Watch 2016 Cyclocross National Championships LIVE!

January is such an important month for cyclocross riders, and after the hard-racing start to the year, we’re onto the 2016 National Cyclocross Championships.  It’s a busy weekend, and we get to watch some of the races live – and for those that don’t have live streams, I’ll tell you how to follow them.  The TL;DR is all the elite races  are on Sunday 10th January (bar Spain, which you can watch on Saturday, along with French juniors), and you can probably find streams here & here on the day, but I’ve got more details, and I’m going to start with the streams first.


Belgian National Cyclocross Championships, Lille, 9-10 January

The Belgian CX Champs are traditionally the most competitive of all the Nationals, and some would argue, on the men’s side they’re harder to win that World Champs.  This year the races are taking place on the Krawatencross course, which is all around a lake, with some forest sections, hard climbs and descents, and the need for clever cornering skills.  Have a look:

Best of all?  We’ll be able to watch the women’s and men’s elite races live on Sunday 10th January.

Sporza is streaming these, so Belgians can watch on tv or via the Sporza livestream here, while there will be streams in the usual places.   The stream starts with the women’s race at 13:30 Euro CET (12:30pm UK GMT; 7:30am N American EST; 11:30pm Aussie AEDT) and then on to the men at 15:00 CET.  And if you can’t watch live, you can follow it on twitter with the #BKVeldrijden hashtag.  More information on the race website, including the course map and startlistSanne Cant has to start as the favourite, but Ellen van Loy and Jolien Verschueren will make it hard for her, with Femke van der Driessche as the dark horse.


USA National CX Championships, Asheville, North Carolina, 6-10 January

USA racing is always exciting, because they really lead the way at providing coverage when the big tv stations don’t, and USA Cycling is once more giving us a fabulous treat, streaming on Sunday 10th from 11:00am USA EST (4pm UK GMT, 17:00 Euro CET, 3am Aussie AEDT) which, from the programme, will be the women’s and men’s u23, and then the elite women from 2:30pm EST (7:30pm GMT, 20:30 CET, 6:30am AEDT) and the elite men from 3:40 CET.  The stream will be hosted on Cyclocross Magazine, who have a lot of coverage on their portal.

The stream will be provided by USA Cycling, so might also be on their YouTube maybe?  But CX magazine is great, so give them the hits!  USA Cycling will be tweeting the race, and the race hashtag is #CXNatsStartlists (I assume Katie Compton will crush it, despite her difficult 2015) course map on USA Cycling, and preview on In The Crosshairs.    And more about the course:

Want to see the course helmetcam?  It’s here:


Spain, Torrelavega, 8-10 January

The Spanish Cycling Federation says that all the CX National races will be streamed by Grupo iFoMo, via their facebook page (here’s their women’s stream and their livestream account too).  The hashtag for the race is @CECXTorrelavega, and looks really active, so it should point us to streams and give us live updates, and unlike most Championships, the women race on Saturday 9th January, at 12:00 CET (11am GMT, 6am EST, 10pm AEDT) and the men on Sunday 10th at 13:15 CET.  The full programme, course and more are all on the race website.

Big thanks to Yolanda Álvarez for the info!


France, Besançon, 9-10 January

This will be an interesting race – with no Pauline Ferrand-Prévot or Lucie Chainel-Lefèvre, it’s most likely Caroline Mani, who’s had a great year, but is she coming over from the USA for it?  The coverage is really interesting too, provided by audiovisual students, per Bullomaniak.  The live stream will be here on Besançon TV, and on their Daily Motion, and the elite races are on 10th January – the women race at 13:45 CET (12:45 GMT, 7:45am EST, 11:45pm AEDT) and the men at 15:15 CET – and Bulomaniak says they’ll probably stream the junior women and u23 men too on the 9th.  The course information and programme are on the race website, with more info (use the drop-down menu).


Italy, Monte Prat, 9-10th January

There is good news and bad news here – the men’s race will be shown and streamed live on RAI Sport 2, at 14:30 CET (1:30pm GMT, 7:30am EST, 00:30 AEDT) but the women won’t be shown.  They might be included in the highlights at 20:30 CET?  We can hope.   We should be able to follow the women on the liveticker that’s being run on CiclismoWeb and on their twitter,  and they start at 12:10 CET (11:10am GMT, 6:10am EST, 10:10pm AEDT).  Ciclismoweb are also putting up tons of interviews and racing clips on their YouTube, and there’ll be video highlights on Bici TV too.  And here’s a race preview:

Eva Lechner should easily win this one.  There’s lots of information, including the course, programme and startlist, on the race website


Great Britain, Shrewsbury, 9-10 January

Last year we got to see the British Nationals, but sadly we won’t get any live coverage this year.  The elite women and men race on Sunday 10th January – women at 1:15pm GMT (14:15 CET, 8:15am EST, 00:15 AEDT) and the men at 2:30pm.  With no livestream, we’re going to have to follow on twitter, but there seem to be two official hashtags, because of course there are.  The race organisers, @XNationals2016, are using #DirtyWeekend (what could possibly go wrong?), while British Cycling, who say they’ll be tweeting the action live, are using #CrossNationals.

There’s a comprehensive preview on the British Cycling website, with programme and startlist, but the big news is this is the first time there’s a separate u23 women’s race at 10:30am, and of course, Helen Wyman v Nikki Harris as one of the biggest match-ups of any Nationals, even though Harris has been ill recently.   Watch the BC YouTube for highlights after the race.

(I do think it’s weird that BC and the race organisers seem to be pushing the men’s race as the most important this weekend.  Ian Field is great, but Harris and Wyman are genuine superstars of the sport, even if they are “just” women…)


Netherlands, Hellendoorn, 9-10 January

This is a sad year for me, as there’s no Marianne Vos racing, but it probably has the biggest number of contenders for the win, with long-term CX riders Sophie de Boer, who’s back from injury and won the Soudal Classics in Leuven, Sabrina Stultiens and Sanne van Paassen, young Thalita de Jong, who’s better known as a roadie, but has been racing so well this season, and moonlighting roadie Anna van der Breggen, who won the Centrumcross last week.  It’s going to be a fantastic race, but sadly we won’t see it live…  We can follow on twitter with the @NK_veldrijden twitter account and @KNWULiveVeld, though, and via the #NKVeldrijden hashtag, and there may be highlights later, possibly on NOS Sport.

The women race from 13:30 CET (12:30 GMT, 7:30am EST, 11:30pm AEDT) and the men from 15:00 CET on Sunday 10th January.  The course map’s here, the programme’s here, and startlists here (women = vrouwen) and there’s a lot more information on the race website.  There are two helmetcam videos of the course, one here, and one here:


Other, smaller National Championships to follow – the Czech Republic‘s race should be won by Pavla Havlikova, as I don’t think Katerina Nash is racing in Europe this season, and Luxembourg‘s belongs to Christine Majerus, as all the Luxembourg National Championships jerseys do!  And the German Nationals’ site is here.


Have I missed any off?  Let me know, in the comments or on twitter.  And after the races, I’ll collect the women’s videos in a post.

I’m funded to do these sorts of things by my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!  If you want to join them from just $2 a month, there’s more information here.



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