Watch & follow this weekend’s live racing – Track & Cyclocross World Cups, and the 2016 Santos Women’s Tour

January is jam-packed with racing, and this weekend is no exception at all. We’ve got tons to watch, and even when there’s no live streaming, we can follow it too. On the track, it’s the 2016 Hong Kong Track World Cup, and in the mud it’s the Lignières-en-Berry Cyclocross World Cup, and on the road the Australian Summer of Cycling continues with the Santos Women’s Tour at the Tour Down Under, and Update! the Udon Thani’s 123rd Anniversary International Cycling. In chronological order….

2015-6 Track World Cup #3, Hong Kong – 15-17 January

The final round of the 2015-6 Track World Cup, and the qualification rounds have already begun, and the Scratch and Points races already won. As with all this season’s Track World Cup, there’s some tv in different countries, and if you can’t see that, there’ll be a mix of live racing and highlights from the previous two days will be shown on the UCI YouTube on Sunday 17th January, from 4pm HKT (8am UK GMT, 09:00 Euro CET, 3am North American EST and 7pm Australian AEDT). Here’s the stream, and if you miss it live, you can watch the replay there afterwards too.

Sometimes the UCI put up race clips throughout the competition on their YouTube, so if you’ve not already subscribed/bookmarked it, do it now!

But how can we follow the rest of the racing? Well, we have lots of options

First, there’s the livetiming app on Tissot Timing. This updates as the racing happens, and Tissot publish all the results on their Hong Kong WC page – anything in red has already been raced, and this is where the final startlists will be. The competition schedule is here, and Hong Kong HKT is 8 hours ahead of UK GMT, 7 hours ahead of CET, 13 ahead of EST, and 3 hours behind Aussie AEDT.

Of course there’s always twitter. The UCI are using the #UCITrackWC hashtag, and their UCI Track twitter is updating too. British Cycling, the Belgian Cycling Team and Cycling Australia are very good at country-specific information, and BC and CA have reports and photos on their websites – Cycling Australia’s track portal and British Cycling’s Track portal. And as usual, you can follow the women racing through my twitter list of track cycling women here.

The race website is here, and they have a facebook too. There’s more information on the UCI Track World Cup portal too – as we get closer to the Olympics, the stakes hot up as riders try to notch up as many qualifications points as possible, so this competition will be fierce!


Udon Thani’s 123rd Anniversary International Cycling, 17th January

This is a surprise race, appearing on the UCI calendar after it was officially published, and there doesn’t seem to be a race website, but  there is some streaming!  Thanks Astana!

The tv starts on Sunday 17th at 09:00 CET (8am UK GMT, 3am USA EST, 7pm Sunday Aus AEDT) on the Thai PBS livestream.  It looks like the hashtag is #UdoniThai.  Results will be on CQ Ranking.


Santos Women’s Tour, 16th-19th January

The Aussie summer has already been spectacular, and with the Santos Women’s Tour not only part of the Tour Down Under, but also a UCI-ranked race for the first time, it’s an exciting time, with big teams turning out to race in Adelaide.

I have to admit, I’m struggling with finding information about the race. The stage info and startlist are on the TDU website, but following live? The men’s race will be covered on Tour Tracker, and the women are mentioned on the live feed on the race website, so maybe the women will too?  They seem to be on the  Apologies for the lack of information, but I’ll edit in anything I find. Hopefully we’ll find race reports and more on the Tour Down Under site.

The easiest way will be on twitter, most likely, via the #TDUWomen hashtag, which teams use, or the #TDU one which the race say they’re using for men and women, and the Tour Down Under, Cycling Australia and Summer of Cycling accounts. Adelaide is in the AECT timezone, half an hour behind AEDT, and CET +9.5, GMT + 10.5, and EST + 15.5 – so when Stage 1 starts at 11am on Saturday, that’s 11:30 AEDT, 00:30 GMT, 01:30 CET and 7:30pm Friday EST; and Stage 4’s start at 6:30pm on Tuesday, that’s 7pm AEDT, 9am GMT, 09:00 CET and 4am EST.

I’m hoping for video clips on Cycling Australia’s fantastic YouTube, and of course, if you want more context for the race and Australian women’s cycling, listen to my podcast with the awesome Monique Hanley.


2015-6 Cyclocross World Cup #6, Lignières-en-Berry

The penultimate round of this season’s World Cup, and of course we can watch it!  Isn’t cyclocross great?

Here’s the UCI TV schedule, and for anyone without tv, they’re showing the races live on their Youtube – the women’s stream starts at 13:30 CET (12:30 UK GMT, 07:30am EST, 11:30pm Aus AEDT) and the men’s stream at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT, 09:00 CET, 01:00 AEDT).

This might be restricted in Belgium, where most of the World Cups are on Play tv, and in the USA, where it’s on – click through to the stream now, and if there’s a countdown, you’ll be able to watch, and if not, of course you can look for streams in the usual places.  More information about how to watch CX live, in my season guide.

Lots of information on the Lignières website, there’ll be some information on the day on the Sporza Lignières Matchcenter and the UCI will have startlists and results (scroll down), World Cup rankings and lots more information before and after the races on their CX World Cup portal.


What have I missed?  Tell me in the comments, or on twitter, and of course, check out my women’s cyclung tumblr for stuff I find throughout the weekend.  As always, I’m paid to do this kind of thing by my amazing Patreon supporters, and you can join them for just $2/a quid and a bit per month, over here.


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