Live cycling! Bridie’s Hour Record & the 2016 Hoogerheide Cyclocross World Cup

Isn’t January amazing?  The racing never stops!  And this week we’ve got some big name events – Bridie O’Donnell taking on the Hour Record on the Adelaide track, and the final round of the 2015/6 Cyclocross World Cup, in Hoogerheide.  And yes, we CAN watch them live!

Bridie O’Donnell’s Hour Record

Since the Hour Record rules have changed, we’ve seen three attempts on it – Dame Sarah Storey‘s, which didn’t make it, and Molly Shaffer Van Houweling, whose second attempt broke Leontien van Moorsel‘s loooong-standing record in September.  And now we’ve got Dr Bridie O’Donnell adding to the Aussie Summer of Cycling with her attempt as part of an evening of cycling at the Adelaide Super-Drome (buy tickets!)

Bridie’s Hour starts on Friday 22nd January at 8pm Adelaide ACDT time (8:30pm AEDT, 9:30am UK GMT, 10:30 Euro CET, 4:30am EST) and there’ll be a livestream here from (6:30pm AEDT, 7:30am UK GMT, 08:30 Euro CET, 2:30am EST) which will cover the pre-Hour sprinting and keirins.  If you can’t watch, you can still follow live with the #UCIHourRecord hashtag on twitter.  Remember, she’s aiming to beat 46.273 km

If you want to know more, check out Bridie’s blog, and watch this news clip.  I talked to Bridie about her Hour Record back on November, and you can listen to that here, and the Cycling Time Trial podcast interviewed her more recently.  And of course, follow Bridie on Twitter and Instagram.


2016 Hoogerheide Cyclocross World Cup

The 2015-6 CX World Cup returns to the Netherlands for the final round, the GP Adrie van der Poel.  On the men’s side, you can bet Adrie’s sons Mathieu and David want to win this, and on the women’s while Sanne Cant has a pretty unstoppable lead in the rankings, there’s still a lot to fight for, especially for the riders who haven’t won a round this season.

The races are on Sunday 24th January, and the women start at 13:30 European CET (12:30pm UK GMT, 7:30am EST, 11:30pm Aussie AEDT) and the men start at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT/9am EST/1am AEDT).  The UCI’s TV schedule is here, and for everyone else, they are live-streaming it on their Youtube, as usual – the women’s stream is here, and the men’s here.

If you miss the races live, they’ll be archived on those links afterwards.  They might be restricted in Belgium, where most of the World Cups are on Play tv, and in the USA, where it’s on – click through to the stream now, and if there’s a countdown, you’ll be able to watch, and if not, of course you can look for streams in the usual places.  More information about how to watch CX live, in my season guide.

The map of the course, programme of the day and tons more information is over on the race website, including links to all their fantastic social media.  And there’s a video of the course too:

There’ll be some information on the day on the Sporza Hoogerheide Matchcenter and the UCI will have startlists and results (scroll down), World Cup rankings and lots more information before and after the races on their CX World Cup portal.


If you find any more information I should be including, please do tell me in the comments, or on twitter, and of course, check out my women’s cyclung tumblr for stuff I find throughout the week.  As always, I’m paid to do this kind of thing by my amazing Patreon supporters, and you can join them for just $2/a quid and a bit per month, over here.




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