterns and general overkill – I end up laughing at myself!)

    • You can certainly nominate them for the “Best of the Rest”, but as I said at the top, this is the vote for the World Tour teams, and Matrix and Drops are UK domestic. I’ll pop them in next week’s post, though, and you can vote for them then!

      • Hi Sarah,

        Just a quick correction to your otherwise excellent and enjoyable reportage.

        Drops Cycling Team are a UCI registered Women’s Team for 2016.

        There are forty UCI registered Women’s Teams, each lodging a €20,000 Bond with their national federations, and paying the UCI €4,500 for their racing licence.

        The Women’s World Tour Category for Teams starts in 2017.

        However, Womens’s World Tour Races are on the calendar in 2016 and are obliged to invite teams based on the UCI World Ranking.

        It is my belief that there will be a WWWT 2nd Division in 2017, something to which we aspire to joining here at Drops.

        We have received several complimentary comments on the design of our kit, something that we are very proud of.

        It can be purchased from a longtime supporter of women’s cycling.

        Keep up the great work and I look forward to meeting you in 2016.

        Bob Varney
        Team Director Drops Cycling Team

      • Hey Bob, Yeah, I’m pretty sure that there will be 2 or even 3 ranks of women’s teams coming soon, something I’m been talking about wanting for years 🙂 But I am using “World Tour teams” as a category this year because it’s better than my arbitrary definition of “the top teams” which I’ve gone with in the past, because although the UCI says it’s so, I just don’t believe all the UCI teams are equal. So it’s not technically accurate that there are “World Tour teams” but it’s shorthand for “Top 20 in the UCI ranking at the 1st January”, so I’m running with it 🙂

        Your kit is already nominated for the “best of the rest” poll 2, never fear – and the “how to buy link” is already in the draft post! That goes up next week, after this one closes.

    • I actually came to add Drops to the ‘best of the rest’.

      It’s strange, this year I find the the women’s world tour kits a pretty dull bunch yet UK teams have some great kits.

      • Yeah, it’s interesting isn’t it? One of my theories is that a lot of the women’s teams don’t have 1 big sponsor, but 3 or 4 smaller ones, so the ‘design real estate’ gets used up, while Matrix or Drops is easier to design around. But I also love some of the Aussie domestic kits too – Holden’s been nominated again, and I love it, the pattern’s based on a Florence Broadhurst design, and it’s gorgeous in a different way

  3. I’m perhaps an outlier here, but my favourite is the Canyon/SRAM-Rapha kit. I think it is unique in that it does not scream sponsorship (like Hitec, Lotto Soudal), but instead emphasizes a design aesthetic. I think it is perfectly in line with Rapha’s market segment (hi end, for riding enthusiasts, as opposed to competitors). Also, I think it is nicely matched with the bikes and looks good on many different body types. I’m surprised it did not appeal to more women cyclists who are not competitive athletes. Maybe they just do not read this page as much as other cycling fans.

    I think the UHC kit looks really smart, though I wonder whether the left and right socks should be different colours.

    My favourite photo in the series is that of Lauren Komanski, all banged up and pushing on. I think it conveys how tough these women are!

    • Canyon-SRAM SO nearly won – it was swapping back & forth with Cylance all through the last day and especially the last hour, so they only just missed out by 4 votes. I reckon it’ll sell tons to women (if it’s not typical Rapha pricing of course) and I reckon we’ll see it all over the roads as well as the prodiums this year!

      Have you seen Part 2 of the voting, the smaller team kit vote? The High5 Dream Team do the odd sock thing:

      And yeah, Komanski is hard as nails, I love her riding. I was in 2 minds of putting that picture in, because it’s so bloody, but I love it because as you say, SO tough!

      • Thanks for sending the Part 2 link. I invite all those who are interested to see the Xirayas de San Luis team kit. It is not what I would have expected. Too much going on in the shorts, below the belt line. And comparing it to the Canyon Rapha kit, you can see how it does not unify the team members, but makes them look different from each other.

        In my opinion, both for men and women, shorts should always be a dark colour in the centre and saddle areas. For the jersey, white on the abdomen should be avoided, but is fine over the shoulders or chest, like Orica (another of my favourites). Kits should unify and dignify the team.

        Rally has done a nice job of keeping it simple and classy. You can easily spot the team name easily and it still has a nice classic look.

        It’s amazing that so many people voted! Some surprises in the results as well!

      • Yeah, if I ran the UCI, it would be automatic black shorts, maybe navy-blue, or at least a black modesty panel! I know an awful lot more about some of the male cyclists than I want to, after some especially horrible podium shots!

        I have a soft spot for Xirayas, though – it’s unmistakable, & my personal kit ethos is it should be utterly minimalist or just completely “Is the designer on drugs??” – and while I didn’t like Alé when I first saw it, I really appreciated the fact I always knew where their riders are in any race!

  4. So I have a theory about the national champion jersey design. Maybe they are trying to create a champion-themed-jersey-collection thing using the rainbow jersey as the guide: white with stripes in the chest and the sleeves. If you are the world champion then you get the rainbow stripes, if you are a nation champion you get the flag.

    The things one will think about it… back to work now.

    • Hahahaha, that does sort of make sense, but I wouldn’t like it (I loved Amialiusik’s Belarussian Velocio-SRAM kit last year!)

      • I agree. I’m hunting for the reason of the boring (in my non-designer opinion) flag in chest approach. I loved Amialiusik’s kit last year too, I was hoping to see a trend in that direction.

        If I ever become I millionaire I’ll pay to sponsor the champions (no matter the team) just to give the kit design to some creative brain.

        If you (and whoever comes this far in the comment section) happen to find the reason why the national champ kits were designed the way they are, please share the love.

      • So, the reason national kits are like that is that the national federations have to approve the national kit design, and some are more flexible than others, so we get the different Swedish kits, and the awesome Amialiusik kit, eg, but others are very, very conservative – which is why the British and the German kits look the same every year regardless of team and rider. (I never understand the insistence on all-white either, because of all the see-through issues in the rain…). I don’t understand it, because surely the creative designs bring more glory to the jersey?

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