How to watch the 2016 Cyclocross World Championships LIVE!

The 2015-6 Cyclocross season has given us more racing to watch than ever before, and the 2016 World Championships at Heusden-Zolder continue the trend – we’ll be able to watch the junior men and the u23 and elite women and men live, with TV and livefeeds.  It’s so exciting – especially for the u23 women, as this is the first time there’s been more than one women’s category, and the younger riders can race for their own win, rather than get destroyed by the superstars.

I’m here to tell you how to watch it all, and if the first options don’t work for you, where to go for help.  Here’s the UCI TV Schedule, to tell you which races will be shown on channels around the world – for example, NOS in the Netherlands, and Belgium’s Sporza will show all the races which will have commentary from CX superstar Marianne Vos before and after the race.  If some or any of the races aren’t shown in your region, never fear, the UCI is streaming all races on their Youtube, where they’ll also be archived afterwards – here are the timings and links:

  • Men’s Junior World Championships, Saturday 30th January, 11:00 Euro CET (10am UK GMT, 5am USA EST, 9pm Aussie AEDT) – UCI stream.
  • Women’s u23 World Championships, 30th January, 13:00 CET (12pm GMT, 7am EST, 11pm AEDT) – UCI stream

  • Women’s Elite World Championships, 30th January, 15:00 CET (2pm GMT, 9am EST, 2am AEDT) – UCI stream

  • Men’s u23 World Championships, Sunday 31st January, 11:00 CET (10am UK GMT, 5am USA EST, 9pm Aussie AEDT) – UCI stream
  • Men’s Elite World Championships, 31st January, 15:00 CET (2pm GMT, 9am EST, 2am AEDT) – UCI stream

Click through to those streams now – if you can see a countdown, you’ll be able to watch it on the day, but if not, don’t worry.

There are tons of ways to see the races.  You can get a free VPN (I’m told Betternet and Tunnelbear are good right now, but turn off your Tunnelbear as soon as the stream’s running, to save your allocation, or I like Witopia, which you can pay for for different time periods).  Set them to somewhere like the UK, and get into the stream, or set yourself to Belgium and watch the Sporza feed – and INRNG has some great words of wisdom about VPNs.

Then there are pirate feeds.  I go here and here for mine – but whatever you do, don’t click the adverts – in fact I recommend an adblocker.


You can follow with twitter, and there are at least two hashtags, because of course there are: #WKZolder, and #CXZolder16, the official race twitter is @WKHeusdenZolder, and the UCI have their @UCI_CX account.  And I’ve got a list of the women cyclocross riders, if you want to follow their experiences.

There’s a lot more information about the Worlds on the UCI portal and the Zolder World Championships website.  The course is here, the programme’s here, and here are the startlists. Sporza will be doing their usual mix of analysis and video clips on their Matchcenters.  Here’s a course preview from Helen Wyman, and more from CX Magazine:

And a bikecam course preview from top favourite Sanne Cant:

There should be tons of CX media, and I’ll be checking out the Cyclingnews CX portal, In the Crosshairs usually has good coverage on their site and just their videos on Vimeo, and CX Magazine has lots of interviews and galleries all season long.

I’m asking riders their views on Worlds, and you can read them here:

  • Rider Q&As Part 1, with Marianne Vos, Helen Wyman and Hannah Payton
  • Rider Q&As Part 2, with Sophie de Boer, Thalita de Jong and Lisa Jacobs
  • Rider Q&As Part 3, with Ellen van Loy and Åsa Erlandsson, and a selection of other pre-race media I’ve found – interviews, photos and more

If you want more than that, there’s a great newbie guide to cyclocross, Cyclocross Q&A and a short primer on why CX is so awesome over on Podium Café, and there are four What is cyclocross? videos on Behind the Barriers, explaining the sport in general, starts, cornering and barriers & obstacles, presented by US pro Jeremy Powers.

Of course the fast and furious Zolder race course circuit was recently the venue for the 2015 Boxing Day World Cup, and you can find lots of videos and media from that race here.  Here’s how that race unfolded:

If you find more information, let me know, in the comments here, or on twitter – and of course, you can talk to me about the race there while it’s happening.  And I’ll put up media from the women’s race after the weekend here.

As always, I’m funded by my wonderful Patreon supporters, to do this kind of thing, who give me as little as £1.5/$2/month – I’m super-grateful to them, and if you’d like to join them, there’s more information here.



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