Videos from the 2016 u23 and Elite women’s Cyclocross World Championships

Wow, what a weekend of racing, so much drama – absolutely fantastic racing, that really shouldn’t be overshadowed by the mechanical doping scandal (and the bottom line on that, it’s great it’s getting caught – I’ve got some links about that too, if you scroll down).  I’ve got some videos, photos and media for you from the women’s races, starting with the first EVER u23 Cyclocross World Championships…

u23 women’s race

Update! I love this new UCI video, on the impact of the new World Champs – it’s good that they’re celebrating this, and the awesome riders (spoiler, includes the first ever u23 winner’s interview!)

Highlights and full race reply

Because of various companies buying up the highlights and such, some of these may be geo-restricted, so you may need a VPN like Tunnelbear or Betternet, set to somewhere like Austria, or Belgium for Sporza, to watch (If you’re not sure about VPNs, read INRNG’s article on them)

Sporza clip of Richards’ win

1.   Evie Richards, Great Britain, 0:42:34
2.   Nikola Noskova, Czech Republic, + 00:35
3.   Maud Kaptheijns, Netherlands, + 00:47
4.   Sina Frei, Switzerland, + 00:53
5.   Nadja Heigl, Austria, + 01:30
6.   Ellen Noble, USA, + 01:42
7.   Alice Maria Arzuffi, Italy, + 01:47
8.   Juliette Labous, France, + 01:50
9.   Alice Barnes, Great Britain, + 02:01
10. Laura Verdonschot, Belgium, + 02:22

Full results

British Cycling’s race report, with comments from Richards.

This was SO adorable:

Post-race interviews with USA’s Ellen Noble, and Canadians Ruby West and Maggie Coles-Lyster

It’s massively depressing that the wonderful race was over-shadowed by the news about Femke van den Driessche’s mechanical doping.  Sporza video clip, and Marianne Vos talking (& looking totally shocked) about it (both Dutch) – and here’s what we knew on Saturday, thanks to Ella Cycling Tips (I love Shane Stokes’ wording, especially the last sentence), and Brian Cookson’s press conference statement. UPDATE!  And Cyclingnews has a translation of Femke’s denial on Sporza – and as always, inrng provides the most succinct round-up of the facts so far, the rules and what’s next.


Elite women’s race

Highlights and race replay

Sporza clips – De Jong’s win and post-race interview; Sanne Cant’s post-race reaction and interview; Loes Sels’ nasty crash.

1.   Thalita de Jong, Netherlands, 0:41:03
2.   Caroline Mani, France, + 00:14
3.   Sanne Cant, Belgium, + 00:24
4.   Sophie de Boer, Netherlands, s.t.
5.   Nikki Harris, Great Britain + 00:32
6.   Sabrina Stultiens, Netherlands, + 00:36
7.   Eva Lechner, Italy, + 00:46
8.   Kaitlin Antonneau, USA, + 01:12
9.   Christine Majerus, Luxembourg, + 01:25
10. Sanne van Paassen, Netherlands, + 01:44

Full results

Rabo-Liv race report, with comments from De Jong (Dutch) and report on Cyclingnews with quotes in English.

Photos of the whole day from the wonderful Balint Hamvas at – and if you, like me, love Balint’s work, he’s got 6 days left on the Kickstarter to getmake his fantastic 2015-6 CX album – and I have to tell you, these books are beautiful, I hope he makes it!  More gorgeous photos from Wei Yuet Wong, and Photos on the Shimano Flickr,

Katie Compton after the race:

Lots more mini post-race video interviews on CX Magazine’s YouTube.

Crowd shots from the weekend from Shimano

As always, if you see more things you like, tell me here or on twitter and I’ll edit them in.  Thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters for funding me to do this kind of thing!


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