Bridie did it! Sarah interviews Bridie O’Donnell on beating the Hour Record

Podcast interview logoOn Friday 22nd January Australian cyclist Bridie O’Donnell took on the UCI’s Hour Record – how far a rider can cycle in an hour – and won!  Her distance of 46.882 km was set in Adelaide, in front of a happy Aussie crowd, and a stream watched all around the world.  She spoke to me while she was still on a high, before she headed into work on Monday, and told me all about how it went on the day, the work that lead up to it, and how she got through a last-minute attack of ‘impostor syndrome’, saddle sores and much more.  She also answered some fan questions from Twitter, and a LOT more.

Listen to our conversation here or click through to Soundcloud to download it – or if you want to read part of it, I have a transcript here too.

You can get automated free podcast updates via the iTunes store here (leave us a review too!) or via our RSS feed. (Please note, this is a new RSS, so long-time listeners may need to re-subscribe)

You can watch the whole feed here – there’s sprinting before the Hour, which starts at about 1:58:00, and her speech afterwards is from 3:05:23.   If you want the analysis, Bridie’s lap timings on Metarace, and her stats are on Today’s Plan.   The timeline of the modern UCI Hour Record, with how this Hour fits in, is on the UCI website.

Bridie has a blog on her website, with shout-outs to her sponsors in this post, and has some lovely post-Hour thoughts and posts on her facebook, instagram and twitter.

If you liked the “Every domestique has their day” t-shirt Bridie’s crew were wearing, and want a similar one of your own, head to FreeBirdVelo’s website and Big Cartel shop.

If you want more Bridie, listen her post-Hour interview on ABC Sport, and to my podcast interview with her about the Hour from November, after she announced.  Her  SISU Girls podcasts are available here, and Part 1 and Part 2 of her appearance on Osher Günsberg’s podcast from December 2014.  And if you’re in Australia, you can catch her as the resident doctor on Channel 10’s The Project tv news show.

I’m funded to do these interviews thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!  If you want to join them from just £1.50/$2 a month, there’s more information here.


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